Chapter 300.2: She’s His Wife

Prodigal Alliance Head


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He had already interacted with Baili Yu for a very long time, so mimicking his tone and voice wasn't difficult. In addition, Baili Yiling had only interacted with Baili Yu for a short time so she probably didn't remember his voice clearly either.

As expected, when Baili Yiling heard his voice, a sweet smile appeared on her face. "No! Big Brother, it's not late! Yiling's already really happy just to be able to see Big Brother!"

When he saw her smile, he faintly smiled as well, and that smile seeped into his voice, making it seem even more like Baili Yu's. "It's good that Yiling's happy."

"Big Brother, they bullied me." Baili Yiling's thoughts were jumping all over the place because she was only half conscious.

"Don't worry, Big Brother's here so they won't dare to bully you ever again."

"Big Brother, I want to eat tanghulu."


"Big Brother, I want pretty clothes!"

"We'll buy."

Big Brother...

Baili Yiling started awake from her dream and her eyes darted around the room. However, all that entered her sight was an unfamiliar room. Where was her brother anywhere in sight?

However, that had felt so real.

She sighed softly and wiped away the sweat on her forehead. Was it Jun Xin that brought her back?

Where was this place?

She got off the bed and was just about to walk towards the window when she heard a clear voice come from outside. "Eldest Miss, are you awake?"

Eldest Miss?

Baili Yiling was stunned for quite a while before she finally realized that the person outside was addressing her.

"En, I'm awake. You are?"

"This servant is Qing Wu. Young Master Jun sent me to attend to you, Eldest Miss."

Jun Xin sent her? To attend to her?

Eldest Miss? Had Jun Xin already announced her identity publicly? Why would he suddenly become so considerate?

"Eldest Miss, since you're awake, should this servant help you wash up?"

Baili Yiling opened the door and took a look at Qing Wu. Qing Wu's conduct was natural and unrestrained, making her appear very much like a young miss. How did she look anything like a maid?

"There's no need for you to attend to me. Just tell me where I should go to wash up." When Baili Yiling saw Qing Wu's looks, she thought that Jun Xin was purposefully sending this woman as a 'servant' to mock her so she became annoyed.

Qing Wu's smile stiffened. She had no idea where she messed up to make this new master angry.

However, their new master really resembled Master too much. Those eyes were remarkably alike and caused her to instinctively fear their new miss.

She was inwardly thinking that this person really was Master's biological younger sister. The fact that she had a bad temper must run in the family, and no matter how terrible her temper got, it would still be better than Master's.

She immediately smiled again and said, "Understood."

She had no idea that Baili Yiling had taken in all of her tiny expression changes just now. Baili Yiling inwardly gave a cold humph and said, "Lead the way."

"Eldest Miss, please, this way..."

Humph! Jun Xin! You actually dared to treat this lady like this! You'd better watch your back!

Jun Xin who was currently watching over Tang Doudou suddenly sneezed. He rubbed his nose, then glanced over to check on Tang Doudou, who had fallen asleep again. Who was it that had such unhealthy interests as to curse him in the middle of the night instead of going to sleep?

It couldn't be Baili Yiling, that damned girl, right?

When that girl's annoying face appeared in his mind, his face immediately darkened. Why did he remember that girl's looks so well?

En, it was because she looked too similar to Baili Yu. He had long gotten so used to Baili Yu's face that he was sick of it, so it was normal that it had been easy for him to remember that girl's face.

He retrieved his thoughts and shifted his gentle gaze towards Tang Doudou again. "You ah, why do you always make people worry so much about you?"

"If he's dead, so he's dead. There are plenty of good men in the world. Aren't you usually pretty open-minded? Why are you so fixated on him?"

"If you torment yourself this way and he finds out, he'd definitely die with his eyes still open from lingering regret."

"He's so good-looking that his face is like a beautiful gem. If he dies with his eyes still open, that face will become ugly and unsightly. He'll bleed from all seven apertures of his head and his eyes will glower creepily..."

"He'll probably get scared to death by his own looks in the Yellow Springs. What do you think will happen to a ghost that dies?"

"Wouldn't that ghost's soul disperse so that he can never reincarnate?"

"Ha, you're sure good at talking!" A cold sneer suddenly came from the nearby window. "But, is there any use to you scaring her like this?"

Jun Xin didn't need to look to know who it was. "Why are you here?"

"If I didn't come, how long did you plan to keep it from me?" Feng Long jumped in with a laugh, but her hypnotic eyes were abnormally cold.

Jun Xin pressed his lips together without speaking.

Feng Long walked over with large steps and fiercely seized his collar to slam him against the bed pillar. "Speak! What exactly happened to Master? If it weren't for the fact that I heard about the eldest miss returning, how long were you planning to keep it from me!?"

Jun Xin pushed away her hand, annoyed and sat back down next to the bed. "If you want to know, go ask Baili Yiling. I don't have the time to deal with you."

Feng Long was so angry her chest hurt. Master was dead, was he not hurt at all? Did he feel no sorrow?

Jun Xin, Jun Xin, do you even still have a heart? (Jun Xin's name, xin = heart)

Or was it that in your heart, no one other than the useless thing lying on the bed mattered!?

"I'll kill her!" With how strong master was, how could he have died so easily? It was definitely because he had been trying to save this woman! Feng Long's eyes filled with murderous intent and a blade immediately shot out.

Jun Xin blocked the blade and sent Feng Long crashing to the ground with a strike. He stood up and towered over Feng Long as he said, "She has already gotten married with Baili Yu and is currently pregnant with Baili Yu's child. Do you still want to kill her after knowing this?"


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