Chapter 275.2: He's Your Father

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"If each mural is a story, then all the figures in the murals are participants of the story. In that case, why does the black-robed man appear in each mural? And what identity does he appear with? In addition, the time frame that those murals depict span so many eras... Could a person live that long?"

"They can't."

"That's right ah, they can't! So why is he part of the murals?"


"Because he's a spectator!"

Mu Ye lifted his brows so she hastily said, "Let's try thinking of it another way."

"Suppose that black-robed person was the one that drew the murals. Then the reason he drew himself was to express that he was a spectator that watched those events as he drew them. After all those observations, he may have come to a conclusion like, ah, human development truly is fascinating!" Tang Doudou rubbed her chin as she glanced over at Mu Ye. "Say, do you think this is possible?"

"No." Mu Ye answered bluntly without bothering to be polite, then turned around to start looking for murals again.

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. Was it still possible to have a nice chat? He didn't bother to be polite at all even though it had taken her so long to come up with this inference!

Suddenly, Mu Ye crouched down on the ground.

Tang Doudou squatted down in front of him as well to look. "What is it?"

"It's a mural." Mu Ye held up his torch while using his other hand to brush away the dust on the ground, revealing the concealed mural.

There really was one!

Tang Doudou was surprised and reached out to help brush away the dirt. When she looked, she saw that it was still depictions of the lives of cultivators. Like before, it depicted the way they soared through the sky on swords and fought with monsters. It was a very impressive sight.

She quickly scanned over the content, then started looking for that black-robed person.

"There! Look, Mu Ye!" Tang Doudou cried out when she found the familiar figure and slapped Mu Ye's shoulder as she pointed at the black-robed figure. "The black-robed person!"

Mu Ye looked over, following the direction of her finger. His eyebrows lifted in surprise when he saw that there really was a black-robed person.

Tang Doudou circled the black-robed person with her finger and said, "See, over here, and over there too. This black-robed person really is unrelated to the story and is only a simple spectator."

Mu Ye, in a rare occasion, nodded in agreement before continuing to stare at Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou understood what he meant. He was indicating for her to continue, so she cleared her throat and said, "This black-robed person is probably someone of the Seven Great Saint Tribes. However, he probably lived during the time after the Seven Great Tribes had been destroyed, which means that he belongs to the current Saint Tribes. Of course, these are all just conjectures, but they're probable. After all, the Seven Great Saint Tribes weren't located on Cerulean Mountain before, so these murals were likely drawn after the Saint Tribes had been destroyed.""I think the person that drew these murals had drawn them based on rumors and some odd fragments of records rather than from seeing these things with his own eyes. He was probably not trying to leave a message for the later generation but trying to leave proof!"

"Proof of what? Notice how the cultivators are drawn much more meticulously than all the other things? It's clear that the artist really admires the cultivators, that's why he couldn't help but exaggerate the beauty of those figures."

As Mu Ye listened, admiration appeared in his eyes. Although most of what she said were just guesses, they weren't completely unfounded.

"The Seven Great Saint Tribes seems to be very obsessed with the cultivators for some reason..." muttered Tang Doudou. Although she came to understand the murals a bit more, it only caused more questions to emerge. Weren't the Seven Great Saint Tribes cultivators? Why would this black-robed person want to prove this then?

When Mu Ye saw that she was done speaking, he stood up and handed her the torch.

Once Tang Doudou took it, he turned around and struck the ground with his palm. The shockwave sent all the dust and dirt flying to the sides and revealed the mural in its entirety.

Mu Ye started walking so Tang Doudou hastily followed after him. He walked very fast. It seemed that he wasn't looking at the content of the mural but looking for something.

Suddenly, he stopped near the skeleton Tang Doudou had stepped on and crouched down to gently move those bones to the side. Following that, he softly brushed away the dirt and dust next to the bones.

Tang Doudou's eyes lit up. Could it be that there was a mural here as well?

However, due to how narrow this place was, Mu Ye blocked most of her view. She stood on tiptoes and stretched her neck out, but still couldn't see anything.

Soon, Mu Ye stood up and put those bones back in their place. Then he turned around and said to Tang Doudou, "He's your father."


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