Chapter 301.1: Want the Alliance Head Command Tablet

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Feng Long was dumbfounded!

Jun Xin gave a light humph. "Shocked, aren't you? But there's actually nothing to be shocked about, don’t you think so?"

"Them getting married is something that would've happened sooner or later. It’s also natural that they would have a child afterwards." Jun Xin's tone softened. These words were more directed towards himself than Feng Long.

"A little sooner or a little later, what did it matter?"

"However, that bastard had said that he wouldn't die! He said that he would take care of her for a lifetime! How could he die just like that?"

"That bastard!"

When Feng Long saw Jun Xin like this, she also calmed down and her eyes contained some gentleness as she said, "Don't be angry anymore. We won't be able to keep the news of Master's death secret for much longer. We need to hurry and figure out what to say to those subordinates!"

"What’s there to say?" Jun Xin gave a cold humph. "Baili Yu's gone, but there's still Baili Yiling."

"She's still just a little girl, how can she subdue the masses? Moreover, without Master's personal acknowledgement, who would believe that Master has this younger sister?" Feng Long replied worriedly.

Baili Yu's business was extremely extensive and everyone by his side served him loyally. As long as Jun Xin and Feng Long showed their faces, it wouldn't be too hard to deal with them. However, those that weren't devoted to Baili Yu would be more difficult to handle. Due to the fact that Baili Yu was very capable, those people would work submissively most of the time and wouldn't dare to do anything disloyal. However, now that Baili Yu was no longer around, it was hard to guarantee that none of them would attempt something.

In addition, there was the matter of the imperial court. If they found out that Baili Yu was dead, they would definitely scrap all their previous promises and start acting without restraint. The Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce would definitely be the first to be oppressed.

Jun Xin had already thought of these things when Baili Yiling was telling him what had happened. However, he didn't have the presence of mind to worry about those matters with Tang Doudou still unconscious.

Feng Long saw his eyes dim and knew that he was thinking. After all, they had interacted for so many years already, how could she not know what he was thinking?

She glanced at Tang Doudou who was sleeping soundly on the bed, then patted Jun Xin's shoulder. "Jun Xin, if you want her to be able to live peacefully once she wakes up instead of being persecuted by those people, you have to take on this responsibility."

"Why me? I can just take her to a distant place and leave in seclusion with her." Jun Xin's eyes were calm. Tang Doudou had once said that she really wanted to find a quiet place, open a restaurant, and spend her time cooking and teasing young ladies.

Wasn't that the life that she had always wanted?

Since she wanted it and since Baili Yu couldn't give her that life anymore, he'll give it to her!

The more Jun Xin thought about it, the more his eyes lit up. Feng Long pressed down on his shoulder and said, "Jun Xin, don't be so naive!"

"Since she's pregnant with Master's child, she has no chance of escaping from this. Moreover... where in the world is there a place that doesn't count as the Jianghu? You guys won't be able to escape!"

Jun Xin glanced at her mildly. "She's not pregnant."


"I was lying." Jun Xin took Tang Doudou's hand. This idea had already taken root in his heart. As soon as he finished dealing with the matters of the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce and handed over everything to Baili Yiling, he would bring Tang Doudou away from here!Feng Long was speechless. "What else have you lied to me about?"

"Don't know."

"I'm going to visit the Eldest Miss and see what she thinks. You should stay and take good care of her." Feng Long paused. "If you really intend to leave, I'll help you."

Jun Xin was surprised and he glanced at her. "Why?"

"Who asked me to like you?"

Jun Xin was frozen for moment before he refuted in an annoyed tone, "What nonsense are you spouting this time!?"

Feng Long laughed heartily as she turned around to hide the desolation in her eyes. "I'm just joking. Why do you need to take it so seriously?"

"I don't want to hear a joke like that ever again!" replied Jun Xin fiercely.

Feng Long waved as she walked away. "Fine, as you wish."

When she got to the door, she paused. A slightly hoarse and gentle female voice carried over. "Who asked us to be friends?"

After she said that, she sighed softly and left.

That strange person was getting stranger and stranger!

Jun Xin shook his head and turned his attention back to Tang Doudou. What exactly would be able to stimulate her more than Baili Yu?


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