Chapter 298.1: Big Brother was Dead

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Baili Yiling saw that although his expression seemed unperturbed as his lips hooked in a laidback smile, his eyes still contained unconcealable pain. It seemed that the rumors were true, Jun Xin really had feelings for her sister-in-law.

However, her sister-in-law was only allowed to be her sister-in-law. If this brat wanted a finger in the pie, she’ll chop it off!

"City Lord Su said that I had to find Bai Feiyun in order to get Sister-in-Law to wake up." However, that would have to wait until she recovered. As of now, she had better behave herself. After all, this was Plum Garden and Jun Xin had heavy influence here. She had just gotten here, so she had no hope of winning against him in his territory.

It was fortunate that the rumors said he wasn't someone that tended to abuse his power.

Otherwise she'd have to take some time to get this hinderance out of the way for her sister-in-law. With how slow her sister-in-law was, there was no way she would be able to notice these people's hidden motives.

After Jun Xin found out how to wake Tang Doudou up, he immediately moved to leave. He didn't want to spend anymore time with Baili Yiling since she gave off that same disconcerting sly air that Baili Yu did.

"I'm going to look for Bai Feiyun. If you need something, just tell the steward." Then he paused and said, "Ha, what am I saying? This is your house, you can do whatever you want."

After he said that, he turned and left.

Baili Yiling yawned, then narrowed her eyes slightly as she sized up the room. Following that, she smiled. This would be her home from now on?

Jun Xin touched the injury on his arm as he considered whether or not to actually go find Bai Feiyun. He was the only one that knew about Baili Yu going to Cerulean Mountain, so how had Su Yi found out?

And when had Bai Feiyun come back to Huai City?

Was he Bai Feiyun or not? Or actually, the real question was, who exactly was Bai Feiyun? Why did Bai Feiyun try to poison him?

As he pondered these thoughts, he had already jumped over the wall and landed in Bai Courtyard.

It was now late summer and approaching autumn, so the courtyard was filled with fallen magnolia leaves. It seemed that no one had been cleaning the courtyard, as there was a thick layer of accumulated leaves.

He wasn't here?

He hadn't come back?

Several emotions flashed through Jun Xin's eyes. Suddenly, he heard the creak of a door opening.

When he turned around, it was just in time to see Bai Feiyun walk in. When Bai Feiyun saw him, he also seemed surprised. "Young Master Jun?"

His tone was surprised, but only slightly.

He was surprised to see Jun Xin suddenly appear in his house, but he knew why Jun Xin was here because the city lord had already given him instructions. He gave a gentle smile as he said, "I just came back. Is Young Master Jun looking for me?"

When Jun Xin saw that Bai Feiyun was carrying a travel bag, he believed his words. He nodded and said, "I'll have to trouble Bai gongzi to take a trip to Plum Garden with me."

"Alliance Head’s back?" Rather than asking, it sounded more like he was confirming.

Jun Xin gestured. "Please."

In Plum Garden, Qing Yin had already tidied up everything. She tucked the corners of the quilt in for Tang Doudou, then gazed at her for a few moments before picking up the dirty and ragged bridal garments to throw them out.

"Young Master Jun, Bai gongzi." When Qing Yin opened the door and saw the two, she greeted them with a smile. This really felt like the way things used to be in Plum Garden.

Jun Xin stared at the clothes she was holding. "What are you doing with them?"

"Replying Young Master Jun, these clothes are already torn so I was about to throw them away."

"Don't. Have someone clean them. She might want them once she wakes up," said Jun Xin softly. Then he said to Bai Feiyun, "Let's go, Bai gongzi."

Bai Feiyun nodded and walked in. Jun Xin naturally followed.

Qing Yin knitted her brows. Why did Bai gongzi seem a little off?

She then glanced at the clothing she was holding and became confused again. What was the point of keeping such worn out clothes? Once Master came back, Lady Doudou could have as many new clothes as she liked.


A trace of confusion flashed through her eyes. Why hadn't Master come back?

Inside the room, Bai Feiyun lowered Tang Doudou's wrist before getting up and turning to Jun Xin. “The city lord has sealed some of Alliance Head's major pressure points, inducing a death-like condition."

"Can you undo it?" This was what Jun Xin was most concerned about.

Bai Feiyun laughed mildly. "It's such a coincidence. City Lord had just happened to teach me how to undo this seal before I left Cloud City."

That coincidental?

That wasn't right, it was easy to predict the amount of time it would take Baili Yiling to reach this place from Ocean City.

Jun Xin nodded. "Then I'll have to trouble Bai gongzi."

"Helping Alliance Head is this one's duty, there's no need for Young Master Jun to be so polite." As Bai Feiyun spoke, he pulled out the needles from his bag. He glanced at Jun Xin and said mildly, "It's just that it's a little inconvenient to undo this seal. If Young Master Jun could withdraw a little, it would be great."

Jun Xin's eyes darkened. He didn't want to leave because he didn't fully trust Bai Feiyun.

However, in the end, he still turned and left. After all, what else could he do?

Bai Feiyun only turned to look back at Tang Doudou once Jun Xin left and closed the door behind him. As his gaze drifted over her face, he sighed softly before lifting the blanket and pressing his slender fingers down on several parts of her body.

Jun Xin was on the roof and watching through a small hole. He was puzzled. What was Bai Feiyun doing?

"It is the City Lord's seal, but why is there also something else in her body?" After Bai Feiyun finished pressing on those spots, he furrowed his brows in confusion.

Jun Xin's brows furrowed too. Bai Feiyun hadn't told him the truth earlier.

"It seems that thing isn't harmful, so I'll just undo the seal and ask her about it later." After muttering this, he picked up the needles.

Jun Xin was even more puzzled. There was nothing special about what Bai Feiyun was doing, so why did City Lord Su specify for Bai Feiyun to do it? In addition, what about this scene was inconvenient and needed him to be out of the room?

After Bai Feiyun inserted the needles, he concentrated his inner strength and hit several points on Tang Doudou's front body.

"Cough!" Tang Doudou gave a dry cough, then exhaled deeply.

Upon seeing this, Jun Xin jumped down and knocked lightly on the door. "Bai gongzi, was that Doudou coughing?"

Bai Feiyun shook his head helplessly. Jun Xin was quite good at acting, but did he really think that he hadn't noticed him watching from the roof?


"Then can I come in?"

"Not yet. I've only forced out the stale air in Alliance Head's chest. I haven't actually undone the seal yet." Bai Feiyun looked at Tang Doudou, who had already opened her eyes, as he said this with a faint smile.

Jun Xin asked, "Then how long will it take?"

"As long as Young Master Jun stops spying from the roof, it'll be quick." Bai Feiyun extended his hand and waved it in front of Tang Doudou's eyes, but her pupils didn't respond at all. His brows furrowed again. Why was this happening?

Outside the door, Jun Xin just had his doings exposed and was flushing from the embarrassment. Luckily, no one was around to see. "Then Bai gongzi, please hurry."

After he said that, he left for real.


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