Chapter 297.2: Isn’t It Important?

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After he said that, he placed the cloth bundle in a secure location, then went to look for a maid.

If he was looking for a person that would take good care of Tang Doudou in Plum Garden, Qing Yin was the sole best choice.

Qing Yin was surprised and delighted to hear that Tang Doudou had come back. She immediately set down what she was currently working on to follow Jun Xin.

"Eh? Lady Doudou has gotten married?" Qing Yin was even more surprised when she saw Tang Doudou. When she saw how ragged her appearance was, her eyes filled with confusion. "Young Master Jun? What happened to Lady Doudou?"

"Married?" Jun Xin's expression turned strange. "Why do you say that?"

Qing Yin was annoyed when Jun Xin became fixated on the less important question, but she didn't dare to neglect a master's question and explained patiently, "Replying Young Master Jun, Lady Doudou is wearing a bridal dress. Although the outer garment is already gone, the inner garments are still distinctive enough."

It was already a complicated situation from the start. This detail just added more questions.

Jun Xin gloomily waved his hand and said, "Alright, I got it. Help her wash up and change her into more comfortable clothes. Look after her well, I'll be back soon."

"Understood, Young Master Jun."

After Jun Xin left, Qing Yin heaved a sigh and murmured, "Li gongzi, Lady Doudou... Why couldn't you just stay in Plum Garden contently? You're always getting yourself hurt. Even if my heart doesn't ache, could it be that Master's heart doesn't ache? Haaa..."

After muttering a bit, she got up to get the things for helping Tang Doudou wash up.

Right after she left, an uninvited guest entered the room.

The person was dressed in black, with a black cloth mask covering his features.

He walked to the head of the bed and examined Tang Doudou with his emotionless gaze before sitting down next to the bed. He reached out softly to touch her lips longingly.

Su Yi had really been too careless with his arrangements. Although Baili Yiling was a very clever and intelligent girl, she was still inexperienced and hadn't seen much of the world. In addition, she didn't have very good martial arts. If he hadn't been watching over them from the shadows and dealing with the threats for them, they probably wouldn't have made it back to Plum Garden.

Then he laughed at himself. Su Yi probably knew that he would be following.

He kept his eyes fixed on Tang Doudou's face, as if to memorize her features, as he silently took out a jade vial.

He clutched the vial tightly as hesitation flashed across his face.

After a few moments, he reached out to lift Tang Doudou's chin gently and applied a little force to part her lips. Then he popped the top off the vial and poured its contents into her mouth before releasing her and standing back up.

"I'll come find you once you get better." Then he left as soundlessly as he had arrived.

Qing Yin pushed open the door and had the servants carry in the bathtub and the tubs of water. After the bath was prepared, she had everyone withdraw, then started washing Tang Doudou.

Jun Xin lay on a roof and spaced out while staring at the leaves and birds overhead.

The doctor inside the room was examining Baili Yiling for injuries. After a while, the doctor shook his head and said, "She's just out of energy from over exertion. After resting for a few days with proper meals, she'll recover. I'll write two prescriptions to aid her recovery, remember to have her take them as directed."

"Alright, Doctor Li. Please come this way to the accounts office for us to pay the bill."

"Thank you for your trouble, Steward."

There was the sound of footsteps as the servant and doctor walked out of the room. However, before the door closed, the servant cried out in surprise, "Young Master Jun?"The doctor hastily saluted Jun Xin as well. "Greetings, Young Master Jun."

"No need to be so polite, Doctor Li," replied Jun Xin before he stated his purpose. "Doctor Li, I wish to have the person inside wake up immediately. Is there a way?"

Doctor Li looked down and replied respectfully, "She's not ill, she's only fainted, so she should wake up on her own soon. At that time, just give her some hot porridge."

"Alright, I got it."

After saying that, he walked past the two and entered the room.

"Doctor Li, this way please."


Baili Yiling had woken up before Jun Xin even got to her room.

When she saw Jun Xin coming in, she sat up in the bed and said weakly, "I want to eat."

"I've already instructed the servants." Jun Xin frowned as he stopped near the bed. "You're Baili Yiling?"

"I'm not."

"You are!" Jun Xin chuckled. "With those eyes, even if you're not, you are."

Baili Yiling didn't have much strength left so she didn't bother arguing with him and just asked, "Where's Sister-in-Law?"


"The sister-in-law I carried back. Has she woken up?"

"She hasn't gotten married with Baili Yu yet. Aren't you jumping the gun by calling her sister-in-law?" Jun Xin said mildly with an unreadable expression.

However, before he even finished his words, Baili Yiling interrupted with a laugh. She said in a slightly mocking tone, "Young Master Jun probably still hasn't heard the news? Not only has my sister-in-law gotten married with my big brother, she is already pregnant with my brother's child."

"Humph! You think I'll believe your words?"

Baili Yiling didn't try to persuade him and just lay back down on the bed. "If Sister-in-Law still hasn't woken up, then I'll have to ask Young Master Jun to invite Bai Feiyun over."

"Invite him over for what?" Jun Xin wasn't in a hurry either because he felt that he would be able to get answers once Tang Doudou woke up.

Baili Yiling's words were definitely for the sake of getting him back for calling her a beggar earlier.

As for whether Tang Doudou had gotten married and was pregnant or not, did it matter?

Weren't they things that would happen sooner or later?

But how come, even though he had already accepted it, his heart still felt so painful that it was hard to breathe?


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