Chapter 287.1: You're Still Alive

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Right after she started running, the thing behind her began to move. She hastily glanced back and was almost scared out of her wits. The thing was actually very similar to the Black Demonic Nightcrawler that she had seen before. It was large and long, and there was a glowing part near its abdomen.

It was practically a carbon copy of the Black Demonic Nightcrawler!

After she realized what that thing was, she stopped running and switched to flying forward with qinggong.

She moved so fast that she left the enormous bug behind in a flash and there were barely any poisonous bugs below her anymore.

Only then did she calm down and rest against a wall. As she looked around, she realized that she had already forgotten which direction she had come from.

Jesus! It was such a mess!

She had just decided not to run too far away, but in the blink of an eye, things went completely opposite to planned.

However, she couldn't remain stationary since who knew if that enormous bug would come after her? The further she got away, the better.

She had only walked for a little while before she started seeing light ahead.

It wasn't natural light, but the dim hazy light given off by candles.

Why would there be candles here?

Tang Doudou carefully walked towards that area as she wondered, could it be that there was someone here?

When she got close, she discovered that it was a small stone room.

The room only contained a long stone table. There were two white candles on the table. When she got closer, she found that it was actually a memorial tablet.

Whose memorial tablet was this?

Tang Doudou glanced around, only walking in when she saw that no one was around. She looked at the name engraved on the tablet and discovered that it was actually Baili Shuyin again!

She was astonished, wasn't this a little too strange?

She glanced at the incense pot in the middle of the candles. There were still coiling strands of smoke rising from the incense sticks. It seemed like someone had just come here to offer incense and it hadn't been long since they left.

Who would it be?

She couldn't figure it out, so she started looking around the stone room again and discovered that there was a book behind the memorial tablet.

"A book?" Tang Doudou bowed a few times to Baili Shuyin, then reached out to take the book and started reading it in dim light.

"Eh? Why is it only filled with names?"

It was written in the writing of the Saint Tribes, which were Chinese characters. She could tell with one glance that all the words were names. At the start, she didn't recognize any of the names, but as she continued flipping through it, familiar names start appearing. Jun Yuner? Su Yi? Feng Wu...


Tang Doudou became even more puzzled. "Why would my name be here as well?"

The surprise didn't end there. Behind her name was Jun Xin, Nangong Yan...

Baili Yu and Mu Ye’s names were also there.

Even when she got to the end, she still couldn't understand who it was that had recorded these names, and what that person's motives had been.

However, since she couldn't figure it out, she decided to just bring the book out with her and let Baili Yu take a look. Perhaps he could understand what this meant.

"Senior Baili ah, I'm going to bring this book out. Since the big evil spirit is your son, I'm sure you won't mind, right..." As she chattered long-windedly, she had already tucked the book into her chest. She then walked around the stone room for a while and discovered that there was a uniform cavity on the stone table.

It looked extremely familiar.

When she took another look, she realized, wasn't it the exact same shape as her thumb ring?

Could it be?

After thinking for a moment, she pulled off the thumb ring and placed it in the cavity.

A 'kacha' sound rang out from the wall of the stone room. She hastily looked over and saw that the wall was slowly rising to reveal a pitch-black room.

Tang Doudou glanced inside and was about to enter when light laughter came from behind her. Her facial color immediately changed and she quickly hide that thumb ring in her palm.

"Lan Jia! Why are you here?"

If that laughter wasn't Lan Jia's, who else could it be?

She looked around but didn't see him anywhere.

Lan Jia laughed again. "I really have to thank you, little girl. I've been searching for this half my life, yet you were able to open it for me so easily. Who would have expected it? Haha... My son really got me a very good daughter-in-law!"

Tang Doudou silently cursed about her own stupidity again. The only one that would make a memorial tablet for Baili Shuyin other than the Baili family would probably be this disgusting pervert, Lan Jia. In addition, she had already noticed earlier that someone had recently offered incense...

Why hadn't this occurred to her!?


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