Chapter 285.1: Not Even a Cruel Tiger Devours Its Cubs

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Tang Doudou was also stunned to see this person. By the time she came back to her senses, she had already blurted out, "Shen Moru!"

"Jeje, you probably never imagined that we would meet again this soon?" The surprise in Shen Moru's eyes immediately turned to coldness. He no longer looked like that horrifying withered thing from before. His eyes now had dark purple irises and he looked very healthy with ample flesh.

He had probably used some sort of method to recover to peak condition again after leaving the cave.

"Humph, the road between enemies sure is narrow!"

Shen Moru smiled without replying, then turned and bowed to Lan Jia. "Your Majesty, Saint Emperor."

Lan Jia was the Saint Emperor?

Tang Doudou was extremely shocked, but when she glanced over, she saw that Baili Yu didn't seem surprised at all.

"Have you found the object I sent you to look for?" asked Lan Jia as he coldly looked at Shen Moru.

From the looks of it, Lan Jia didn't seem to like Shen Moru.

Shen Moru replied, "I've already found it."

"Where is it?"

"Please wait for a few moments, Saint Emperor. It will be brought here shortly." Shen Moru acted quite humble and respectful in front of Lan Jia.

Lan Jia said 'en' in reply. Tang Doudou didn't know what exactly they were talking about, but she noticed that the anger in Lan Jia's eyes had eased a little after he heard that the object was being brought here.

That object was probably going to be used against her and Baili Yu. When Tang Doudou reached this conclusion, she couldn't help but start feeling nervous. After all, this was the territory of the Seven Great Saint Tribes. No matter how amazing Baili Yu was, he still wouldn't be able to handle so many enemies on his own.

As her thoughts reached this point, she glanced up to check Baili Yu's expression only to see that Baili Yu had also glanced down at her in this moment.

"Wife, don't worry. This husband won't let them hurt you." His eyes emitted gentle light.

He really was gentle, and very reliable as well.

Tang Doudou felt reassured and was no longer worried, so then she became bored.

Everyone seemed to be waiting for that object to arrive, she was the only one that seemed completely out of the loop.

As she thought about it, she couldn't help but become depressed. That in combination with the boredom caused her to yawn.

Baili Yu walked over and pulled her into his arms. "Wife, if you're tired, then just sleep for a while."

Tang Doudou always felt safe in his presence, so she leaned into his sturdy and broad chest and soon fell asleep.

Upon seeing this, Lan Jia gave a cold humph, seeming very unhappy with Tang Doudou's lack of concern in this situation. "After all this time, you ended up choosing a woman this dumb? You seriously have no taste!"

He had spoken quietly. From the looks of it, he didn't want to wake Tang Doudou up.

Baili Yu patted Tang Doudou's back gently as he laughed softly. "Of course, my taste isn't as good as yours."

Suddenly, his voice turned cold. "After all, you can take a liking to anything that's a woman. Just this is already something I can never hope to surpass."

Lan Jia's expression changed when he heard this. "You know about everything?"

"Whether I know or not isn't important." Baili Yu's tone eased again and seemed to contain a hint of a smile. However, no matter how one took it, it sounded like ridicule.

"Humph, you're right, it's not important." Lan Jia's tone turned cold as well. "Baili Yu, you've probably investigated your identity thoroughly, haven't you?"


"Humph! Then why are you still opposing me when I'm your father? Why not just join me?" Lan Jia's words stunned Shen Moru. He was Baili Yu's father?

What was going on?

The fact that Lan Jia had picked this time to talk about this matter showed that he had no intention of trying to conceal it any longer.

"As long as you agree to collaborate with me, I won't bother that girl from now on and I'll also pass you the position of Saint Emperor. How's that?"

Shen Moru furrowed his brows. He felt that there was no way Lan Jia could possibly be so fair. When he looked towards Baili Yu, he saw that Baili Yu's expression didn't change in the slightest in reaction to this offer.

When Lan Jia saw that Baili Yu wasn't swayed, he said, "I know that you're not interested in being a Saint Emperor, but there's no way you don’t care about this girl, am I right?"

This time, Baili Yu finally responded with, "Can you stop rambling so much? I won't let you guys off if you interrupt my wife's dreams."

Lan Jia's face immediately turned black.

"Don't think that I'll go easy on you just because you're my son. If you provoke me..." Before he could even finish his words, a red light flashed and swept across Lan Jia's cheek, ripping off the black robe covering his head.

A face that was very similar to Baili Yu's was revealed.

However, Lan Jia actually looked several years younger than Baili Yu. He looked no older than eighteen and his eyes also looked very youthful and pure. No matter how one looked, he didn't seem like Baili Yu's father.

Something was off!

Baili Yu retrieved Blood Satan. It was stained with a bit of blood, so he wiped it off on the canopy nearby, then blew on the blade to help dry it. His actions looked very ruthless. "Son? Ha!"

Lan Jia glanced at the blood on Blood Satan, then slowly reached up to touch his face. The moist stickiness told him that he had indeed been injured. "How unexpected, your martial arts has improved again."

If that Blood Satan had been sent towards his neck, he would probably be dead by now.

"That's right ah, and isn't this all thanks to you?" Baili Yu put away Blood Satan, then continued patting Tang Doudou again.

Tang Doudou seemed to have been disturbed by this quarrel and was snuggling restlessly towards his chest like a little attached kitten. When Baili Yu saw this, he couldn't stop himself from lowering his head to peck those soft lips.

He was originally planning to just have a shallow taste, but the moment his lips made contact, he couldn't bear to move away and gradually deepened the kiss. He completely treated everyone else present as air.

The rumors that Baili Yu's conduct was always unrestrained was sure enough true.

Lan Jia's face twitched and he turned away. How could his son have so little self-restraint? It was like he had never touched a woman before!


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