Chapter 307.2: Coincidence

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"Tch, I'll just ask the shopkeeper for another fan alter. Moreover, the mountain is cool at night, so there's no need for a fan at all. If you like it, just take it. I'm going to rest now so get out!" She already felt uncomfortable just being alone with him so there was no way she could stand staying with him in such a small space. Whenever she smelled that brat's sticky sweet scent, she would feel uncomfortable all over.

She didn't know if that strange scent was because he ate too much sweets or what, but it just made her feel weird.

Her thoughts wandered off for a while, then she noticed that Jun Xin hadn't move. She glanced up and saw that he was currently staring at her.

Her face flushed, so she glowered at him and snapped, "Why are you looking at me?"

"You're right, it's pretty cool at night in this mountain, so there's no need for a fan at all. Since that's the case, why did that waiter give you this fan?" Unexpected, Jun Xin had been thinking about that matter.

Tang Doudou's face turned even redder. Fudge, she thought he had dazed out while looking at her.

That had been so narcissistic.

"Perhaps he's worried that there's mosquitoes?" Tang Doudou gave a dry cough. Then she noticed that there seemed to be something by the bed.

"Mosquitoes?" Jun Xin seemed quite curious about the fan and started flicking it open and close as he pondered. He sniffed, then said, "There's mosquito-repellent incense lit in this room, so there wouldn't be any mosquitoes."

"What's mosquito-repellent incense?" Tang Doudou couldn't stop blushing as she faced Jun Xin. She inwardly celebrated that he didn't notice since he was thinking about something, otherwise she would have been laughed at.

She then stood up and headed towards the bed.

"You don't even know what mosquito-repellent incense is? It's specially made for high officials and nobles so that they can avoid being bite by things like mosquitoes during the summer. As long as this type of incense is lit, mosquitoes wouldn't approach the area."

Tang Doudou stopped and turned around. "You're saying that only the rich and influential are able to afford this?"

Jun Xin nodded, then abruptly lifted his head. "Something's off!"

Tang Doudou noticed as well. She glanced out of the corner of her eye towards the bed and discovered that the thing was gone!

She hastily ran over to Jun Xin and said, "There seems to be someone here!"

Jun Xin shielded her as he frowned. "There shouldn't be anyone aware of our current whereabouts. These people probably aren't aiming for us. It was probably a coincidence that we ended up in this room where the mosquito-repellent incense is lit. The shopkeeper and the waiter probably don't know about this. Did you get a clear look at the waiter that gave you this fan?"

Tang Doudou thought hard, but when she came in, she was more interested in the room so she didn't really look at that waiter.

"It's fine. That person had probably left because he found out that we weren't the people he was waiting for." Although Jun Xin comforted Tang Doudou this way, he didn't relax his guard in the slightest.

"Then should we switch for a different inn?"

"There's only one inn in Dream Mountain. Those people probably didn't expect someone to book a room this late in the night." Jun Xin pulled Tang Doudou out from behind him as he tucked the fan into his waist belt. "It's a good thing that we're both immune to a hundred poisons, otherwise we probably would've already fallen into this trap."

He lowered his eyes and listened carefully. "Those people have left."

"That mosquito-repellent incense contains poison?" Tang Doudou sighed in relief when she heard that. Then she glanced towards the paper fan at Jun Xin's waist and the little incense stove in the room before asking this.

Then she glanced at Jun Xin in confusion. "When did you also become immune to a hundred poisons?"

"I ate the Black Demonic Nightcrawler's heart as well." After that demonic bug grew another heart, he had gone and taken it. Although the effect wasn't as good as the first one, it was still not bad. After all, that was a very rare version of those demonic bugs. However, due to that taking too much time, he hadn't been able to return with Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou observed a moment of silence for that pitiful demonic bug.

Jun Xin said, "The mosquito-repellent incense isn't poisonous, nor is the fan, but the two combined creates a poison."

"Oh." Tang Doudou nodded. "So we really don't need to change places?"

"We don't, but for the sake of being sure, let's share the same room," said Jun Xin in a serious manner. Inwardly though, he was quite happy that those strangers had given him an excuse to stay in the same room as her.

If Tang Doudou hadn't saw that thing mysteriously disappear, she definitely would've thought that Jun Xin was making all of this up for the goal of sharing a room.

"Fine! You sleep on the floor and I'll sleep on the bed! It's decided!" If they had to share a room, so be it. It wasn't like they hadn't shared one before. In addition, drastic times called for drastic measures!

She'll just treat it as lending the space to a kid.

"Let's go to the other room instead of staying in this one," said Jun Xin quietly as he walked up to pull Tang Doudou.

Since they didn't know whether those people would come back, it'd be better to stay in another room.

Just as they left this room, they encountered the waiter that was carrying their food.

"Guests, are you two heading out?"

Jun Xin said, "There's a strange unpleasant smell in this room. Where's the other room?"

"Strange smell? Sir, please don't joke. This inn has always been quite very clean, how could there be a strange smell." As he spoke, he walked over to take a sniff.

Jun Xin hastily pulled him back. Though the mosquito-repellent incense didn't have any effect on the two of them, it may have effects on an ordinary person. "If you want to check, check it yourself later. Point us towards the other room first and we can take the food ourselves."

When the waiter saw that Jun Xin seemed impatient, he didn't dare to argue anymore and pointed towards the room on the opposite side of this floor. "There's only these two high quality rooms in this inn. You two really did manage to arrive coincidentally in time."

Jun Xin and Tang Doudou shared a look. It just seemed too coincidental.


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