Chapter 287.2: You're Still Alive

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Lan Jia laughed again when he saw the expression on her face. He walked out from the darkness and stood in front of that lifting doorway. "My good daughter-in-law, don't worry. Once this father obtains that object, this father will definitely leave you an intact corpse!"

After he said this, Tang Doudou discovered that she was no longer able to move. She couldn't even open her mouth.

"Behave and guard the door. In a bit, I'll let you see a miracle! You'll feel such honor!" Lan Jia laughed madly as he walked inside.

The room in front was completely black. She didn't know what it contained to make Lan Jia so excited.

And, how did he know that she would come here? Or had he been waiting here the entire time?

Coincidence? It was definitely not a coincidence.

The only explanation would be that he had arranged all of this from the start!

He had sent Shen Moru to look for something, then pretended to storm off after being angered by Baili Yu.

He must have already predicted that Baili Yu would bring her to Calm Note Palace once he left, so he purposefully left a clear mark beneath that table so that they would easily notice the passage.

The following matters were even easier to explain. That huge bug was probably under his control and had purposefully chased her in this direction. However, how did he know that her thumb ring could open this stone door?

If he knew earlier, he could have just directly stolen the ring! Why waste so much unnecessary energy?

However, if things weren't as she had guessed, then what was the truth?

Following that, the pitch-black room was suddenly lit up with eye-piercing light from a flame. It seemed like Lan Jia was the one that lit it.

Right afterwards, Lan Jia started bellowing, "No! How is this possible!? How can it all be fake!? That's not possible!"

Sounds of things being smashed soon followed. Tang Doudou's heart pounded from fear. She had no idea what he saw but she shrank back in fear. With how crazy Lan Jia was acting, what if he rushed out and killed her with a smack?

"It's all fake! Fake!!"


"I had searched all this time in vain! After causing so many people to die, your answer is that it's all fake... haha..."

Tang Doudou was scared, but she was also curious what exactly he was talking about.

"No! I won't believe it!" Lan Jia's voice echoed in the stone room. He abruptly rushed out. His contorted handsome face suddenly appeared in front of Tang Doudou and she almost fell back from shock. It was only then that she realized she could speak again.

"L-lan Jia... you..." Before she even finished speaking, she had been dragged into the room by Lan Jia.

There weren't a lot of things behind the stone door, but there were murals all over the walls. The bamboo scrolls that were originally arranged neatly on the bookshelves had been swept onto the floor by Lan Jia.

There were a lot of broken pottery on the ground as well, and there were strange bugs squirming near the broken pieces. The sight made people nauseous.

In the center of the stone room was an enormous cauldron. Lan Jia pulled Tang Douodu directly towards the cauldron.

With a cold laugh, he said, "I refuse to believe that everything was fake. You've already been dead for so many years, yet you're still tormenting me! You're definitely saying it's fake because you hate me! But I won't believe it! I won't believe your words! You're lying to me! Lying!"

People whose emotions went out of control were very scary. Tang Doudou had seen on TV the way people with mental disorders acted when they went crazy. Lan Jia's current behavior didn’t differ much from those people.

She didn't dare to speak in fear that if she accidentally provoked Lan Jia, he would attack her.

"Humph, you won't let me try, but I will try! If you have the ability, just crawl out from the underworld to stop me!" Lan Jia's voice was very sinister. Tang Doudou couldn't tell what he was planning to do.

However, she soon found out, because Lan Jia took out a dagger and slashed it lightly across her wrist. Bright red blood immediately poured out like a spring.

Lan Jia's eyes lit up with a terrible glow when he saw her blood. He dragged her towards the cauldron and started painting it with her blood. His glass-like eyes were now so dark and cold, it was terrifying.

Tang Doudou couldn't move so she couldn't stop him from using her blood to paint the cauldron.

As her blood flow gradually slowed, her brain started to feel heavily and her vision started becoming blurry. However, Lan Jia seemed to feel that there wasn't enough as he cut another wound and placed her on the cauldron so that her blood slowly flowed along the sunken ravines of the cauldron.

She seemed to see something flickering on the cauldron, but because she had lost too much blood, she couldn't see it clearly.

Just as she thought she was going to die from blood loss, she discovered that there was someone standing behind Lan Jia.

It was an old lady with a stooped back. After she showed up, she sighed and said, "Ah Lan, why go to such lengths?"

As soon as that person spoke, Tang Doudou saw Lan Jia's body turn rigid as his eyes filled with emotion.

"Shuyin, Shuyin, I knew you were still alive!"

However, when he turned around and saw that it was an old woman behind him, his face immediately turned as pale as snow. "Shu... shuyin, why have you become like this?"


Tang Doudou was already very weak, but she was still conscious enough to be surprised. This old lady was Shuyin? Baili Yu's mother? Her mother-in-law?

"Cough cough..." The old lady was walking with great difficulty towards the cauldron and was coughing violently. "Even... like this, even after I've become like this, you can still recognize me..."

"No matter what you become, I'd still recognize you! Shuyin!" Lan Jia seemed very stirred up and he looked as if he wanted to hug Shuyin, but he also looked afraid and hesitant.

"Back then, when you fell down the cliff, I hadn't been able to find you below the cliff, so I knew you were definitely still alive. However, I never thought that you were actually so good at hiding, to be able to hide for an entire twenty-seven years!"

Shuyin laughed softly. "I wasn't hiding. I've always been on Cerulean Mountain. I never left."

Lan Jia was stunned. "How is that possible?"

Shuyin reached out and slowly stroked the large cauldron with her trembling aged hand melancholically. "Ah Lan, let's stop. Don't insist on continuing anymore."

When she brought up this matter, Lan Jia's face became contorted again. "No! I can't give up! Shuyin, don't worry, once I find the cultivation method, I'll definitely help you restore your youth and beauty!"


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