Chapter 285.2: Not Even a Cruel Tiger Devours Its Cubs

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As he was thinking this, Baili Yu finally pulled away from those lips reluctantly. He said in a slightly apologetic tone, "My apologies, I seriously like my wife too much. You understand right? I just couldn't help myself."

Although he apologized, anyone could see that smugness and content on his face. From the looks of it, he really did like his wife a lot.

Lan Jia criticized, "No sense of shame!"

"That's right! To barge into my bridal chamber in the middle of the night, you really are quite shameless."

Although Lan Jia didn't have any feelings towards his son, he still became furious when his own son insulted him. "You unfilial child!"

"Precisely!" Baili Yu grinned. No one could understand what he was thinking, to be so happy when he was being insulted.

"You!" Lan Jia never thought that there existed someone with skin even thicker than his. Could this be the so-called blue, which is made from indigo but is even more vivid than indigo? When this thought occurred to him, he was amused despite his anger.

"I'd like to see if you can still remain so arrogant later!" Lan Jia didn't curse at Baili Yu anymore and sat down angrily on a nearby stool. Then he glared at Shen Moru and asked, "Shen Moru, why is it still not here!?"

Shen Moru had been mulling over the relationship between the two and was jolted back to his senses when he heard Lan Jia's angry tone. "Saint Emperor, I'll go look right away."

Lan Jia waved his hand in an impatient manner. "Go."

Shen Moru withdrew.

Lan Jia was finding the couple in the room an extreme eyesore, so he stood up and said, "Keep a close watch on them!"

"Understood, Saint Emperor!"

Lan Jia flung back his sleeves and strode out of the room.

After he left, Baili Yu shook Tang Doudou a little, but found that she was deeply asleep. He smiled helplessly. She truly trusted him a lot.

However, although his Hoarfrost Poison had been temporarily suppressed, he had used up a lot of strength to help suppress Tang Doudou's rampaging Xuanyuan blood. If he had tried to forcefully break out right now, Lan Jia would immediately notice this fact.

That was why he had wasted so much time here.

Even though he was afraid of that object, he had no choice but to take the risk and stay here. When he sensed that his inner strength was gradually recovering, he smiled.

Lan Jia was destined to suffer a great loss this time.

Right when his thoughts had gotten here, someone rushed in from outside. Without speaking, the person attacked and instantly killed all the black-robed people in the room.

After he killed them, he walked to Baili Yu and swept his gaze over Tang Doudou before saying coldly, "Come with me."

"Sect Leader Mu, what do you mean by this?" A trace of puzzlement flashed through Baili Yu's eyes as he looked at Mu Ye.

Mu Ye's face was expressionless as he repeated, "Come with me."

"I won't," replied Baili Yu. Leave obediently when told to? No way. He would only leave when he felt like leaving.

Mu Ye glanced at him coldly. "I'll bring her out of here."

Baili Yu lifted his eyes. This person actually dared to say to his face that he was going to take his wife away? If it weren't for the fact that he had saved Tang Doudou several times...

However, gratefulness was a separate matter. He was very petty when it came to his wife. "Sect Leader Mu, as of now, Doudou is my wife. It's probably not very appropriate for you to take her with you, right?"

"If you don't leave now, it'll be too late."

"It won't be." Baili Yu laughed lightly. "If Sect Leader Mu is worried, you can leave first."

Upon hearing this, Mu Ye didn't say anymore and just left.

Baili Yu's gaze only darkened once Mu Ye left. There was something off about Mu Ye.

After resting for a while longer, he had recovered enough inner strength to revolve it around his body. Only then did he gently pat Tang Doudou's face to wake her. "Wife, it's about time to wake up."

Tang Doudou's eyes twitched but she didn't open her eyes.

"I know that you're not asleep. Be good, alright? Wake up, we need to leave now." Baili Yu pinched the tip of Tang Doudou's nose. She had been lying in his arms, so he naturally knew when she had woken up.

Tang Doudou opened her eyes unhappily when her act was exposed and glared at him. Following that, she asked curiously, "The things Lan Jia said, were they true?"

"En." Baili Yu set her down and stood up. "Let's talk as we walk."

Tang Doudou nodded and started walking behind him.

"He is my father." Baili Yu's voice contained slight hatred as he said this. However, he concealed it very deeply so not even Tang Doudou noticed.

"However, he doesn't deserve to be! Back then, Mother had given birth to me not long after she returned to the Imperial City. After he found out, he sent people to the Imperial City to steal me and bring me back to Cerulean Mountain. When I was brought back, he threw me directly into a pond of poison. Ha... This is what my birth father is like."

Lan Jia was actually that evil!

"Later, for some reason, someone brought me to Wind Cloud Island. When I ended up inadvertently encountering Lan Jia, his age seemed similar to mine back then, so we became good friends that kept no secrets from each other."

"How hateful! He definitely approached you on purpose!" Tang Doudou was indignant. Although she didn't know the reasoning behind Lan Jia’s actions, but not even cruel tigers ate their own cubs, yet he had been so malicious towards his own son.


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