Chapter 300.1: She’s His Wife

Prodigal Alliance Head


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After she finished speaking, she started walking away.

Jun Xin scratched his head. When he recalled how she had worked so hard to bring Tang Doudou back, he started feeling that he may have been a little too harsh on the girl...

Before he had time to think any further, he noticed Baili Yiling, who had reached the door, had stopped there and was holding onto the door frame for support.

“You…” Before he could even finish his sentence, he saw that Baili Yiling was sliding to the floor. He swiftly moved over to catch her, then saw that she had already passed out.

“Baili Yiling!” He lightly patted this face that was remarkably similar to Baili Yu's. When there was no response, he had no choice but to prepare to carry her back to her room.

He then crashed straight into Qing Yin who was returning from her meal.

Qing Yin was very surprised to see that Jun Xin was carrying a woman that wasn't Tang Doudou. “Young Master Jun, this is?”

Jun Xin was thinking about Tang Doudou and also worrying about his earlier attitude towards Baili Yiling, and now he had suddenly bumped into Qing Yin. Before he even had a chance to absorb the events, Qing Yin had already asked a question. He reflexively looked down at the person he was carrying, then explained awkwardly, “She fainted, so I’m bringing her back.”

“Uh…” What she really wanted to ask was who was this girl?

Why did she look slightly familiar?

Jun Xin didn't say anything else and turned to leave with Baili Yiling. However, after a few steps, he came back.

"Does Young Master Jun have any other instructions?" When Qing Yin saw that Jun Xin's expression was off, she didn't dare to ask her question.

Jun Xin lifted Baili Yiling's face so that Qing Yin could get a good look at it. "See it now? Recognize it?"

Qing Yin had felt that this girl looked familiar earlier, but now that she got a good look at her, she was even more astonished. "This lady, why does she look like Master..."

Could she be Master's illegitimate daughter?

Right after this thought occurred to her, she squashed it. No matter what, this lady looked at least seventeen. There was no way Master could have a daughter this old.

"She's Baili Yu's younger sister," said Jun Xin. "His biological sister!"

"Huh?" Qing Yin was only a maid, so she didn't know much about their internal matters.

Jun Xin said, "In the future, remember to call her Miss. She is also the master of this residence, so in the future, whatever she tells you guys to do, do it, got it?"

Qing Yin knew that there was no way Jun Xin would take the time to explain the situation to her clearly, but since he had already said this much, it was clear that these instructions were important. "Understood."

"And inform the other servants about the news of their miss's return. If someone thoughtless ends up offending the miss, they shouldn't try to accuse me of not warning them."


"En, you can go."

Qing Yin lowered her eyes as she continued towards Tang Doudou's courtyard.

Jun Xin stopped her again. "She's still not awake yet, so even if you bring these things over, it's no use. Carry out my instructions first and go notify the other servants."

Lady Doudou still hadn't woken up even after Bai Feiyun took a look at her?

But she hadn't seen any injuries when she was washing Lady Doudou earlier?

Although Qing Yin was confused, she still nodded. "En, Qing Yin will go right away."

"Have Meng Yu prepare some mild foods and find two reliable servants and have them go to Rain Building. In the future, the miss will be staying in the Rain Building!"

After Jun Xin said this, he carried Baili Yiling in the direction of the Rain Building.

Qing Yin was stunned. The Rain Building?

Hadn't Master always strictly prohibited anyone from coming in and out of that place?

Wouldn't Master be angry once he comes back and finds out that Young Master Jun had allowed the miss to stay there?

Or was it that this was Master's instruction from the start? After all, not even Master went into Rain Building. It had always been empty, but Master had always ordered for it to be kept clean and hadn't let even a speck of dust accumulate there.

Qing Yin smiled. What was she wondering so much for?

Perhaps that Rain Building had been prepared precisely for the miss.

However, this meant that they had one more master in Plum Garden now. She wondered what the temperament of this miss was like. She had better go notify everyone and have them be careful!

As she thought about this, she quickened her steps.

Jun Xin soon arrived at the Rain Building while carrying Baili Yiling. He glanced up at the ‘Rain’ letter, then glanced down at Baili Yiling.

Baili Yiling's nickname was Yu(Rain) er.

Baili Yu had prepared this building especially for her, so having her live here was the most appropriate.

He pushed open the door and went to place her on the bed.

When he got up to leave, his hand was suddenly grabbed. "Big Brother... Don't leave!"

Jun Xin frowned, instinctively wanting to fling this hand away. He didn't like being touched by any woman other than Tang Doudou.

But her muttered words made him hesitate.

During his brief moment of hesitation, the person on the bed started crying. "Big Brother, I missed you. Why did you take so long to come?"

Jun Xin lowered his lifted hand and sighed softly. When Baili Yiling was born, the Imperial City was in an uproar so Madam Qin had taken her and escaped to Cerulean Mountain. Although he wasn't clear on what happened afterward, he was pretty sure that his girl had probably suffered a lot on Cerulean Mountain.

During the days that Madam Qin wasn't there, the thing she longed for most was probably for Baili Yu to find her and save her from the loneliness and fear.

However, her brother hadn't been able to save her and even ended up dying in Cerulean Mountain.

She was probably extremely hurt. However, those past years of torment had already toughened her heart, so she no longer allowed herself to easily reveal her weakness in front of others.

The more Jun Xin thought about it, the more he felt that he had been too harsh. He couldn't help but feel heartache for her, so he reached out to wipe her tears as he said softly in a low and hoarse voice, "Sorry, I came late, little sister..."


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