Chapter 309.1: Flowing Clouds Palace

Prodigal Alliance Head


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There was no time for them to discuss this any further right now. Tang Doudou quickly rushed out only to find that it was a complete mess outside. All the guests were rushing to flee and black-clothed people were chasing and killing those who were trying to escape. Some rooms had even been set on fire.

As Tang Doudou took this in, a dagger was offered to her. "Use this for now."


"Be careful," exhorted Jun Xin before he jumped downstairs. This time, he didn't use the antique lamp. Instead, he kicked up a blade from the ground and started attacking, causing eerie glints of red light to appear in the dim inn.

Someone cried out, "Blood Fiend Jun Xin!"

Those black-robed people froze, then they all moved to flee. It was clear that Blood Fiend Jun Xin had a very strong reputation on the Jianghu.

Tang Doudou landed in front of the inn doors and kicked back all the black-robed people that were trying to flee. With a whirl of her dagger, she dealt with several nearby black-robed people. Although she didn't know martial arts, she was good at knife work and knew where to attack in order to immobilize people.

The reason she had never attacked before was because she hadn't been able to bring herself to. However, after all that she had experienced, she had lost that mercifulness a long time ago. As of now, she probably wouldn't even blink if she needed to kill someone. However, it would only be on the pretext that the person deserved to die!

After she finished dealing with the people on this side, Jun Xin had also already stopped the black-robed people that were trying to escape from upstairs and threw them into the main hall.

When the people fleeing saw that someone had acted to save them, they stopped trying to run and gathered timidly in a corner to look towards the figure that was faintly concealed by the night.

"Eh? Isn't that Alliance Head Li?" Someone recognized Tang Doudou and cried out in surprise.

"That's right! Your Alliance Head Li has come to save us!"

"It really is Alliance Head Li!"

The youngster dressed in white walked into the torch light and gave a faint gentle smile. "Is everyone alright?"

The youngster was gracefully handsome and that voice was gentle as water. A young lady in the crowd blushed and stammered, "We-we're fine."

"This He thanks Alliance Head for upholding justice and rescuing us. Does Alliance Head know who these people are?" The buff young man next to the young lady was the person that had pointed out Tang Doudou earlier. From his outfit, he also seemed to be someone of the Jianghu. He had walked out of the crowd to ask Tang Doudou this question with a cupped-fist salute.

As he asked this question, he secretly sized Tang Doudou up. Who would've ever imagined that the handsome and easygoing Alliance Head Li was actually a woman?

Tang Doudou glanced at that youngster and found that he seemed familiar. "You're Syndicate Leader He?"

Syndicate Leader He replied with a laugh, "That is this humble one. I never thought that Alliance Head Li would still remember me."

"I also only rushed here after hearing the news, so I don't know who they are."

Tang Doudou sheathed her dagger before leaning over to pull off the cloth mask of a black-robed person. She then frowned and pulled off several masks in succession before remarking softly, "These people are all young and have delicate looks..."

Syndicate Leader He also glanced over before exclaiming in surprise, "Isn't it Flowing Clouds Palace?"

"Oh?" Tang Doudou lifted her brows and glanced towards Jun Xin who was standing upstairs without moving, Her eyes narrowed slightly as she asked cooperatively, "Syndicate Leader, I just returned from Cloud City so I've yet to hear of Flowing Clouds Palace. Could you please explain in more detail?"

Syndicate Leader He hastily cupped his fist in salute. "Alliance Head Li is being too polite."

Tang Doudou smiled slightly in response, then he continued, "Flowing Clouds Palace is an organization that had recently sprung up on the Jianghu. The Palace Head, Fu Yunliu, fights with a very strange martial arts and had established a strong base of followers on the Jianghu. Thus, it only took a few months for his palace to grow influential enough to rank highly on the Jianghu. His influence is now almost comparable to that of the four large clans."

Although Syndicate Leader He said this, his eyes flickered evasively. It was clear that he was keeping silent about some things.

Tang Doudou nodded in understanding. Jun Xin had already told her about this earlier.

Right now, she was just putting on an act.

"En, it seems like Fu Yunliu is truly a great talent." Then she said, "Does Syndicate Leader He has subordinates here?"

"Oh, I do." Syndicate Leader He clearly didn't understand what Tang Doudou meant because his expression was confused.

Tang Doudou said quietly, "Then I'll have to trouble Syndicate Leader He to help me tie these people up and send them to the Alliance Head Residence. Once I finish my business, I'll return to the Alliance Head Residence and interrogate them to find out why Flowing Clouds Palace infiltrated the inn in the middle of the night to kill and commit arson. We also must ask Fu Yunliu why exactly he did this. Is his intention to become enemies with the martial arts community and follow the unorthodox ways like the Demonic Sect?"

She said it lightly but her tone contained strong imposing dignity. Syndicate Leader He was taken aback. It couldn't be that Alliance Head planned to start with Flowing Clouds Palace in order to re-establish her position?

Her marriage to Baili Yu had already been announced to the public so the entire world knew of it. However, there has still been no news about who would inherit the position of the lord of Cloud City.

Could it be that Su Yi planned to have her gain experience by working as the Alliance Head, then slowly take over the responsibilities of Cloud City? It made sense, after all, Su Yi was still perfectly capable of continuing to hold that position.

As Syndicate Leader He guessed at the possible reasons, he said, "This He will do his best to carry out Alliance Head's instructions."

With this, they'll probably become enemies with Flowing Clouds Palace.

However, if it was a choice between Flowing Clouds Palace and the Alliance Head Residence, anyone with brains would pick the obvious choice.


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