Chapter 303.1: Find a Man for Sister-in-Law

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"Both of you are Big Brother's subordinates, so what right does Jun Xin have to give you orders? Feng Long, you should come up with a better excuse!" When Jun Xin was brought up, Baili Yiling became irritated again. Although she had been busy, every time she had breathing room she would try to visit Sister-in-Law. However, every time she tried, she'd either be stopped by Feng Long, or barred from the courtyard by Jun Xin.

Feng Long's expression didn't change. "Although both of us are Master's subordinates, Young Master Jun is also Master's junior brother. This subordinate does not dare to disobey his words!"

"But I'm Big Brother's younger sister!" Baili Yiling was determined to see Tang Doudou today. Even if Feng Long started speaking gems and flowers, she was still going to go.

Moreover, though Feng Long did exhibit appropriate emotion in his voice when he tried to dissuade her, in reality, his tone was unperturbed and unconcerned. He didn't actually seem to care if she went or not.

When Feng Long saw that Baili Yiling had gotten angry, she inwardly laughed. No matter how shrewd Baili Yiling was, in the end, she was still just a young girl.

Girls ah, will be married away sooner or later.

Feng Long was actually looking forward to Tang Doudou walking up. Since the older brother wasn't present, the sister-in-law would naturally take the position of a parent. As long as Tang Doudou agreed to arrange a marriage for Baili Yiling and had her marry far far away...

Feng Long started spacing out again. Baili Yiling sighed in exasperation, then headed towards Tang Doudou's courtyard on her own.

"Jun Xin! Jun Xin! Get out here!" When she got to the courtyard, she didn't see Jun Xin, nor did she find her sister-in-law on the bed. She immediately panicked and started rushing around while shouting for Jun Xin.

"Ah, greetings, Eldest Miss!"

"You are?"

"Replying Eldest Miss, this servant is Qing Yin."Baili Yiling sized up this Qing Yin. All the people that had the surname Qing were head maids in Plum Garden. "You're the maid that serves Sister-in-Law?"


"Then do you know where Jun Xin took Sister-in-Law?" Baili Yiling was just asking casually. She didn't really expect to get any information from this maid.

However, unexpectedly, Qing Yin curtsied and answered, "Replying Eldest Miss, Young Master Jun and Alliance Head Li have gone to Plum Garden."

They went together? Sister-in-Law wasn't brought there?

Baili Yiling's expression was a little strange as she asked, "You're saying that my sister-in-law walked there?"

"Young Master Jun helped her walk over, yes. Plum Garden is cooler and quieter than this side so it's very suitable for recovering. Young Master Jun has arranged living quarters for her at that side so she'll probably be staying there from now on."

"Alright, I understand. You can head back to work.""Yes."

Once Qing Yin left, Baili Yiling narrowed her eyes angrily. Jun Xin, how dare you!? It was enough that you didn't tell me about Sister-in-Law waking up, but you even dared to take Sister-in-Law to Plum Garden so you could have her all to yourself!? How loathsome!

"Rest up, I'll have someone bring your things over."

"Jun Xin, I'm already fine. You don't need to keep watching me all the time."

Tang Doudou, who was sitting on the bed, was now awake. Her facial color had improved greatly and a soft flush had returned to her cheeks. Although she hadn't recovered to the point of being energetic, she was in a much better state than before.

However, Jun Xin followed Bai Feiyun's words fastidiously and didn't let her out of his sight. She was very calm when she woke up, as if nothing had happened.

However, the calmer she was, the more uneasy Jun Xin felt.

"Don't worry, this little master doesn't have the patience to look after you. Rest up. Since you don't trust other people to get it, how about I go get them personally?"

Tang Doudou forced out a slight smile. "You're probably just saying that. Later, you'll probably hide on the roof again."

"Hehe, how did you know?" asked Jun Xin in a curious manner. However, his eyes contained no trace of curiosity.

After Tang Doudou woke up, her inner strength became abnormally strong. One time, when she got serious, she almost beat him to death.

"You can go. I won't do anything stupid."

"I can't. Bai Feiyun said that I had to keep an eye on you." Jun Xin's expression turned gloomy. It was fortunate that she didn't attempt to use force with him after that day. Otherwise, if she insisted on forcing her way out, he really wouldn't be able to stop her.

"Xiao Bai?" Tang Doudou humphed and her tone turned cold. "He had better not show up in front of me again. Otherwise I'll beat him to death!"

"All he did was seal half of your inner strength. Is there a need to hold such a grudge?"

"None of your business."

"Stinkin' woman, ever since you woke up, you've become uncute." Jun Xin sighed. "Everyone is just doing this for your own good."

"I don't need it."

"Then what do you want? Can't you just tell me?" She was already pretty much fully recovered. If it weren't for the fact that he was worried about her doing something drastic, he would've already stopped hovering around her. He didn't like doing things like surveilling others.

Tang Doudou glanced at him with a faint smile. "You would agree to it?"

Jun Xin immediately understood what she was pointing to and shook his head. "No way."

"Then what else is there to talk about? The only thing I want to do now is die." Tang Doudou gazed at the green leaves outside the window. Not so long ago, outside was a blanket of snow, and they had been warm and cozy in here.

But that scene was no longer there. The person was no longer here.


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