Chapter 292.1: Obtained the Antidote

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"The thing is probably in this stone room. Lan Jia keeps a really tight watch on this room. I've come here once, but I got discovered. I only managed to get out of it by hiding in the cauldron that mother left in the room below this one."

"It was also in that cauldron that I discovered all of Mother's secrets." Baili Yiling started searching through the room.

"Is that secret the fake immortality pill?" Tang Doudou also started carefully searching through the room. If they actually managed to find the antidote to the Hoarfrost Poison, then this trip to Cerulean Mountain would have been worth it. In addition, this was all she could do for Baili Yu as of now.

Baili Yiling replied, "That's right! I've heard Grandpa Gui mention the immortality pill countless times during my childhood. At first, I had wondered if an immortality pill really existed. If it did exist, didn't it mean that there were celestials? If I found a celestial, maybe I could beg him to help me save my mother and father... However, Grandpa Gui said it was impossible for immortals to exist in this world. Celestials were nothing more than something unattainable that humans longed for!"

"But I was young back then, so I thought he was lying to me. I wanted to obtain that immortality pill and find a celestial in order to beg him to fulfill my wish. That's why, after Grandpa Gui passed away, I started looking into the matter of the immortality pill and started following Lan Jia... It was only after I entered that large cauldron that I finally understood that Grandpa Gui had been telling the truth. The so-called immortality pill was nothing more than a fantasy..."

Wasn't it precisely a fantasy? Tang Doudou inwardly laughed. She felt that Lan Jia probably knew this as well, but it was already too late to turn back. He probably felt guilty as well, otherwise, he wouldn't have set up so many memorial tablets here.

Every time he recalled the past and stood in front of these memorial tablets, what would he think?

His heart was probably also filled with remorse.

He was a hateful person, but also pitiful. However, he deserved to die!

So many innocent lives had been taken away due to his desire for a fantasy. Those poor infants that had been thrown into pools of poison right after they were born were the most pitiful. Right after they came into this world, their own father had...

Tang Doudou gave a long sigh. Suddenly, she stepped on something.

"Yiling!" She reached out to feel it. When she found that it seemed like a box, she hastily called Baili Yiling over. "There's something here."

Baili Yiling hadn't found anything after searching this entire time and was starting to get angry, so when she heard Tang Doudou say this, she hastily ran over. "What is it?"

As she spoke, a small flame leaped to life on her finger, causing Tang Doudou a shock. "Yiling, you...?"

"It's just a little trick. If Sister-in-Law is interested, Yiling will teach you once we get out!" After she said that, she lowered her head to take a closer look at that box.

It wasn't very large, but it was very heavy. They had to work together to drag the box out of the dark area to the lit room.

Baili Yiling blew out the flame on her hand, then lightly knocked on the wooden box. Her eyes curved into a smile as she laughed. "Ha, Lan Jia is sure self-confident. He didn't even leave a trap."

As Tang Doudou watched curiously, Baili Yiling got an iron wire from somewhere and inserted it into the lock. She lifted the wire lightly and there was the sound of a click as the box opened.

There were a lot of things contained inside. There were ancient texts, jade bottles, and even a lot of black balls that looked quite heavy.

"What are those?"

"I don't know," replied Baili Yiling flatly as she reached to take one of the ancient texts out.

However, just when her hand reached the edge of the box, her expression suddenly changed and she quickly withdrew her hand and slammed the box shut.

It happened so quickly that it took a few moments for Tang Doudou to react. "What's wrong?"

"So close!" Baili Yiling sighed, then glanced at Tang Doudou who looked completely confused. Immediately afterward, she smiled again and said, "Sister-in-Law, you really have such good luck! This is precisely what we needed to find!"

It was that simple to find? Tang Doudou couldn't help but feel disbelief. "H-how do you know?"

"Haha, I'll tell you as we walk. I can guarantee that this is what we need! That dumb brother of mine can now be saved!" Baili Yiling's tone was light, but it just stirred up Tang Doudou's curiosity even more.

"The antidote to cure the Hoarfrost Poison is in there?"




After hearing that, Tang Doudou left the secret room as if she was walking on clouds. Although she was carrying a heavy box, she didn't feel its weight at all.

"Sister-in-Law, stop grinning so foolishly, you still need to figure out how to explain our actions to Big Brother!"

Baili Yiling's words were like a bucket of cold water. Tang Doudou immediately stiffened.

"Alright, Sister-in-Law, don't worry, I'm not one of those people that have no sense of comradeship. When the time comes, I'll definitely face Big Brother's wrath with you!"

"Yiling, this isn't what I'm worried about." Tang Doudou smiled wryly. Baili Yiling's line of thought really jumped around a lot.

"Then what are you worried about? You worry about people other than my older brother? Could it be Mu Ye? My good Sister-in-Law, I can tell that Mu Ye is a pretty good person, but he's too boring! If you end up together with that sort of person, you'll probably wither from boredom for the rest of your life. However, my brother's completely different..."

As expected, they truly were siblings. This strong narcissism was so distinctive in their family!

"Ahem, Mu Ye and I are only good friends and he's saved my life several times. That's all."

"That's good!" Baili Yiling walked up and held Tang Doudou's arm. "Big Brother dotes on Sister-in-Law so much, he definitely wouldn't do anything to you, so don't worry!"

Tang Doudou nodded. Hopefully that really was the case.

The two then jumped through that opening to get back down to the stone room below. When that demonic bug didn't stir, Tang Doudou took a few steps forward. However, she soon noticed that Baili Yiling hadn't followed.

She turned back and saw that Baili Yiling was currently holding several small black balls.

"Yiling, what are those?"

"Humph! I'm going to make it so Lan Jia will never again be able to recover from this setback!"


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