Chapter 288.2: What Exactly Was it For?

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As she spoke, she helped Tang Doudou up and leaned her against the stone wall.

Tang Doudou smiled sweetly at her. "Okay."

Shuyin touched her forehead gently. "Feeling better?"

"A lot better." Tang Doudou wasn't lying. After taking that pill, she started feeling more strength in her limbs. She smiled, then started talking about how she met Baili Yu. Halfway through, Shuyin suddenly grabbed her hand and started transferring a warm energy into her body.

Tang Doudou was surprised and was about to ask about it when she saw the look Shuyin sent her. She hastily made her expression look normal as she continued talking about Baili Yu.

However, even as she spoke, she was wondering about Shuyin. The look Shuyin had sent her contained the mischievousness of a young girl. No matter how she thought about it, it didn't seem like a look that an old lady that had gone through countless years of hardships would have.

"Shuyin!" Just as she was getting confused, Lan Jia called Shuyin again.

Tang Doudou and Shuyin simultaneously looked up. Shuyin let go of her hand and fed her another pill before getting up with great difficulty. "What is it? You've thought it through?"

"I hope you haven't lied to me," said Lan Jia coldly. "Otherwise, I won't kill you, but I will make sure you suffer!"

"Haha, you're still the same," Shuyin simply responded with a chuckle.

Lan Jia didn't say anything else as he took out a cloth bundle from his chest and handed it to Shuyin.

Tang Doudou poked her head over to see what exactly it was that Lan Jia treasured so much.

However, she ended up disappointed. It was actually just an enormous black cocoon.

What the heck was this? And Lan Jia was actually worried that someone would steal this? Who would want something like this?

Shuyin took that thing and then placed it in the cauldron.

After that thing was placed inside, the golden light that was flowing over the cauldron immediately exploded in brightness and lit up both stone rooms so much it looked like it was day. The light even reached the dark passage outside.

Only then did Tang Doudou see that the enormous bug that was chasing her earlier was currently lying outside in the passage. Its huge eyes were currently staring at this side fervently.

F*ck! Her guess had been right! Lan Jia had purposefully guided her here!

Shuyin seemed to have seen that bug as well as she laughed and said, "That's Xiao Xi, isn't it? It's gotten that big?"

"After you left, I've kept it with me the entire time," said Lan Jia.

Shuyin laughed again. "Of course. You have no way to progress your martial arts, so it's much safer with Xiao Xi nearby."

Lan Jia's face darkened and he fell silent.

However, after just a little while, he spoke again. "Why is it still not done?"

Shuyin replied, "You've already waited so many years, what's a few more minutes?"

Tang Doudou felt much better after resting for a while and after talking with Shuyin, she felt like Shuyin was really easy to talk to, so she asked, "Mother, what exactly is that?"

She pointed at the cauldron in front of them. Curiosity was tickling her heart.

Before Shuyin had the chance to reply, Lan Jia responded by glaring at her and saying, "Shut up and stop asking questions, otherwise, I'll kill you!"

Tang Doudou pouted. She wanted to curse at him, but since Shuyin was here, she just humphed in disdain.

Lan Jia was infuriated by her reaction and started walking over to teach her a lesson.

However, Shuyin blocked his way. "It's almost done, so you had better stay over there to watch it instead of causing unnecessary complications. Otherwise, won't you end up dying from anger if you lose the thing when it was right within reach?"

Her words clearly contained implicit meanings. Lan Jia's eyes suddenly darkened and he attacked.

"Saint Emperor, it's me!"

Before the attack even reached its target, Shen Moru stepped out from the shadows and revealed himself. He looked at the people present, then reported respectfully, "Saint Emperor, Baili Yu has gone crazy outside. He's already burned down quite a few Saint Palaces and has smashed everything in the Saint Emperor Palace..."


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