Chapter 276.2: Destroy the Secret

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When she fainted, Mu Ye's eternally cold face actually flushed. He touched the cloth wrapped around his chest with a puzzled expression. Didn't he already conceal it?

It was clear that the innocent Mu Ye had no way of understanding Tang Doudou's rich inner world, much less all the unhealthy thoughts in her head.

He lowered his eyes and carefully fastened the cloth bundle containing the bones to his body before walking towards Tang Doudou.

After lifting Tang Doudou onto his back, he pulled the torch out of the ground and held it with his teeth as he walked forward. He walked until he was no longer on the mural before abruptly striking out with his iron chain. Cold blue light flashed as the iron chain tore through the cave and sent both sides of the stone wall crashing down to cover the mural on the ground. Mu Ye only stopped when the mural was completely covered. He then gathered all of his inner strength in his palm and sent the strike in a specific direction.

With an enormous rumble, the cave collapsed. The secret the mural contained would now be concealed forever.

After doing this, Mu Ye sensed that the stone walls were becoming unstable and hastily rushed outside with Tang Doudou.

About half an incense's time after he left, several black-robed men walked out from the darkness. They each held glowing antique lamps. They gazed at the destroyed cave, then looked at each other in dismay.

The leading black-robed person asked, "How are we supposed to explain this to Sire?"

"That Mu Ye has definitely found out about all the secrets. We should just capture him and interrogate him. There's no way we wouldn't be able to get the information out of him!" A black-robed person suggested.

The leading black-robed person turned around and glanced at that black-robed person. "Not even Shen Moru is a match for him, where does your confidence come from?"

"If it weren't for the fact that Saint King was injured, he'd definitely be able to beat Mu Ye!" argued that black-robed person.

"Alright, enough. We had better hurry and notify Sire of this matter!"

"But if we tell Sire, he'll punish us for messing up the task!"

"There's no other choice. If Sire finds out that we kept this matter from him, we wouldn't be let off with just a punishment," said the leading black-clothed man. He walked forward to get a clear look at the collapsed cave. There didn’t seem to be any way to remove the rubble, so he said, "Ah Yi, Ah San, go follow them. You return with me."

That person couldn't think of any better options either so he had no choice but to agree to this course of action. The four black-robed men split up and went their respective ways.

Darkness descended once again.

Presently, Mu Ye had already brought Tang Doudou out of the cave. There were quite a lot of injuries on his naked upper body, showing that the road out hadn't been smooth. He had probably gone through one or even multiple fierce battles.

He didn't stop at the cave entrance and walked all the way to the stone precipice outside. He first glanced at the sky. Seeing that the sky was clearing up, he placed Tang Doudou down. Several sharp, glinting needles appeared in his palm and he quickly inserted them behind her ear.

Tang Doudou abruptly opened her eyes with a cry.

"Who stabbed me with a needle!?" She sat up and look around, but Mu Ye had already put the needles away and was now standing expressionlessly beneath the stone precipice while gazing into the distance.

When Tang Doudou saw that Mu Ye's upper body was still unclothed, she felt uncomfortable again.

However, when she noticed that they had gotten out of the cave and smelled the refreshing scent of the rain-moistened soil, she exclaimed in delight, "We're out! Mu Ye, you're seriously amazing! I, I can practically prostrate myself in admiration!"

Mu Ye glanced over and saw that she was bouncing around in excitement. A trace of a smile seemed to appear on his lips. "Don't celebrate too early."

These words were like a bucket of cold water on Tang Doudou's head and she instantly froze. "Could it be that it's not over?"

Mu Ye stopped smiling. "It's not over."


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