Chapter 276.1: Destroy the Secret

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Tang Doudou choked on her spit from the shock.

She peeked over and saw that Mu Ye looked completely serious, so she put an arm around his shoulder and said, "Don't make such a serious face when you make a joke! Otherwise I'd think that you were serious!"

Mu Ye's expression didn't change. He pulled her down till she ended up kneeling and repeated, "This is your father!"

"Fine fine, he's my father." Mu Ye seemed so serious that it was a little scary, so Tang Doudou went along with what he said.

Unexpectedly, right after she said that, Mu Ye said, "Kowtow!"

Tang Doudou refused. It was enough that he had her kneel down, but now she even had to kowtow? Was he really going to make her acknowledge that this pile of bones was her father?

But when she saw his cold eyes, she didn't dare to question his words outrightly. After all, he was the Leader of the Demonic Sect and was also a very strict and meticulous person. If she provoked him, he might chop her head off.

"Cough cough. Ahem, Mu Ye, it's not that I don't want to kowtow, but shouldn't you give me a reason?"

Mu Ye glanced downwards at her and repeated, "He's your father."

Tang Doudou swayed from dizziness. Couldn't he switch to a different reason?

However, she had no choice but to obediently kowtow to these bones. She told herself inwardly to just treat it as making up for accidently stepping on the bones earlier.

After she finished, she peeked at Mu Ye from the corner of her eye. His expression seemed to relax slightly, he then abruptly knelt down as well.

That movement startled Tang Doudou. Could it be that these bones were also Mu Ye's father?

It was clear that she had been thinking along the wrong lines again. Although Mu Ye also kowtowed, what he said was, "From now on, I'll look after her. So Senior, rest in peace!"

His words shocked Tang Doudou. Rest in peace? Could it be that this guy's ghost was still here?

She looked towards Mu Ye in shock only to find that he was looking at her as well. As they gazed into each other's eyes, Tang Doudou suddenly noticed that there were emotions in his usually cold and expressionless eyes. Her heart suddenly tightened. The way they were kneeling could easily be misinterpreted.

Mu Ye said the bones in front of her were her father's, so the way they were kneeling in front of this old guy was almost like they were kneeling as part of a marriage ritual. In addition, the light of the torch was starting to sway slightly, so the atmosphere became very strange.

Not long later, that familiar rattling noise started again. She lifted her head and looked in the direction they had come from as she asked, "Could Shen Moru have let that thing out?"

Mu Ye closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he glanced over at the darkness. "It wasn't him."

"Someone actually did let that thing out!?" Tang Doudou was shocked.

Mu Ye stood up. "This path leads to a dead end."

When Tang Doudou saw Mu Ye get up, she hastily got up as well. She used the torch to light up the darkness ahead of them and found that there was a thick mud wall ahead. There was no passage visible.

"Did you encounter Shen Moru when you went out earlier?"


"He ran off?"


Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. "Then why aren't we going back the way we came?"

"It'll be dangerous." After Mu Ye finished speaking, he felt that he hadn't made his stand clear enough so he continued, "Let's wait here for a while. We'll head out once that sound disappears."

That distant rattling sound seemed to be getting closer, so what objections could Tang Doudou voice?

She lowered her head and replied, "Alright!"

After she finished speaking, she searched for a clean place to sit down and stuck the torch into the soil next to her.

Mu Ye seemed to have glanced at her, but by the time she looked up, he had already shifted his gaze away.


What was with Mu Ye?

What exactly did he see below that pile of bones?

As she wondered about this, Mu Ye started moving again. He bent down and gathered up those bones before pulling off his upper garment and using it to carry them.

Mu Ye only had two layers on. He had given her his outer garment to use as a coat, so now that he took off his black upper garment, his toned muscle and back, along with his perfect waistline was revealed. His skin wasn't the color of white jade, but a wild wheat color. This sight was extremely alluring.

Tang Doudou only took one glance before hastily turning away. Of course, she didn't turn away out of bashfulness. It was because if she keep looking, she definitely wouldn't be able to hold back that lusty impulse to rush forward and cop a good feel...

After Mu Ye finished gathering up those bones, he turned around. He only realized that his current state was a little inappropriate when he saw that Tang Doudou was looking away with a strange expression on her face. He immediately lifted his hand and used the bundle to hide his chest.

Tang Doudou didn't look directly, but she couldn't stop herself from peeking. When she saw that Mu Ye was covering his chest, she was floored. Mu Ye was actually making such a girl-like gesture! Jesus! This completely overturned her perception of the world.

"I must bring Senior back to where he belongs..." said Mu Ye. His voice was a little strange and it appeared as though he was trying to explain why he took off his clothes. However, after starting, he felt like there really was no need to explain so he stopped midway.

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes and patted her chest to calm down her chaotic heart before replying in an incomparably unperturbed tone, "En, I know."

"There's no other reason," said Mu Ye.

Tang Doudou inhaled deeply. "Ahem, I understand."

Right after she said that, she heard a ripping noise come from behind her. It seemed to Mu Ye was ripping some fabric, but he had used his upper shirt to carry the bones, so what was he ripping now?


Tang Doudou's thoughts started drifting off in a murky direction. The image of Mu Ye with his upper half naked and half his thighs exposed appeared in her mind...


She had to slap herself. Fudge! Baili Yu hadn't even died yet she was almost about to give him a huge Hulunbuir prairie hat!

Although Baili Yu was a despicable bastard and had probably given her a little green hat, she had her principles. Before she officially said 'bye bye' to Baili Yu, she shouldn't think of anything else.

Moreover, she still couldn't forget him right now. She sighed and started rolling the thumb ring between her palms. Her heart also slowly calmed down from the stimulation of seeking Mu Ye's naked back. When she returned, she should return this ring to Baili Yu, and then look for Su Yi to cancel the engagement...

After feeling sad for a little while, Tang Doudou turned back around. After all, there was no way she could keep her neck twisted the entire time, her muscles would cramp!

However, she regretted her decision the moment she turned around.

If the Heavens would give her another chance, she definitely wouldn't turn around even if her neck started convulsing from cramps.

Never had she imagined that Mu Ye had ripped off strips of cloth so that he could use them to cover those seductive little beanbeans...

The most fatal part of this move was the fact that he didn't seem to know that revealing only a hint of alluring parts was the most basic technique of seduction! Heavens ah, this even had a touch of bondage!

The dusky light cast by the flames created a hazy feeling. Tang Doudou could feel the fire spreading from her heart to the point she felt lightheaded. Her eyes rolled back and with a thud, she fell to the ground unconscious.

The moment before her consciousness faded, she was screaming in her heart that this was too unfair! Was she actually that much of a beast!?


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