Chapter 299.2: No Need For Young Master Jun to Go Through That Trouble

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Jun Xin furrowed his brows as something occurred to him. If Baili Yu's death caused Tang Doudou to be hurt to the point that her heart turned to ash, she wouldn't be in this semi-comatose state.

Her condition showed that she was already so in love with Baili Yu that she only cared about life if he was alive.

This meant that if they wanted to make her wake up, they'd have to find something more important to her than Baili Yu.

This was precisely what made things difficult.

Most of the time, she acted so simple-minded and had a smile for everyone. Her heart was kind and whenever someone treated her a little well, she would do everything she could to make them happy. It was precisely due to the fact that she treated everyone equally well that it was hard to tell who was more important to her.

Of course, Baili Yu was an exception. Anyone could see that she treated Baili Yu differently.

Whenever she saw Baili Yu, a different kind of light would fill her eyes. Whenever she was with Baili Yu, her smile was always particularly sweet.

The three were silent for a long time before they looked at each other and shook their heads.

Out of all of them, Jun Xin had spent the most time with Tang Doudou and was the closest to her. However, not even he could think of anything, so how could Bai Feiyun come up with anything?

There was no need to mention Baili Yiling. She sighed, then walked to Tang Doudou's side. "Sister-in-Law, how is Big Brother supposed to rest easy with you like this?"

After saying that, she sighed again.

Jun Xin was vexed by her repeated sighs, but he couldn't bring himself to leave Tang Doudou.

"Baili Yiling, what exactly happened after they went to Cerulean Mountain? Why... Why did-... why did Baili Yu die?" Since they couldn't think of anything right now, it would be good to take this time to figure out what exactly happened, especially if they could find some useful information.

"Actually, I don't know everything either." After a slight moment of hesitation, Baili Yiling started speaking.

"When I found Big Brother, his plan was already almost complete..."

Upon hearing this, Bai Feiyun suddenly interrupted as he cupped his fist in salute to the two. "Since Alliance Head isn't in a dangerous condition, this one still has to go back to tidy up Bai Courtyard and will take his leave now."

Baili Yiling was about to try and stop him. After all, it was a little scary to be alone with Jun Xin.

If Jun Xin heard something that angered him and decided to kill her, she had no way of protecting herself.

However, before she could speak, Jun Xin shot a warning glare at her and politely responded to Bai Feiyun, "Bai gongzi has just returned and Bai Courtyard has been empty for a long time, so it does need to be tidied up."

Bai Feiyun nodded and said to Baili Yiling, "Goodbye."

Baili Yiling knew why Jun Xin reacted the way he did. Bai Feiyun wasn't one of them, so some things had to be kept from him. Thus, she also responded politely with a smile, "Bai gongzi, take care on your way back. Once Sister-in-Law wakes up, we'll definitely pay a visit to thank you."

Bai Feiyun smiled and turned to leave.

"Continue. What did you guys encounter in Cerulean Mountain?" Once Bai Feiyun walked out of the courtyard, Jun Xin closed the door and narrowed his eyes slightly as he leaned against the door.

Baili Yiling was annoyed with his attitude, but she had to endure it for Sister-in-Law. Who asked for Jun Xin to know her sister-in-law better than she did?

Thus, she slowly started talking about what happened after she encountered Baili Yu and Tang Doudou.

Time trickled past. By the time, she finished speaking, the sky had already darkened.

"I've finished. I've told you everything I know without leaving a single detail out..." She rubbed her eyes, feeling exhausted. Her eyelids could barely resist the pull of gravity anymore.

She hadn't dared to sleep at all on her way here, and often times she didn't even bother to stop for meals. The last few days, since she was almost about to reach Huai City, she had traveled without even stopping for a drink. Her body had long been pushed beyond its capacity.

If it weren't for the fact that Jun Xin had dragged her over, she'd be dead asleep right now.

It was lucky that she had eaten most of that hot porridge before he came over, otherwise she'd already have fainted.

After hearing what she said, Jun Xin had sunk into his thoughts.

"I've told you everything I know. I'm tired, so I'll leave Sister-in-Law in your hands." Baili Yiling stood up and was hit with a bout of dizziness that caused her vision to turn black.

She lost her balance and reached out to grab something to support herself, but only grasped empty air. Her body started to fall forward, but she ended up falling into a warm and slightly sweet-smelling embrace.

There was no need to wonder since there were only two people capable of moving in this room. This warm chest was no doubt Jun Xin's, since there was no way it'd be Tang Doudou's.

He gave off a faintly sweet fragrance, probably due to the fact that he liked eating sweets. That scent, in addition to the warmth of this embrace actually made Baili Yiling feel a little reluctant to move away.

"If you're not feeling well, you should have just said so. If you faint here, I'd have to call another doctor for you." Just as Baili Yiling was wondering about the pleasant sweet scent on Jun Xin's body, she heard his mocking voice come from above her head.

Baili Yiling laughed at herself. She actually felt reluctant to leave his embrace? She must truly be exhausted, to actually have such an unbelievable thought.

She pushed him away and forced herself to her feet. Once her sight cleared up a bit, she said, "There's no need for Young Master Jun to go through that trouble. I'm only lacking sleep."


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