Chapter 307.1: Coincidence

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Of course, there was no way Tang Doudou would tell him how she knew. Since releasing that inner strength didn't carry any benefits, then she had asked all that she wanted to know.

She rubbed her chin, then looked towards Jun Xin. "Little brat, how do you undo the seal?"

"There's no need to. It'll be released on its own after an hour. Let's just leave him here to think things through." Jun Xin had been very suspicious of Bai Feiyun since earlier. After Bai Feiyun had poisoned him, that suspicion only got worse.

Tang Doudou nodded. "Alright, then let's go?"

Jun Xin didn't even take one last glance at Bai Feiyun before walking out. Tang Doudou stood up and glanced back at Bai Feiyun sadly. "Xiao Bai, actually, I didn't want to ruin our relationship this way either..."

As she shook her head, she left as well.

"Xueyi, I said before that I wouldn't forget, but you're no longer you anymore." Bai Feiyun's eyes were filled with disappointment and frustration as he softly murmured this. Tang Doudou was walking away, so she only heard the first part of that sentence.

"Jun Xin, don't run so fast!" Tang Doudou ran to catch up with Jun Xin. "Why do you seem angry?"

"I'm not." Although he said that, his expression betrayed him.

However, since he wasn't willing to say, Tang Doudou knew that pressing him would be no use. Thus, she stopped asking and just walked silently back to the street to get their horses, then head out of the city.

They pressed the horses forward and finally managed to make it to Dream Mountain right before the sun set.

Dream Mountain wasn't very far away from Huai City and was a very scenic mountain. A lot of sons from wealthy families liked to sightsee here. Thus, although the sky was darkening, there were still a lot of people around.

There were quite a few shops at the foot of the mountain. They were in a tight row and made a line of bright lights.

Jun Xin pulled on the reins. "Let's just rest here for tonight, then search for Mu Ye's whereabouts tomorrow."

Tang Doudou nodded and jumped off the horse.

The inn's waiter had sharp eyes. When he saw that two men with unusual aura had gotten off their horses in the distance, he immediately went up to them.

"Sirs, do you two need an inn?"

"En, we need two high quality rooms, do you have them?" asked Tang Doudou.

The waiter hastily nodded. "There is, there is! Guests, please come this way."

"Wait!" Just as the waiter was about to take the reins from Tang Doudou's hands, Jun Xin interrupted and said, "Just one room is enough. We don't need two."

Two high quality rooms costs about a half more than one high quality room. Upon losing the chance at that extra income, the waiter's smile faded a little. These two didn't look poor, so why?

And they were two adult men, yet they wanted only one room. Their looks were also quite good, especially the looks of that little guy dressed in white; he looked delicate and tender. Could it be that they had that sort of relationship?

The waiter was making all sorts of guesses, but on the surface, he asked with a polite smile, "Guests only want one room? There's not a lot of land on Dream Mountain so though they're high quality rooms, they aren't very large..."

"Then let's go with two room!" interjected Tang Doudou before she handed the reins to the waiter. "Help me feed the horse."

After she said that, she started heading towards the inn. The waiter hastily shouted, "Two high quality rooms!"

Another waiter inside the inn then led Tang Doudou upstairs.

Upon seeing that, Jun Xin had no choice but to throw his reins to that waiter as well. "Bring some food up."

"Ah, understood!" The waiter bowed as he replied.

After they got to the room and the waiter left, Jun Xin asked with a frown, "Why did you ask for two rooms?"

"So that we'd each have one!" Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. This brat was so dirty-minded, to try to take advantage of her and stay in the same room as her as soon as they headed out. For a man and a woman to stay together by themselves, it was too...

Jun Xin seemed to know what she was thinking as he curled his lips in disdain. "Hey, this young master isn't trying to take advantage of you, I was just thinking that it's probably not safe for you to stay by yourself since you have no sense of danger at all."

"Enough, how could this place not be safe?" Tang Doudou swung open her paper fan as she continued, "Little brat, men and women should not touch hands, you know this logic, right?"

"I don't." Jun Xin glanced at her paper fan. "Where did it come from?"

Tang Doudou lifted her hand. "Oh, the waiter from earlier gave it to me. It's hot, so it'll come in handy."

Jun Xin's gaze turned serious. "Wait!"


"Give me the fan."

When Tang Doudou saw his serious manner, her heart jumped. Could it be that there's a problem with this fan?

She immediately threw the fan to Jun Xin and looked around the room apprehensive before whispering, "Jun Xin, t-this, it's not a black inn, right?"

However, Jun Xin just took the fan and started fanning himself with it. Revealing a smirk, he said, "Hehe, I don't know whether it's a black inn or not, but thanks for the fan."


Tang Doudou's facial color turned black. This stinkin' brat actually swindled away her fan!

"If you agree to sharing the same room as me, I'll fan you tonight for free. How about that?" Jun Xin drew closer with a smirk that made Tang Doudou want to punch him.


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