Chapter 271.2: There Was Someone Behind Her

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Meanwhile, Tang Doudou, who was frantically running through the cave, eventually felt that something was off. She felt like the silhouette she had seen was actually familiar. She had seen it somewhere before!

If she had seen it before, then it was definitely a person and not a ghost. When Tang Doudou's thoughts arrived at this point, she slowly stopped running.

Because she had stayed in the dark for a long time, her eyes had adapted to the darkness. The cave wasn't pitch-black dark so she was still able to faintly see the ground and the murals.

When she looked now, she saw that they were still depicting cultivators and the figure in the murals that had disappeared earlier had reappeared.

It was here sometimes and not other times. Tang Doudou really couldn't understand how it was possible.

She was worried about encountering that strange figure again if she headed back, so she gathered up her courage and slowly continued forward.

However, this cave was much deeper than she had expected. She had walked for at least an hour here and before that, she had ran frantically with qinggong, so she had probably walked a total of several kilometers. Despite that, there was still no end in sight to this cave.

It might be that she had taken a branching road, but it was rare for there to be such complex and deep mountain caves.

The only possibility was that this wasn't a cave but a man-made secret passage!

But no matter what, there should be an end to it. Thus, Tang Doudou stopped worrying about it and focused on walking faster.

This time, it didn't take long for the surroundings to start changing. The area was gradually widening.

Tang Doudou's face lit up with relief and she couldn't help but run forward. However, when she got out of the cave to the wide terrain, she was stunned by the scene that greeted her.

In front of her were countless enormous tree roots that descended from the sky. There were ones of all shapes and sizes. Some hung in midair, but some reached the ground. Some were bound together while others were scattered. The most eye-catching part of this was the enormous coffin being suspended in the very center.

Meanwhile, below her were patterned stone slabs. The path was very wide and extended far into the darkness. There were quite a lot of engraved portraits on the slabs. In the gloomy darkness, it was quite a disturbing sight.

Tang Doudou never would've dreamed that this would be the scene waiting for her at the end of the cave.

She started spacing out as she looked around. It was the reappearance of the rattling sound that finally jolted her back to her senses.

Back then she hadn't heard it very well and since it had soon disappeared, she hadn't thought about it anymore. Now that she heard it again, she was stunned to realize that it was coming from the coffin that was suspended in midair. Her face immediately turned pale from fear.

Fudge, could it be that there was someone alive in the coffin!?

The moment Tang Doudou's thoughts arrived here, she started subconsciously retreating backwards. Although the cave was scary, it wasn't as strange as this scene. That was a coffin! The rattling sound almost seemed like knocking. This situation was extremely similar to those of popular ghost stories. In the past, she actually enjoyed reading novels about tomb-looting and supernatural beings, so now she couldn't help but link what she read to that coffin.

She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. When she was reading, she had been reading for the excitement, but now that she was facing it in reality, she didn't feel excited at all. She just felt scared to death!

Tang Doudou quieted down her breathing as she gradually moved backwards. However, after taking a few steps, she felt that something was off!

There was someone behind her!


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