Chapter 312.1: Hibiscus Garrison

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Tang Doudou recognized him with one glance.

"Didn't you say that you were going to follow from the shadows?" Tang Doudou glanced around and only spoke to him when she saw that there was no one nearby.

Jun Xin pulled off his mask and said angrily, "Stinkin' woman, are you trying to die?"

Tang Doudou was confused. "Why?"

When Jun Xin saw her dumb reaction, he became even more angry. "Why are you traveling at night?"

"Oh..." So this was what he was angry about.

Tang Doudou said with a smile, "This place is still pretty close to Huai City. By traveling at night, I'd be able to avoid more people. Once I get a little further away, I'll start traveling during the day."

"But where are you going? Why did you come back here?" Jun Xin of course knew what she was planning, but he couldn't help but be annoyed when he saw her running around aimlessly.

Tang Doudou gave a light cough. "I feel like Wind Cloud Island is the only place Nangong Yan could've gone, so I wanted to go there and try my luck."

"There's no way she could've brought Baili Yu back to Wind Cloud Island." Jun Xin shot down her idea. "Although the Island Master indulges Nangong Yan, Master is very strict towards us and Baili Yu is his favorite disciple. If Master found out that Nangong Yan had brought Baili Yu back against his will, she'll be punished."


"Go to Hibiscus Garrison." Jun Xin stared at her hard. "That's where Nangong Yan had first seen Baili Yu, so I think that's where she'll be!"

Tang Doudou nodded. Her gaze filled with resolve as she said, "Alright! Then we'll go to Hibiscus Garrison."

After she finished speaking, she immediately started running outside. Jun Xin covered his forehead speechlessly, but still called out to stop her. "Do you know where Hibiscus Garrison is?"

"Oh. I don't think so, but I can ask!" Tang Doudou laughed 'hehe.' Jun Xin couldn't help but roll his eyes at how dumb she was.

He threw her a map, then put his mask back on. "There's at least a hundred places called Hibiscus Garrison in the world. If you want to find it by asking, you'll probably die of old age before you find Baili Yu."

"Hehe, thanks." Tang Doudou glanced at the map and figured out the general direction, then tucked it in her chest. "Jun Xin, don't follow so tightly, otherwise you'll easily be discovered."

"Just focus on minding your own business, stinkin' woman!"

Once Jun Xin left, Tang Doudou shrugged and opened the door to head downstairs.

However, as soon as she stepped out, she ran into someone. That person trembled and hastily backed away into a corner. As he flailed his arms in a panic, he said, "It wasn't me, I didn't kill them! It wasn't me! Don't come for me..."

This voice sounded like the waiter of the inn.

"Hey, stop blocking the way." In order to avoid being recognized, Tang Doudou had purposefully altered her appearance until she looked like a burly man. She had even stuck two slanting mustache strips on top of her mouth and added several moles to her face. When she spoke, she purposefully made her voice sound low and coarse.

When that waiter heard a reply, he peeked at Tang Doudou through the seams of his fingers. Seeing that it wasn't a ghost, he stuttered, "You, are you human or ghost?"

"What's with you!? Of course this great master is a human! Get out of the way already! What kind of crappy inn is this? There's not a single person around!" Tang Doudou spat at the ground, then kicked the waiter aside before swaggering out.

She only furrowed her brows after she left the inn. It was fortunate that she had managed to react in time, otherwise she would have already been exposed.

Although the waiter looked panicked, she didn't sense any fear from him. Someone had probably sent him on purpose to probe her.

But for what?

She rubbed her chin contemplatively. Forget it, she should focus on finding Baili Yu first. Once she found him, then she could come back and figure out what exactly Flowing Clouds Palace was up to.

Tang Doudou's guess had been correct. That waiter had been sent by someone to probe her.

As soon as she left on horseback, the waiter had gotten up, pushed open a nearby door, and slipped in.

"Master, that person just now wasn't Li Xueyi."

"Are you sure?" There was a black silhouette in the room. Based on the outline of his body, he looked to be a young man, but his voice was abnormally raspy like the voice of an eighty-year-old that had something stuck in his throat.

The waiter respectfully replied, "This little one saw Li Xueyi just yesterday and had a strong impression. Li Xueyi's appearance was soft and delicate like that of a doll's, but that person just now as a very rough and burly man."

The figure in the shadow was silent for a few moments before he said, "Alright, you can withdraw."

The waiter seemed to be extremely relieved as he bowed and withdrew.

The person in the room slowly rotated the two walnuts in his hand as he sighed, "Since he wasn't the one, then let's just wait a little longer. After all, we've already waited so many years, what's a little more?"

It sounded like he was talking to himself, but it also sounded like these words were directed towards someone else.

Jun Xin gaze at the lit window from a distance away and rubbed his mask. Who exactly was Fu Liuyun? Why did he seem familiar?

However, when he saw that Tang Doudou was getting far away, he dropped this thought to follow her.


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