Chapter 309.2: Flowing Clouds Palace

Prodigal Alliance Head


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After Tang Doudou gave these instructions, she walked towards the shopkeeper and the waiter of the inn, then tossed them her embroidered pouch. "Take this as compensation for the damages done to the inn. If it isn't enough, you can head to the Alliance Head Residence to request for more."

She originally wanted to pull out a token or something, but then recalled that she had lost the Alliance Head Command Tablet and she didn't have anything else on her that could prove her identity.

Jun Xin jumped over the railing and took out a tablet from his chest. "Go ask Plum Garden instead!"

Both the Alliance Head Residence and Plum Garden weren't places that ordinary people like them dared to go!

These two sirs were truly making big jokes.

Moreover, the inn wasn't that damaged anyways. The shopkeeper had done business for many years. When he caught the pouch, he could tell by its weight that it contained enough to compensate for all his losses and extra, so how could he dare to ask for more? He even felt the urge to return this pouch to that Alliance Head.

If it weren't for her, not only would his business have collapsed, he may have even ended up dead!"

"Alliance Head, I cannot accept!" After these thoughts flashed through his mind, the shopkeeper moved to shove the pouch back into Tang Doudou's hands.

Jun Xin glanced over coldly and blocked him. "Since she gave it to you, keep it."

The shopkeeper wasn't someone of the Jianghu and didn't know of Blood Fiend Jun Xin's reputation, but he had seen the way those black-clothed men fled for their lives after hearing the words 'Blood Fiend Jun Xin.' Thus, he already knew that Jun Xin was very strong, so when Jun Xin looked at him with that cold gaze, his hand shook and he compliantly put the pouch away before looking towards Tang Doudou nervously.

Tang Doudou smiled slightly. "Jun Xin's right, shopkeeper, please keep it. After that, please find someone to clean up the inn. You all must be tired after all this, so you should go rest."

After she finished speaking, she walked over to discuss things more with Syndicate Leader He. It was best to tie these people up for now and then transport them to the Alliance Head Residence tomorrow morning.

However, when she walked over, it was right in time for her to hear Syndicate Leader He cried out 'oh no.'

"What happened?"

"They commited suicide with poison!" Syndicate Leader He's face was pale as he inspected the black-robed people in the main hall.

Tang Doudou knitted her brows as she rubbed her chin. It seemed that Flowing Clouds Palace really was not a simple organization.

Jun Xin walked over and said quietly, "You should have predicted and guarded against this. Since these people had covered their faces, they were definitely trying to hide their identities. They probably kept a poison capsule in their mouths so that they could commit suicide immediately if they were discovered or caught."

A trace of vexation and regret passed through Tang Doudou's eyes. She had been neglectant.

Jun Xin patted her shoulder and said in consolement, "Don't worry, it's your first time, so it's hard to avoid mistakes. Since you know that this is done by Flowing Clouds Palace, you already have a place to start investigating."

"En." At this point, that was all that she could do. However, her goal in coming to Dream Mountain this time wasn't to investigate Flowing Clouds Palace.

She had Syndicate Leader He move the corpses to an empty space outside the inn and burn them.

"Alliance Head." Syndicate Leader He looked at the large blaze in front of them and hesitated in his words.

"Syndicate Leader He, please speak without reserve." Tang Doudou was also staring at the fire. People's deaths came so suddenly, like a flame being extinguished. A fire would burn what was left of them to ash and they would disappear from the world. Humans only lived in the world for a few dozen years, so why did they all end up having so many desires and fixations?

Why not just live happily and simply for what time they had, then leave the world peacefully?

Syndicate Leader He couldn't tell whether Tang Doudou's expression was that of joy or anger so he felt apprehensive. However, he still said, "Alliance Head, I heard that the head of Flowing Clouds Palace is Elder Yu's nephew. Was Alliance Head aware of this?"

"Oh?" She hadn't known about this, so she asked, "How did you find out?"

"Alliance Head, actually, I have a nephew acting as a spy in Flowing Clouds Palace. He was the one that sent me this information." Syndicate Leader He's eyes flickered. "The reason I came to this inn was because my nephew said that Flowing Clouds Palace was looking for something that would harm the Jianghu, and they had gotten information that it was in this inn. I rushed over to prevent it, but ended up falling into their crafty trap. If it weren't for the fact that Alliance Head had came just in time, I'm afraid..."

Tang Doudou's expression didn't change. "Then do you know what exactly they were looking for?"

"This... my nephew didn't say."

A trace of mockery flashed through Tang Doudou's eyes before it was replaced by an expression of gratitude. "Syndicate Leader He's concern for the martial arts community is truly something that us later generations should learn from. Once I return to the Alliance Head Residence, I'll definitely give Syndicate Leader He a public recognition award!"

Syndicate Leader He seemed overwhelmed by this show of favor and hastily lowered his head. "It is this He's responsibility to protect the martial arts community even if this He must tread through fire and water. It is nothing worthy of praise."

"Syndicate Leader He is being too humble," said Tang Doudou with a smile. "So that's set. It's quite late, so I'll be heading back to rest. After Syndicate Leader He finishes with these matters, you should rest as well. We can discuss the rest tomorrow."


Tang Doudou turned around and called for Jun Xin, who was currently sitting in a tree and gazing at the moon. Then they headed into the inn together.

Once they left, Syndicate Leader He's respectful expression immediately darkened as he turned to look at the almost extinguished fire. A trace of confusion flashed through his eyes. Why would Li Xueyi show up here?

Tang Doudou closed the door, then pulled Jun Xin to the center of the room to whisper, "Did you noticed? That Syndicate Leader He seems weird."

Jun Xin didn't seem surprised and just yawned. "En, what about it?"

"He said that he had a nephew working in Flowing Clouds Palace, but if he knew about such a top secret operation, then he definitely had a high position in Flowing Clouds Palace."

"And so?"

"He said that the head of Flowing Clouds Palace is Elder Yu's nephew. This isn't logical."

Jun Xin glanced at her with interest. "Why is it illogical?"


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