Chapter 284.2: Rose Colored Canopy

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Tang Doudou only realized that she was in full view when she heard his amused tone. She cried out and hastily pulled on the blanket to cover her body.

However, halfway through that motion, the blankets fell to pieces in her hand.

"It's such a beautiful scene. How could Wife bear to take it from this husband?" Baili Yu sat up halfway and spoke in a low, deep voice next to Tang Doudou's ears.

Tang Doudou immediately blushed and shot him an annoyed look. "You have no sense of shame or propriety, you're so shameless!"

"Isn't this husband's shamelessness precisely what Wife likes?" Baili Yu drew even closer and inhaled the scent of her hair deeply before pulling her into his arms again. "My good wife, you're mine from now on."

Tang Doudou could hear the joy in his tone. Inwardly, she was also really happy, but on the surface, she reacted with discontent. "Humph, I was the one that slept you today, so based on normal logic, it should be that you belong to me."

Baili Yu curved his eyes. "Wife is such a hoodlum."

"I am a hoodlum, so what? Not happy?"

"Happy. This husband is happy with everything Wife says..." As Baili Yu spoke, his slightly cold palm moved to touch Tang Doudou's front and his eyes turned cold. "This injury..."

Tang Doudou lowered her head, then cried out in shock. "Ah! Why is there a scar here?"

"You don't remember it anymore?" Baili Yu lifted his hand and gently stroked that distinct scar. Tang Doudou couldn't help but shiver when his slightly cool fingers made contact with her skin. However, when she felt that a certain area was still sending faint pangs of pain, she hastily grabbed Baili Yu's hand to stop him.

"Remember what?"

Baili Yu now had something on his mind so he didn't continue teasing Tang Doudou. He picked up the garment near the bed and slowly helped Tang Doudou into it. After helping dress her, he gently kissed the top of her head and said, "Let's go, I'll help you comb your hair."

Then he draped his crimson robe over himself before carrying Tang Doudou towards the dressing table in a princess hold.

After setting her down, he picked up the wooden comb and started brushing Tang Doudou's hair without a word.

Tang Doudou was still mulling over the topic from earlier, so she asked, "What exactly did I forget? And what happened to you earlier? How come I have no impression of getting this injury?"

"After throwing aside Shen Moru, where did you go? Do you still remember?" Baili Yu's expression was very focused as he helped brush her hair. Tang Doudou couldn't help but be captivated by the sight of him in the mirror.

"Threw aside Shen Moru? What do you mean? I don't remember any of that. I only recall that you seemed to have arrived, then by the time I woke up again, I was already in that rotten valley."

She had already told him about falling off the Sacred Tree when they were talking earlier. Of course, she left out the part about taking off Mu Ye's clothes.

However, because she still did mention Mu Ye, though the matter was already supposed to be over back then, he insisted on going for another round. If it weren't for that, she wouldn't be in so much pain right now! He was seriously a hateful man!

"As expected, you've forgotten everything that happened during that time..." Baili Yu's movement paused as he quietly muttered this.

Tang Doudou was still thinking about what happened earlier so she didn't hear what he said and just asked, "What do we do next?"

Baili Yu continued combing her hair. "I've already done everything that needs to be done, so all we have to do is wait for a certain person to arrive."

He smiled mysteriously as his fingers moved nimbly to coil her hair into a bun. Then he picked a light colored hairpin to insert into her hair. "Alright, it's done. My wife is so pretty."

When Tang Doudou saw the gentle ripples in his eyes, she took the comb and quickly moved behind Baili Yu. "Now it's my turn to help comb your hair."

However, Baili Yu refused. "Wife must still be tired from earlier, so don't tire yourself out over this. This husband can do it himself."

However, Tang Doudou was currently very energetic and didn't feel like resting at all. "No, you've brushed my hair, so I have to brush yours too. This is called returning politeness for politeness!"

"What a wonderful 'politeness for politeness!'" Right after she said this, Lan Jia coldly interrupted.

Tang Doudou was surprised to hear his cold tone that seemed to contain anger. She was also curious how he had managed to get in when she had locked the doors from the inside.

On the other hand, Baili Yu didn't seem surprised by Lan Jia's arrival. He stood up and casually brushed back the strands of hair that Tang Doudou had started combing. "What? From the sound of Saint Envoy Lan Jia's words, could it be that you're here to give my wife and I a congratulatory wedding gift?"

Tang Doudou wasn't dumb. The moment she heard this, she figured out that their relationship wasn't that good.

Thus she sensibly shut her mouth without saying anything. However, she felt like Baili Yu's dishevelled hair wasn't very presentable, so she took a red hair tie from the dressing table and stood on her tiptoes to tie his hair back.

When Lan Jia saw the two act this way, he knew that the development that should have occurred had occured. His clear eyes became filled with noticeable fury. "How long have you known!?"

"Known what?"

"Quit acting! It's truly abominable! Who would have thought that I, Lan Jia, after living so long without making any mistakes, would end up suffering defeat at your hands?" Although Lan Jia was very angry, there was nothing he could do because he couldn't beat Baili Yu. Now that Baili Yu had successfully suppressed the Hoarfrost Poison, there was probably no one in Cerulean Mountain that could be his match.

However, he had spent so many years planning this. How could he accept that his plans had been ruined just like this?

He lifted his hands and clapped hard three times. Several dozen black-robed men immediately flooded into the room. When the leading black-robed person saw this scene, his eyes filled with surprise.


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