Chapter 302.2: No Matter How Beautiful It Is, a Jug Is Still a Jug

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Right as the sky was turning dark, Jun Xin returned.

"Bai gongzi, sorry to keep you waiting!" He rushed in energetically. His voice was a little hoarse, probably due to practicing mimicry.

Bai Feiyun was currently holding a bowl of porridge that a servant had brought. He had tried for a while, but couldn't get Tang Doudou to open her mouth. When he saw that Jun Xin had returned, he loosened a breath in relief. "Young Master Jun."

Jun Xin noticed the untouched bowl of porridge Bai Feiyun was holding and asked, "This is..."

Bai Feiyun shook his head. "I don't know why, but Alliance Head refuses to eat."

"Let me try." Jun Xin took the bowl from his hand and smiled towards Tang Doudou, who was currently propped up into a sitting position. His handsome face filled with gentleness as he said, "Stinkin' woman, I'm back."

Bai Feiyun lowered his eyes and turned to leave.

"You ah, even like this you still cause trouble and insist on waiting until this young master comes back to eat. I'm telling you! I'll be charging you for this service!

"Of course, I know that you're poor.

"So I've thought up a plan. Right now, this young master is working like a horse to look after you. So once you wake up, cook for me everyday in order to pay me back, got it?"

Jun Xin's voice was hoarse but he still continued to chatter nonstop. After a while, Tang Doudou, who had been refusing to eat, opened her eyes slightly.

Jun Xin was so stirred up that he almost dropped the bowl. His hands trembled, and his voice did so as well. "Doudou? A-are, are you awake?"

However, it was false hope. Tang Doudou only opened her eyes briefly before closing them again. After a few moments, there was the sound of even breathing.

She had fallen asleep.

Jun Xin heaved a sigh and placed the bowl to the side before helping her lie down and tucking the blanket in around her.

"Bai gongzi, what exactly is the method you were talking about? Can you tell me now?" Jun Xin strode out with large steps and impatiently grabbed Bai Feiyun to press him for answers. "She's not willing to open her mouth. Is her condition already starting to get worse?"

"From the looks of it, she is getting worse." When Bai Feiyun heard that he hadn't been able to convince Tang Doudou to eat the porridge, a trace of relief actually appeared in his eyes. He casually avoided Jun Xin's grasp and said, "Young Master Jun has probably guessed the method I was about to propose, haven't you?"

Jun Xin was silent for a few moments. "Are we really going to do this? Wake her up with Baili Yu's voice?"

"Does Young Master Jun have a better idea?"

"No, but after she wakes up, if she can't find Baili Yu, wouldn't she fall into the same state again?" This was something Jun Xin was really worried about, but he was even more worried that Tang Doudou would hold a grudge against him.

She had once said that she hated being deceived the most.

Bai Feiyun said, "There's no need for Young Master Jun to worry, a semi-comatose state isn't something you can end up in at will. As long as she wakes up, Feiyun is ninety percent confident in helping her recover completely. However..."

"However what?"

"I'll have to count on you for the events that follow."

"What do you mean by that?" Jun Xin furrowed his brows. He then glanced up at the sky. The moon was currently covered by dense clouds. It was probably going to storm tomorrow.

Bai Feiyun said, "Once Alliance Head wakes up, someone must stay by her side at all times to watch over her just in case she falls into depression again."

"That's it?" Jun Xin smiled. "From now on, I won't ever let her out of my sight again. There's no need for Bai gongzi to worry about this."

"Feiyun is relieved to hear that. We can't rush in the process of waking her up, so starting now, Young Master Jun, you should do your best to mimic several voices. It's best if they're all good friends of the Alliance Head. Then gradually make it so that Alliance Head is convinced that Baili gongzi has come back and is waiting for her to wake up."


"Then I will take my leave."

After Bai Feiyun left, Jun Xin stood in the courtyard by himself for a good while.

Ye Chuan came out from the shadows. "Young Master Jun, Eldest Miss and Feng Long have yet to return."

"They went out?"

"Feng Long invited Eldest Miss to the lake."

"To the lake? En, I got it. It's fine, with Feng Long there, nothing will happen to Baili Yiling." Jun Xin made to head back into the room but discovered that Ye Chuan wasn't moving. "Is there something else?"

"Young Master Jun." Ye Chuan cupped his fist respectfully. "Where exactly did Master go? Why were Alliance Head Li and Eldest Miss the only ones to come back?"

"He..." Jun Xin smiled and clapped Ye Chuan's shoulder firmly. "Isn't your master always this way? Is it our place to stick our noses into his business? Don't worry, he'll be back after a few days."

Ye Chuan lowered his eyes. "Understood!"

"Alright, go back to doing whatever you were working on. I've never seen you this nervous in the past when Baili Yu was gone for months! Don't overthink things and just head back."


With a creak, the door closed.

Ye Chuan's eyes darkened as he took a long look at the room. Young Master Jun, you told me not to overthink things, but how am I supposed to not worry when you're going out of your way to console me like this?

Since Young Master Jun wouldn't tell him, he'll try looking for Feng Long.

"Haaa, Ye Chuan has probably noticed." Jun Xin sighed after closing the door. Then his Adam's apple shifted and when he spoke again, his voice had already changed.

However, it hurted a lot as if his throat had been grated by an iron file. "Wife."

The hand on the bed abruptly jolted.

"Wife, I'm back..."

Time passed quickly, and by the time Baili Yiling noticed, she had already been in Plum Garden for over two weeks.

After the news spread that Baili Yiling, Baili Yu's younger sister, had come back, countless people came to pay visits. There were people from famous families of the Jianghu and nobles from the imperial court. Baili Yiling was so busy that she barely had a moment to stand still, so she hadn't had a chance to go see Tang Doudou.

Feng Long, who had been staying with her this entire tim,e watched as she skillfully met with these people. Her eyes darkened as she took this sight in. Hadn't Baili Yiling grown up in Cerulean Mountain?

How did she become so skilled in dealing with people?

"Feng Long? What are you spacing out for?" After finally getting those sons of the emperor to leave, Baili Yiling glanced over at Feng Long and saw that he was spacing out. She walked up and flicked the chinaware that Feng Long was holding. "They came all this way just to gift a crappy jug like this? Don't these people have way too much free time on their hands?"

Whenever there were no outsiders around though, she would reveal her more mischievous and naive temperament.

Feng Long looked towards her with a smile. "Eldest Miss, if the seventh prince found out that you called this priceless Clear Water China a crappy jug, he'd probably die from anger."

"Tch, no matter how beautiful it looks, a jug's still a jug. It's not like it can grow a flower. Isn't it just something some bored and rich hedonistic son made to get attention? This lady has no interest in things that don't have solid value." Baili Yiling walked back to Rain Building and sat down for a while before standing up again. "Feng Long, I'm going to go visit Sister-in-Law. You'd better not stop me again today."

Feng Long hastily lowered her head. "What is Eldest Miss saying? How could Feng Long dare to stop Eldest Miss? It's just that Young Master Jun has given orders that no one is to bother him for the time being. This subordinate must obey commands."


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