Chapter 308.2: Attack in the Night

Prodigal Alliance Head


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When Jun Xin saw how flustered she was, a satisfied expression appeared on his face and he reached out to pinch Tang Doudou's nose as he whispered into her ear, "Stinkin' woman, let's stop looking for Baili Yu and just elope?"

Tang Doudou's face turned black, so he hastily said, "I'm just kidding. They're about to leave!"

Tang Doudou looked up and glanced over at those black-clothed men. They really were leaving.

However, right at this time, the sounds of clashing blades came from outside.

The black-clothed men looked at each other, then hastily rushed out.

When the leader of the black-clothed group reached the door and saw the situation outside, he glanced back into the room and said, "We're been discovered! Kill all possible witnesses!"

Right after he said that, the black-robed people that were originally rushing out immediately drew their blades and swung them towards the people on the bed.

Of course, there was no way that Jun Xin would allow them to succeed. He extended his hand and the faint blue antique lamp floated up into the air. With a wave of his hand, numerous rays of blue light shot out and shattered the blades into shards.

The black-clothed men were stunned. They seemed surprised about encountering such a high-leveled expert in this worn out inn.

However, they were evidently well trained as they immediately came back to their senses and drew out their spare blades to approach the bed in formation.

Jun Xin exclaimed in surprise, "Flowing Clouds Palace?"

When those people heard this name, they rushed to attack him like a cat that had gotten its tail stomped on.

Jun Xin had probably hit the nail on the head, thought Tang Doudou. Then she quickly pushed Jun Xin off her and pulled on her outer robe as she asked, "They all seem quite skilled. What do we do?"

"I'm here, aren't I?" Jun Xin shot her a 'relax' look, then the antique lamp became a streak of blue light and quickly zigzagged past those people. When it stopped, the black-clothed people that had come in to kill them collapsed onto the ground, dead.

"Although their martial arts aren't bad, it's still not good enough." Jun Xin glanced disdainfully at the corpses on the ground before picking up what was left of a sword to flick away the clothes concealing those people's features.

They had all died with blood pouring out of their noses and mouths. Beneath the faint, blue light, it was a very eerie sight.

"These people are pretty good-looking?" To Tang Doudou's surprise, the black-clothed men weren't burly men but very delicate and beautiful-looking men with looks similar to the male courtesans in the pleasure quarters.

When Tang Doudou recalled what Baili Yiling said about Flowing Clouds Palace sending her men, she finally understood. Flowing Clouds Palace probably specialized in nurturing bottoms!

"There's quite a few of them too. What exactly were they looking for?" Jun Xin put away the antique lamp and the entire room became darker.

Tang Doudou was pretty curious as well. "Isn't Flowing Clouds Palace an orthodox group? Why would they do something like this?"

"Flowing Clouds Palace didn't even visit your Alliance Head Residence to pay their greetings, so what right do they have to call themselves orthodox? In addition, they're always raising young and delicate-looking youths and sending to them people in the martial arts communities that have a fondness for good-looking men." When Flowing Clouds Palace was brought up, Jun Xin's tsundere face looked even more ticked off than usual.

"Oh. Well, there's nothing else for us to do now so let's go back to sleep?" Tang Doudou glanced outside and saw that it was probably only around midnight, so she yawned and turned to lay back down.

Jun Xin didn't stop her and just walked over to throw the corpses out the window. He listened to the screams and sounds of fighting coming from outside for a while, then glanced at Tang Doudou and said teasingly, "Hey, you're the martial arts Alliance Head, how could you just sit back and do nothing to stop this kind of situation? You'll be denounced."

"If they want to denounce me, they can. In any case, I'm not interested in being some crappy martial arts Alliance Head." All she cared about right now was finding Baili Yu. She had no interest in anything else.

"Is that so?"

Jun Xin replied softly and crossed his arms as he stood by the door.

Desperate screams continued to fill the night. Over half of the people in this inn were probably innocent people. Flowing Clouds Palace was too much. Since they had been discovered, they should've just run. Killing people like this was senseless and cruel.

Tang Doudou pushed herself up from the bed and rushed outside.

"Where are you going?"

"To save those people!" Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at him. It was obvious that he had been inciting her to act.

She understood as well that although she didn't want to be the martial arts Alliance Head, a certain person wanted her to remain in that position.

Since that person wanted her in this position, he probably wouldn't let her abandon this post easily.

"If you want to become strong enough to stand on your own so that people can no longer lead you around by the nose, you should take advantage of every good opportunity to build up your own reputation and slowly establish your own influence and power..." said Jun Xin quickly as she walked past.

Tang Doudou was stunned. This had been his plan?

Then her eyes flickered. Jun Xin was right. If she wanted to stand steadily in this messy Jianghu, having power of her own was very important. However, she was completely unfamiliar with how to handle these matters so she had no idea where to start.

Jun Xin reached out and pressed her shoulder. "Let's go, I'll help you."


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