Chapter 293.1: Searching

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Before Tang Doudou could figure out what Baili Yiling meant, Baili Yiling had flung the black balls overhead, then ran to her while shouting, "Run!"

Right after she spoke, there was a rumbling sound as the ceiling exploded.

Soon after, the entire stone room started vibrating violently as the loud rumbling continued.

Tang Doudou's facial color changed drastically. "Those things you threw earlier..."

"They were explosives! Sister-in-Law, hurry! Once the cave collapses, we'll be trapped!" said Baili Yiling hastily as she pulled Tang Doudou forward.

"It's a good thing that demonic bug isn't here this time, otherwise the thunderbombs definitely would have attracted its attention and it would be difficult to leave." Baili Yiling remarked in relief.

Tang Doudou knitted her brows. Something felt off. "From what you're saying, it's unusual for that demonic bug not to be here?"

"Isn't it? That bug was raised for the sake of guarding Lan Jia's secret rooms. In the past, even when Lan Jia was in trouble, he still had this bug stay here to guard this room!"

"Then where did it go?"

"How would I know? Does it matter? It's good that it's not here since we need to hurry and escape. Once that cave collapses, these secret passages would slowly collapse as well. If it weren't for the fact that I only have twenty thunderbombs, I would have leveled this entire mountain!" As expected of Baili Yu's younger sister, no ordinary person would declare something as outrageous as blowing up an entire mountain.

However, Tang Doudou still felt that something was off. "Yiling, say, do you think that demonic bug might've gone out with Lan Jia earlier?"

Her words seem to have finally got through to Baili Yiling. Baili Yiling slapped her forehead and her expression immediately turned worried. "Oh no, how could I have missed that? Sister-in-Law, we can't delay any longer! We need to find Big Brother now!"

When Tang Doudou saw that Baili Yiling looked worried, she nodded and took off her red robe to use it to tie the wooden box to her back. "Let's go!"

During this time that she was speaking with Baili Yiling, the explosion in the secret room seemed to have caused chain reactions along all the hidden passages in Cerulean Mountain. As the rumbling noise continued around them, their surroundings started to shake. It sounded as if the mountain was going to explode from within.

"Crap, I've underestimated the power of the thunderbombs. I'm afraid these twenty balls are really going to make this mountain explode!" Baili Yiling's face turned pale as she increased her speed.

Tang Doudou followed her closely. Luckily, Baili Yiling was very familiar with the secret passages so they were able to get out quickly. However, the direction through which they had exited wasn't the same as the direction in which they had come in.

"We have no choice but to exit from this direction and walk back. If we went by our original path, we'd probably end up getting buried inside!"

"En, it's good that we're out. Let's hurry and find your brother!"

"Yes! We need to find him first!"

As the two spoke, they started rushing forward again.

After a short while, the Saint Palace came into sight. It was still ablaze with flames. However, since it was still a distance away, they couldn't see if Baili Yu was there.

Baili Yiling said, "Let's hurry! Hopefully nothing has happened!"


There were black-robed people running all around them. Some even had flames licking at their bodies as they screamed like they were in hell.

Tang Doudou asked, "Why are these people still running around here instead of fleeing?"

"Without any Saint Envoys, they can't find the way out!" explained Bail Yiling.

If they can't flee, then wouldn't they all burn to death?

Baili Yiling seemed to know what she was thinking as she said with a cold laugh, "Sister-in-Law, you shouldn't pity these people. If it weren't for their help, how would Lan Jia have been able to commit so many crimes?"

Although these people seemed pitiful, Baili Yiling was right...

"Let's go!" Tang Doudou no longer looked at those black-robed people. It wasn't that she was cold and heartless but that these people deserved to die, and she had no way of helping them either.

When Baili Yiling saw that Tang Doudou didn't waste time trying to pursue this topic, satisfaction appeared in her eyes. It seemed like this sister-in-law of hers wasn't the type of woman to dawdle. She was finding her more pleasing to the eye as time passed.

They passed through the hell-like scene of fire and arrived at the Saint Palace that they had left earlier.

"Where is he? Big Brother!"

There was already no one in sight. However, there were many holes on the ground and the palace looked half destroyed. It was clear that an intense battle had taken place earlier!

"Oh no, where are we supposed to find them now?" Baili Yiling looked around anxiously with unease.

Tang Doudou was also very worried, but if both of them panicked and lost their wits, they'd lose all chances of finding Baili Yu. She forced herself to calm down and looked towards the ground for clues. Then she saw that there were marks made by something large and long that probably wasn't human.

Baili Yu had definitely been fighting the demonic bug that Lan Jia called Xiao Xi.

"Yiling, I have a way to find Baili Yu!"


"Look at the marks on the ground first."

Baili Yiling had been completely flustered so she only noticed the abnormality on the ground when Tang Doudou pointed it out.

"Ha, Sister-in-Law, you're so smart!"

"You just lost your head from worry, otherwise you would have noticed too. Let's go and ask someone if they've seen them!"

Tang Doudou adjusted her grip on the cloth bundle and started to walk towards the black-robed people.

Baili Yiling hastily stopped her. She had just praised this sister-in-law for being smart, but this sister-in-law was acting dumb again. "Sister-in-Law, everyone's too busy running for their lives, who would pay attention to you?"

Tang Doudou slapped her forehead in realization. "Then what should we do?"

"Hehe, of course I have a way!"

Baili Yiling looked up towards the sky, then put two fingers in her mouth and gave two long sharp whistles before ending with a short whistle.

Following that, two eagles flew over and circled them a few times before flying down.

Both of the eagles had white heads and abnormally sharp eyes. It was clear that they weren't ordinary eagles.

"Xiao Qing, Xiao Yu, did you guys see that large bug?"

"Screech, screech!"


The two eagles flew into the air towards the southwest.

"Sister-in-Law, let's go!"

Tang Doudou made a sound in reply, then hastily leapt forward with Baili Yiling to follow the two eagles.


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