Chapter 272.2: Don't Let Go

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When Tang Doudou saw that he wasn't very willing to talk about this, she didn't ask any further. The two of them just continued walking silently below that sarcophagus. Gradually, their footsteps seemed to sync with the knocking some that was coming from the coffin. Just as Tang Doudou was wondering if her soul would end up being pulled away, Mu Ye stopped.

"Wha... what's wrong?" Tang Doudou saw that he had crouched down and immediately questioned him in concern.

Mu Ye glanced up at her. "The way out."

Tang Doudou hastily looked down at the stone stabs below her. She saw Mu Ye curl his slender fingers slightly and knocked on the stone stab. After knocking a while, he uncurled his fingers and abruptly hit the ground with his palm.

The stone stab broke like glass. Some long cracks had first appeared before they shattered into pieces to reveal the black hole beneath them.

Mu Ye didn't say anything and just jumped down.

When Tang Doudou saw that he had jumped down without hesitation, she gritted her teeth and jumped after him.

It wasn't as far of a fall as she expected. It was only about a meter down, but because she didn't know how far of a drop it would be, she ended up falling on the ground. Before bothering to get up, she first cried, "Mu Ye!"

Mu Ye extended his hand to her from the darkness. "I'm here."

Tang Doudou sighed in relief and put her hand in his.

Mu Ye helped her up, but didn't let go. "The ground is pretty uneven so don't let go."

Since he said this, Tang Doudou naturally grabbed his hand tightly and didn't dare to let go. "Will we be able to get out from here?"

"No." Mu Ye replied bluntly as he pulled her forward.

Tang Doudou silently grumbled, then what did they come down here for?

"Mu Ye, you still haven't told me what was with those needles on your neck?" The surroundings were quiet and Mu Ye also moved silently. Although she was holding onto his hand, she was still very scared so she wanted to talk about something to lighten up the atmosphere.

In any case, Mu Ye hadn't told her not to talk.

Mu Ye was silent for a while before he explained, "Because if you seal all five senses, you wouldn't die from suffocation if you fall into the water."

"What if you encountered a man-eating fish... like that sea dragon? Isn't that too huge of a risk?"

"In this sea region, that sea dragon is the only marine type and it doesn't touch things that aren't alive."

"But didn't you say earlier that you hadn't thought you would fall here?" Tang Doudou immediately found the strange part in Mu Ye's words.

Mu Ye's tone didn't change. "I sealed my senses after I fell."

"Why did you jump down?" asked Tang Doudou.

At this point, Mu Ye stopped replying.

His old habit still hadn't changed. If he didn't want to reply, he just fell completely silent. Tang Doudou didn't know what to do with him. It wasn't like she could treat him as casually as she treated Baili Yu. If she pressed him to answer, he might choke her to death. If she tried to throw a tantrum towards this ice cube, she might end up freezing herself from the awkwardness.

She was about to ask about the other needles when Mu Ye squeezed her hand and warned quietly, "Slow down your breathing and don't speak. Silence your steps as much as possible. If you have enough inner strength, don't walk on the ground. Don't make any sounds at all and hold on tight to me. No matter what, don't let go."

It was the first time he had exhorted her so much and so seriously, she couldn't help but become nervous as she nodded and replied softly, "En, I got it."

However, Mu Ye still seemed worried as he turned around and stabbed three needles into her neck. "I only sealed your breath and sight. In a little while, no matter what you hear, don't panic, got it?"

Tang Doudou's breath was sealed so she couldn't speak and could only nod to indicate that she understood.

Seeing this, Mu Ye grabbed her hand again tightly and slowly continued forward.

At first, Tang Doudou felt a little awkward having him hold her hand and was extremely tense. However, she eventually noticed that inner strength was continuously entering her palm from his. She was confused but couldn't ask and could only observe as that inner strength circled around her body before returning into Mu Ye's body while carrying a hot energy.

Every time it revolved a round, her body temperature would lower. Eventually, it was so cold that she felt like she was in a freezer.

Suddenly, a large robe was placed around her. It didn't take brains for her to figure out that it was Mu Ye's.

She tightened the robe's collar with one hand. Although she didn't know what he was doing this for, she knew that he wasn't doing it to harm her. If he was, there was no way he would put a robe around her.

It was still dark all around, but it wasn't pitch-dark. There were also rustling noises in the darkness that sounded like a lot of bugs were crawling around. Her sight had been sealed as well so she couldn't see if there were any bugs crawling around.

Mu Ye seemed to have sealed his breath as well. Since he moved silently, the only indication that he was still there was the hand she was holding onto.

They continued walking silently for about half an incense stick's time. Then Tang Doudou felt her neck relax and the darkness in front of her vanished. At the same time, Mu Ye stopped holding onto her. "Alright."

Tang Doudou looked around. There didn't seem to be any change?

"Let's go." Mu Ye saw that her senses had been unsealed properly and turned around to keep walking.

Tang Doudou muttered about the strangeness to herself as she followed. After just a little while, she started hearing the gurgling of water. A wave of chill came from ahead. If it weren't for the fact that Mu Ye had acclimated her with his inner strength earlier, she definitely wouldn't have been able to bear this chill.


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