Chapter 289.1: A Family of Three Foxes

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Lan Jia's eyes turned fierce. "That bastard!"

Shuyin shot an displeased look towards him. "It's your blood running through his veins!"

Only then did Lan Jia recall that Shuyin was next to him. His expression became gentler. "I was just a little angry. Everything in the Saint Emperor Palace are things that our ancestors left us, yet he had destroyed them without a qualm."

However, Shuyin was still unperturbed. "It's just some archaic objects, what does it matter if they're broken? In any case, they pretty much belong to him."

When Lan Jia heard this, his expression changed. "What do you mean by this?"

"Since you're going to cultivate, you're naturally going to have to clear your heart of desire to focus solely on cultivating. In that case, the position of Saint Emperor will naturally be passed down to your only son." Shuyin's words shocked Tang Doudou. She actually wanted Baili Yu to become the Saint Emperor?

Lan Jia was also shocked. "You've thought things through?"

"I just want him to be safe and sound. Once a person gets to this age, they'd inevitably start thinking about how to make their children's lives better." Shuyin's explanation was perfectly reasonable, Lan Jia couldn't find any problems in it. In addition, she was right. Although he had a lot of sons, they had all died young since their bodies couldn't handle the poison bath. The only son that was still alive as of now was Baili Yu.

However, Baili Yu was too hard to control and his actions were always unpredictable. Even him, as the father, couldn't beat Baili Yu. Baili Yu had even almost defeated him earlier. Even if he really did want to make Baili Yu the Saint Emperor, the Saint Tribes' would probably object to it.

Moreover, Baili Yu had no interest in the position of Saint Emperor!

"Let's talk about it when the time comes, but for now..." Lan Jia lifted his brows. "Shen Moru, how did you find this place?"

Shen Moru's expression didn't change. "When I saw that Baili Yu was burning things down, I started looking for you, Saint Emperor. However, I wasn't able to find you even after searching through the entire Saint Palace. Then, near the cliff, I discovered this animal. When I saw that it was acting suspicious, I followed it and unexpectedly, it led me here..."

As he spoke, he pulled out something from his black robe. It was gray and looked lifeless.

Tang Doudou immediately realized that it was Lil' Gray and rushed towards Shen Moru. "Lil' Gray"

However, Shuyin pulled her back. "Doudou, don't go over there. He's not a good person."

Tang Doudou recalled her past encounters with Shen Moru and calmed down. Glowering at him, she shouted, "Shen Moru, what did you do to Lil' Gray?"

"It's only unconscious. Nine-eared Monkeys are very rare, this might actually be the only one existing in this world. It's a natural spirit creature and is very hard to come by." The meaning was, there was no way Shen Moru would be able to bring himself to harm something this rare.

Shuyin's earlier words that Shen Moru wasn't a good person ended up reminding Lan Jia as well. As he looked at Lil' Gray, he gave a cold humph and said to Shen Moru, "After a natural spirit creature acknowledges a master, it doesn't change masters. This Nine-eared Monkey belongs to that kid Mu. Since it has run here, that kid is probably hiding nearby as well. Shen Moru, wake that monkey up and go find that kid."

Shen Moru lowered his eyes so his emotions couldn't be seen. "Understood, Saint Emperor."

Following that, he hit a point on the Nine-eared Monkey. Lil' Gray quivered and woke up. He glanced around with his black shiny eyes. When he saw Shen Moru's face, he started screaming in alarm, "Zhizhizhi!!!"

When Tang Doudou saw that they were about to use Lil' Gray to find Mu Ye, she said hastily, "Lil' Gray, I'm over here!"

Lil' Gray immediately made a sound of joy when he heard her voice and quickly struggled out of Shen Moru's hold to jump towards Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou hastily picked Lil' Gray up and asked, "Lil' Gray, were you looking for me?"

Lil' Gray cried happily, "Zhizhi!"

"You really were looking for me? Lil' Gray, you're seriously too cute!" Tang Doudou carried Lil' Gray as she walked past. The way Lil' Gray was acting seemed like he really had been looking for her.

Shen Moru asked, "Saint Emperor..."

Lan Jia said, "You can't search without an animal's help?"

Shen Moru lowered his head. "Understood, this subordinate will go right away."

After he said that, he walked into the darkness.

Tang Doudou's eyes filled with worry as she stroked Lil' Gray's fur. She knew that Lan Jia was right. Lil' Gray had definitely been looking for Mu Ye, not her.

Before, Mu Ye had only been able to suppress Shen Moru because Shen Moru had been injured. However, Shen Moru had already recovered, so Mu Ye was probably not a match for him. The worst part was, there was nothing she could do except worry, she couldn't even warn him.

As she became even more anxious with worry, Shuyin walked over and pressed firmly on her shoulders with a smile. "This Nine-eared Monkey is really friendly towards you as well. You're very close with that child from the Mu family?"

Tang Doudou's expression stiffened with embarrassment.

How could she not be embarrassed?

Her husband's mother was asking her about her relationship with another man. This was so awkward that she wanted to crawl into a hole.

"Uh, we're quite good friends," replied Tang Doudou honestly.

"But I seem to remember that you're the Alliance Head of the martial arts circles?" asked Shuyin.

Tang Doudou nodded helplessly. "Yes."

"And Mu Ye is the leader of the Demonic Sect?"


"Haha, how interesting." Shuyin laughed. The sound of her gentle chuckle was making Tang Doudou's hair stand on end. How come it sounded like she really was amused by this matter?

Shouldn't she be angry?

She, this simple little beanbeans, really couldn't understand what went on in these people's brains.

While they were absorbed in talking, Lan Jia's expression remained very dark. As he stared at the cauldron in front of him, he asked in a low voice, "How much longer will it take?"

"It'll be done soon," replied Shuyin lightly. She didn't seem concerned at all.

However, she had always been this way. She only expressed interest towards things she had interest in. Things she didn't have interest in, no matter how precious it was, she wouldn't even give it a glance.

Lan Jia seemed to have sunk into thoughts of the past again.


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