Chapter 308.1: Attack in the Night

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The night was dark and silent.

It hadn't been very peaceful on Dream Mountain lately, so the shopkeeper exhorted the waiter not to fall asleep no matter what. There were a lot of customers in the inn and their safety was his responsibility. However, it was hard not to get sleepy as night grew long. In addition, there was the fact that he had inhaled the incense in that guest room. Once the surroundings grew quiet, he couldn't help but feel drowsy and his eyelids kept slipping down.

In the end, he fell asleep on the table.

Right after he fell asleep, a cold light appeared in the seam of the door. A sharp blade lifted the door lock and a group of black-clothed men quietly entered the inn.

The leader first moved over to cover the waiter's mouth and drag him into a room. Afterwards, he made a hand gesture and the rest of the black-clothed men moved silently up the stairs.

Jun Xin, who was sleeping on the ground, immediately opened his eyes and walked quietly over to the door. Pushing it open just a crack, he took a look outside and saw that there were black-clothed men walking in and out of the other rooms. He furrowed his brows. These people had gone through a lot of trouble to get the mosquito-repellent incense that even nobles struggled to get ahold of in order to mix it with the providence perfume on the fan and create a knockout drug. Did they really go through all that trouble just to find something?

What were they looking for?

Jun Xin closed the door and walked to the bed to push Tang Doudou, who was sound asleep.

Tang Doudou flipped over and muttered, "Jun Xin, quit that. I'll get up after just a few more minutes."

Doting affection flashed through Jun Xin's eyes, but his expression was annoyed as he leaned over her ear and said, "There's a fire!"

Tang Doudou abruptly sat up and was just about to scream when Jun Xin hastily covered her mouth and pressed her back onto the bed.

Her eyes widened as she tried to push him off. "MMmmpwh..."

"Shhh!" Jun Xin shot a look at her. "Someone's coming, don't make any sounds."

Tang Doudou finally calmed down a little, then glared at him. Fudge, couldn't he have made things clearer? And why did he push her down?!

She pushed at him a little and Jun Xin let go of her and got up.

Tang Doudou wanted to curse at him, but when she saw that there were people moving outside, nervousness immediately replaced her anger. She peeked outside as she whispered, "What do we do? There seems to be a lot of them?"

"They're just looking for something. They don't seem to be hurting anyone." Jun Xin lowered his eyes, then glanced at her. "Do you have big guts?"

A trace of confusion flashed through her eyes. What was Jun Xin doing now?

"Of course!" Even if she didn't have big guts, there was no way she could show weakness in front of this brat.

Jun Xin nodded. "Alright then, let's continue sleeping."

Tang Doudou's jaw dropped. "Huh? What if they get annoyed and decided to start killing people?"

"Then we'll deal with it when that time comes," said Jun Xin as he pulled Tang Doudou back towards the bed.

"What are you doing?"

"I can't sleep on the ground, otherwise they find out that we're aware of their presence. Also, I don't feel assured when you're not right next to me."

Tang Doudou felt uneasy. Was that really all?

But Jun Xin didn't give her a chance to think more about it. He picked the blanket up from the ground, then lay down on the bed sideways while facing her. Patting the spot in front of him, his eyes sparkled as he said, "Come on up!"

Tang Doudou felt awkward, but since he was still dressed and he was using his own blanket, after glancing one last time at the approaching figures, she gathered up her courage and got onto the bed.

The bed was pretty small from the start, so it was very cramped with both of them in it.

Although they weren't sharing the same blanket, they were close enough to hear each other's breathing and heartbeats. It was a refreshingly cool night, but Jun Xin felt a little hot. He didn't dare to look at Tang Doudou, but at the same time, he couldn't help himself.

He secretly pinched his own palm and forced himself to think about other things as he closed his eyes.

Tang Doudou's heart was also pounding hard. She continuously told herself that it was a log, a block of wood next to her. It was a younger brother next to her, a cute little younger brother...

As the people outside got even closer, the two on the bed simultaneously shut their eyes.

The door opened with a creak.

Tang Doudou's heart leapt up to her throat.

Beneath the blanket, Jun Xin grabbed her hand and squeezed it softly. Then he wrote the words, 'don't be scared.'

Tang Doudou inwardly gave a bitter laugh. How could she not be scared?

What if these people were actually malicious and ruthless? What if Jun Xin couldn't react fast enough?

Why was it like this every time? Every time she felt scared of dying, she always ended up in dangerous situations. Every time she wanted to die, someone would stop her from doing so.

The footsteps gradually got closer. From the sound of it, there were probably around seven people. They first rummaged through the chests and drawers in the room before gathering next to the bed.

"Leader, this is the last room, but we still haven't found it!" The voice was low and raspy.

"Have you searched this bed?"

"Not yet."

"Search it!"


Those black-robed people gradually approached and there was the sound of a blade sliding back into its sheath. A large hand approached the bed and was about to land on Tang Doudou.

Jun Xin flipped over like he was shifting in his sleep and fell on top of Tang Doudou, blankets and all.

Tang Doudou was awake but she didn't dare to open her eyes.

When Jun Xin moved, those people reflexively pulled out their blades. However, when they saw that he was only shifting positions and still seemed to be asleep, they sheathed their blades again and continued searching the bed.

"Leader, it's not there."

"That's not possible. The information I got clearly said that it was here."

None of them dared to respond to their leader's words.

Tang Doudou cracked open an eye to peek at the black-clothed men. When she saw that they were standing silently with their backs facing the bed, she hastily pushed at Jun Xin to get him off.

She was about to be crushed to death!

However, Jun Xin just tilted his head down mischievously so that his nose was right next to hers. As they gazed into each other's eyes, some strange emotions filled his eyes.

Tang Doudou felt flustered and shifted her gaze away as she silently chanted a mind-clearing chant. Fudge, Baili Yu, it was your junior brother that was seducing me! I wasn't the one that started it!


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