Chapter 292.1: Obtained the Antidote

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The stone room had already been destroyed by Shen Moru and Lan Jia. There was a layer of black ash over the entire room and the ground was covered with remnants of broken items.

"That beast! Why didn't he fight outside?! He clearly knew that these were the last things that Mother left behind! And he still keeps saying that he loves her? Such lies!"

Baili Yiling had said just a moment ago to be careful of the demonic bug, but when she saw this mess, she couldn't help but start cursing. In her angry tone, there were hints of sobs. Tang Doudou felt bad for her.

"Yiling, don't be so sad. Your mother definitely would be sad to see you like this." Tang Doudou hugged Baili Yiling as she gently consoled her.

Baili Yiling pushed her away. "Sister-in-Law is right. As long as Lan Jia dies, Mother will definitely be happy!"

Tang Doudou rubbed her nose. Wasn't this quite a far cry from what she said?

"En, then let's get to it. I'm worried that your big brother will be too fast for us and will have already killed Lan Jia by the time we get back."

"Let's go. This way."

Baili Yiling asked softly, "Sister-in-Law, how's your qinggong?"

"It's alright." Tang Doudou smiled at her. Qinggong was the only thing she knew.

"That's good!" As Baili Yiling spoke, she lightly tapped the ground with the tips of her toes, then flew towards the ceiling. "Sister-in-Law, hurry."

Tang Doudou copied her movements and flew up as well.

When she got to the ceiling, Baili Yiling reached up and pushed aside the stone slab above them. "It's here!"

Both of them entered through the hole. The sight that greeted them was another dark room. In the dim light, Tang Doudou could see that there were a lot of shelves in the room.

Baili Yiling lifted her hand and a tongue of flame jumped out from her sleeve and shot towards the oil lamp in the center of the hidden room. The light gradually grew bright enough to light up the entire hidden room.

Although Tang Doudou had called it a hidden room, it would be better to call it a treasure cave. The shelves in this room were filled with countless rare and precious treasures. Things like gold and pearls weren't even valuable enough to be displayed and were just thrown in heaps on the ground.

"If these things were brought out, your older brother would probably have to give up his title of being the richest under the heavens!" remarked Tang Doudou jokingly.

Baili Yiling replied coldly, "Tch, who would care?"

"Alright, I'm just joking. Say, what does that thing look like? This room is so large, how are we supposed to find it?"

"Haha, Sister-in-Law, you're acting silly again!" As Baili Yiling laughed, she took a couple steps forward and arrived at a shelf. She shifted the jade vase that was placed on the shelf and there was the sound of a mechanical click as another small passage appeared.

"You're wondering why the people of these Saint Tribes are all like mice, right? Why do they seem to like digging holes so much?"

Tang Doudou nodded. "It is strange. For better or for worse, they're the grand Saint Tribes after all. Why are they always doing such sneaky things?"

"Sneaky? Isn't that precisely their nature?" Baili Yiling laughed scornfully. "Let's go. It doesn't matter if they're mice or not, this matter is more important."

The two walked into the secret passage and it wasn't long until they reached a similar stone room. This time though, the things on display were very simple. In fact, there was barely anything inside. There was only a simple stone table like the one in the earlier stone room. However, this table didn't display Baili Shuyin's memorial tablet. The entire table was filled with memorial tablets.

It was a shocking display of black. Who did all these memorial tablets belong to?

"You see them? These are the memorial tablets of over a hundred fifty of Lan Jia's wives!" Baili Yiling slowly walked over to them. "They all loved that beast deeply, and they all thought that bastard loved them... They all thought that bastard was a good husband that would accompany them for a lifetime. They never imagined that their husband would become a demon in the span of a night and kill them, destroying them to the point that not even their bones were left!"

Her voice was very stirred up and filled with suppressed rage.

Tang Doudou never imagined that Lan Jia was actually such a heartless person! She had never imagined either that so many women would give their hearts to someone like him. She wondered if it was because Lan Jia was too good at acting, or these women were too dumb.

It was probably that love lowered IQ!

Tang Doudou sighed. In reality, it wasn't that much of a surprise. Before Lan Jia started acting strangely in front of her, she had also thought that he was a super good person.

After all, he had good looks and a mild temperament. In addition, he had a pair of clear gentle eyes that a lot of girls liked.


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