Chapter 272.1: Don't Let Go

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"Who is it!?" Tang Doudou clenched her fists and abruptly turned around as she backed towards a more advantageous position. She hit the stone wall and knocked down a piece of rock to use as a weapon.

There had been someone standing behind her. When she moved out of the way, that person walked out from the shadows.

Before she could even get a clear look at the person, she felt a cold and stern gaze on her. "It's me."

Upon hearing this familiar voice, Tang Doudou really didn't know whether she was overjoyed or wanted to cry. Her feelings were so tangled that she couldn't speak for quite a while. When she saw that Mu Ye was continuing to walk forward, she hastily followed after him.

"When did you walk up? Are you alright now? Why were you hanging on that branch? Did you put those needles in your neck yourself or was it someone else's doing?" Tang Doudou chased after him and started rapidly firing one question after another.

Mu Ye stopped walking and turned around to glance at her again. Then he said coldly, "I woke up not long after you left."

"Huh? Then this whole time, you were..."

"Behind you."

Tang Doudou immediately recalled that familiar silhouette and exclaimed with sudden realization, "That figure was you?"

"En. I wanted to call out to you, but you ran off too fast," replied Mu Ye.

Tang Doudou rubbed her head embarrassedly. This was the definition of scaring oneself!

After Mu Ye finished speaking, he started walking forward again. When he got to the floor made with stone stabs, Tang Doudou called out to stop him and pointed towards the enormous coffin above them. "It looks like there's something in that coffin."

That rattling sound still hadn't stopped, so Mu Ye probably knew without her pointing it out. However, since she had pointed it out, Mu Ye first corrected her words, "It's a sarcophagus." (The meaning of the word is a stone coffin, typically adorned with a sculpture or inscription and associated with the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greece. The word I'm using it to represent is an 'outer coffin.' It goes outside the actual coffin holding the corpse and contains stuff that's buried with the person.)

"It doesn't matter what it is. I'm trying to say that this place is too creepy so let's head back?" Tang Doudou tugged at Mu Ye's sleeve as she said this quietly.

Mu Ye glanced at her hand. "The way back is through here."

He continued explaining without waiting for Tang Doudou to ask. "We fell from the Sacred Tree. The Devil's Abyss is supposed to be below the Sacred Tree, but for some reason, we ended up here. I don't know the reason why we're here, but I've been here before."

Tang Doudou was confused by this explanation. She only remembered that she had been captured by Shen Moru. She didn't remember anything about falling down Devil's Abyss.

Could it be that she lost some memories from hitting her head?

As her thoughts went off on a tangent again, Mu Ye continued, "There's a very vicious sea dragon in the sea outside. It attacks everything alive, but has no interest in dead creatures. It's impossible to leave by sea."

So it was like that!

It was due to the fact that the sea dragon had no interest in dead things that she and Mu Ye managed to escape that situation. As she was thinking, she snuck a glance at Mu Ye. She couldn't help but wonder what he would think if he found out that he had been sniffed at by the vicious dragon he had just talked about.

Mu Ye's senses had been sealed back then so he naturally didn't remember the incident, but he had guessed it. The red string was no longer in his chest. From that he was able to guess that they had fallen into the water since Tang Doudou would only reach into his chest for the rolled torch in order to start a fire to dry their clothes. At that time, she had probably found the red string and taken it.

However, he didn't ask about it. It was enough to just maintain a tacit understanding about things like this, asking about it would just make both of them feel awkward.

Moreover, when he had jumped down, he had fully been prepared for the possibility of finding her corpse. As of now, she was well and alive in front of him, so how could he not be satisfied?

When his thoughts arrived here, his gaze became a little gentler. However, this place was too dark so no one could see.

"If we walk along the cliff, we will only get further away from Saint City, so this is the only path possible."

After he finished speaking, Tang Doudou tugged at his sleeve and asked quietly, "Let's not go to Saint City?"

Mu Ye furrowed his brows. "Why?"

Tang Doudou opened her mouth but didn't know what to say. It had already been a few days since that incident. Her anger, sadness, and hurt have all sank deep into her heart so she didn't want to bring them up again.

When she didn't speak, Mu Ye didn't push her and just continued walking silently.

Tang Doudou watched him for a moment, then sighed. If they were going back to Saint City, then so be it. She would just try to avoid seeing that person.

Moreover, he was currently on the Sacred Tree as well so she probably wouldn't encounter him in Saint City.

After dawdling for a while, she moved to catch up with Mu Ye. "Mu Ye, you said that you've been here before. When was that? And did you also fall from Devil's Abyss that time?"

"No," replied Mu Ye.

Tang Doudou asked, "Then how?"

"It was an accident."


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