Chapter 299.1: No Need For Young Master Jun to Go Through That Trouble

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"Speaking nonsense?" Baili Yiling lifted her brows and crossed her arms as she leaned against the bed. "Young Master Jun, now I'm curious, what exactly wouldn't count as nonsense to you?"

"How could Baili Yu possibly die? And you're his younger sister, yet you seem completely unperturbed as you talk about his death. Isn't it obvious that you're making things up?" After Jun Xin shouted this in reply, he recalled the cloth bundle that Tang Doudou had held in a death grip and his heart slowly sank. Could that have been Baili Yu's ashes?

Baili Yu was dead?

How could he have died?

Back then, they had experienced such a ruthless battle in the desert. Everyone thought that he had died for sure since his corpse had even been dragged off by wild wolves, but he still returned, dragging his battered body that was covered with wounds, and stood in front of his tent like a surveyor's post. His beautiful sly eyes contained a hint of a smile as always, as he said, "Die? I wanted to die, but the King of Hell refused to take me."

How could someone not even the King of Hell agreed to take die so easily?

Jun Xin's heart felt uncomfortable and his expression became a little flustered. Baili Yu was his senior brother and had taken care of him since they were children. Later, they had gone through many life and death situations together...

Although he had thought about escaping and becoming enemies with Baili Yu multiple times due to Tang Doudou and his parents, those past ties, incidents, and brotherly bonds were impossible to cut away.

Originally, Baili Yiling was going to snap at him some more, but when she saw the panic and sorrow that flooded his eyes, she swallowed back her words. No matter what, he had grown up with her brother, so of course he cared about him.

However, Big Brother had died. No matter how she tried to console Tang Doudou, no matter how she tried to fool herself...

The fact that Lan Jia had given up on Baili Yu made it clear that Big Brother really was dead. Otherwise, Lan Jia would definitely part the sea if needed to get Big Brother back and use his blood to cultivate.

The reason why she wasn't devastated was because she wasn't very close to Big Brother.

Although they shared the same mother, it had only been a few days since they met, and they had barely interacted for one day, so how could she have such strong feelings for him?

However, she respected and admired Big Brother, that was why she also respected and cared for Tang Doudou, the woman her brother loved.

"It's not like Big Brother's a god, why couldn't he die?" said Baili Yiling mildly.

Jun Xin clenched his fist. As he took in Baili Yiling's unconcerned expression, his eyes gradually filled with murderous intent.

Baili Yiling laughed coldly as she continued looking at him without fear. "What? You want to kill me?"

"It was definitely you! You were the one that hurt Baili Yu and Tang Doudou, then pretended to come here in bad shape in order to steal everything from Baili Yu! Admit it!" Jun Xin could not accept the reality that Baili Yu was dead and turned his sorrow into hatred for Baili Yiling. If it weren't for her, why would Baili Yu have risked his life going to Cerulean Mountain?

"Tch, you're sure good at associating things. From the start, what belongs to Big Brother also belongs to me, why would I go through so much trouble to kill Big Brother and commit such a disgraceful act?" Baili Yiling snorted angrily.

Bai Feiyun, who was watching from the side, shook his head as he watched the two, then he said softly, "The most important matter right now is how to make Alliance Head wake up. You two are..."

Upon hearing this, Jun Xin's murderous aura immediately disappeared. He walked up and said, "Since you know the cause of it now, hurry up and save her!"

Baili Yiling shrugged. "Although Bai gongzi's medical expertise is high, medical expertise can't help with waking a person up from a semi-comatose state."

Her words were straightforward and caused Bai Feiyun to feel a little ashamed. "Lady Baili is correct, this one indeed has no way to help Alliance Head out of this state."

"No way? What do you mean by that? Are you saying that she won't ever wake up again?" The two's exchange infuriated Jun Xin and he slammed his fist on the table. He turned sharply to Bai Feiyun. "Bai gongzi, although you can't help her, you should know someone who can! Tell me and I'll immediately go find the person!"

"This..." Bai Feiyun hesitated and glanced towards Tang Doudou.

"Hurry and say it!"

Baili Yiling also looked towards Bai Feiyun curiously. Could it be that there actually existed someone who knew how to cure this condition?

Bai Feiyun sighed. "I know a method to help a person wake up from their semi-comatose state..."

Jun Xin was running out of patience with his slow words. "Bai Feiyun, can you stop wasting time and just tell us what you know?"

In a rare occasion, Baili Yiling agreed with Jun Xin's words and said, "Bai gongzi should just speak without hesitation. If you can't come up with any ideas, just tell us so. We won't blame you."

Her words were only slightly more tactful than Jun Xin's, and the meaning was also to have him hurry up.

Jun Xin glanced at her with a strange expression. He felt very awkward that they had ended up on the same side.

Baili Yiling naturally knew what he was thinking and gave a cold humph before turning to look at Bai Feiyun.

After a moment of silence, Bai Feiyun extended his hand and waved it in front of Tang Doudou's eyes again. He then said, "It's quite simple to wake her up from this state. All we need to do is find something that will stimulate her emotions and rouse her desire to wake up."

"It's that simple?" Jun Xin expressed some disbelief.

Baili Yiling was silent for a brief moment before she looked towards Bai Feiyun. "The method is simple, the difficult part is in finding the stimulant, isn't it?"

Bai Feiyun glanced at her with praise in his eyes. "Correct."


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