Chapter 312.2: Hibiscus Garrison

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Three months later.

When Tang Doudou saw the words written on the sign above the entrance gates, she dusted off her clothes and pressed back her loosening mustache before jumping off the horse and heading into Hibiscus Garrison.

Hibiscus Garrison wasn't very large. It was like one of those little towns in Suzhou. It was sprinkling a little, so the place seemed calm and artful. On the street made of limestone, a few people were walking around holding paper umbrellas.

Tang Doudou had a very good first impression of this place.

This would be the perfect place to live in seclusion. Although the Immortal Spirit Garrison Jun Xin had told her about wasn't bad, it sounded too isolated and didn't suit her personality.

Moreover, if she wanted to open a restaurant, she needed to be in a place where she would get customers!

Following that, she glanced at her dirty clothes, then looked around and saw the Yuelai Inn next to the street.

Yuelai Inn? It was truly a chain franchise that appeared everywhere regardless of space and era!

She smiled slightly and tied the horse near the door before swaggering in. "Waiter! Where's the waiter?"

"Oh, Guest, are you here for a travel snack or a room?" Probably due to the fact that there weren't many customers due to the rain, the waiter was napping when Tang Doudou walked in. He started awake when she called out for a waiter and hastily ran over, but when he saw how terribly she was dressed, the enthusiasm in his eyes immediately diminished.

Tang Doudou didn't mind and just threw him a silver ingot. "Prepare the best upper class room for me and carry hot water to the room. This big master plans to take a nice long bath."

When the waiter saw that he was liberal with money, his eyes immediately lit up and he took a closer look at him. He noticed that though the guest acted rough and strong, he wasn't actually that old. He recalled the event that was occuring in the garrison, so he leaned over and whispered, "Guest, could it be that you're also here for our garrison's Lady Hibiscus?"

Tang Doudou looked him up and down and asked, "What Lady Hibiscus?"

"Eh? You don't know?" The waiter started looking at her strangely.

Tang Doudou hastily said, "Oh, so that's what you're talking about! That's right, that's why I'm here. But I don't know much about the details, so could you fill me in?"

As she spoke, she pressed some more silver into the waiter's palm.

The waiter laughed and said, "Guest, you look quite worn out from your travels. Why don't you bathe first. Once you've freshen up, this little one will tell you about it in detail?"

"Alright!" In any case, since she was in this inn, so she wasn't worried about this waiter running off.

She went upstairs and took a hot bath. After changing into clean clothes, she leisurely called for food and started gorging herself.

The waiter took advantage of a lull in the flow of customers to enter her room.

"Come, come, sit." Tang Doudou beckoned for the waiter to eat with her.

However, the waiter refused to. He could accept silver as tips, but as a waiter, he couldn't eat with a guest.

After rejecting the offer, he started speaking, "Gongzi seems to have an extraordinary aura and gallant looks, and you are also very liberal in manners. You probably aren't from around here, are you?"

When Tang Doudou saw that he was trying to get information from her, she reacted with displeasure.

The waiter hastily changed his tone. "Gongzi, please don't misunderstand, I'm just curious. The garrison has been abuzz due to Lady Hibiscus's matchmaking event. Many high officials, nobles, and even wealthy merchants have come to Hibiscus Garrison, but there are only a few young men of the right age. I've seen them plenty before in this inn, but I've never seen you..."

"Oh." Tang Doudou relaxed her expression. "Indeed, I'm not from nearby, but I don't live that far away. This time was because of that cousin of mine! He said that something fun was about to start here and told me to come join in the liveliness, so... hehe."

Tang Doudou laughed vulgarly as she took a bite of some vegetables. Inwardly, she remarked, so it turned out that a lady was about to hold a matchmaking event? It was perfect since it could conceal her motive for coming here.

After all, this garrison was only so large. If Nangong Yan really was here, she'd definitely be keeping an eye out for suspicious newcomers. This was very lucky timing.

"So it was like that." The waiter then said, "Since gongzi is also here for Lady Hibiscus, why don't I tell you all about it?"

"Could it be that there's actually a story behind it?"

"Of course!"

After she finished the meal, she sent off that waiter and rubbed her chin as she mulled over everything she heard. She had been probing that waiter earlier but he didn't seem to have seen anyone like Nangong Yan in the garrison.

Logically, based on how outstanding Nangong Yan and Baili Yu's looks were, they'd definitely make a huge commotion if they appeared in a small town like this.

However, there was not a trace of them. Could it be that Jun Xin's guess was wrong?

Aiy, what was the point of worrying about this now? Sleep first. Tomorrow she would head to the matchmaking competition to take a look around. There was bound to be a lot of gossipers there!

After deciding on this course of action, Tang Doudou hugged the box to her and went to sleep on the bed.

When she woke up, the sun was already high in the sky.

The Heavens were beautiful and the sunlight was enchanting as it spilled into the room. It was already autumn, so when she opened the window, a refreshing fall breeze swept in. In the distance, yellow leaves were lazily drifting down poetically.

"Drifting leaves blanket the courtyard, as the breeze sighs the news of fall." Tang Doudou gave a soft sigh. When she left Huai City, it had still been midsummer, but in the blink of an eye they were already in autumn. Time truly passed so fast.

"Wonderful poem!"

A frivolous sounding voice came from downstairs. Tang Doudou glanced down and saw about five silk pants gongzi waving fans.

The person who was speaking was the one in the lead. He was actually quite good-looking, but that strong indolent aura around him made people feel uncomfortable.

All of them were dressed quite nicely. When she noticed that they were all about the same age, her eyes lit up with realization. They were probably all here for that Lady Hibiscus.

It was perfect timing. She had just been wondering if she'd have to go by herself when a bunch of people showed up.

Thus, she laughed heartily and cupped her fist in salute towards the people downstairs. "It was a thoughtless and unworthy composition, Sirs are too kind."


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