Chapter 313.1: Exceptionally Good Lady

Prodigal Alliance Head


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The young men downstairs looked at each other, then the man at the very front cupped his fist and bowed to Tang Doudou. "This brother, I don't seem to have seen you around?"

Tang Doudou could tell that they were interested in making friends, so she replied straightforwardly, "This one is Tang Longbiao. I only arrived in Hibiscus Garrison yesterday, so it's not strange that you guys haven't seen me before."

That man replied with a smile, "So it's like that."

Then he said, "Brother Tang, this one is Lin Shuxuan. Seeing as Brother Tang also enjoys cultural pursuit like us, would you grant us the honor of having a drink together?"

"Haha, I was just worrying about what to do today. Since Lin gongzi has extended such a cordial invitation, then this Tang will gratefully accept!"

"Brother Tang's personality and words are both straightforward, you are truly a refreshing person. It seems that it was a good choice to head out today! It is our fortune to have been able to meet Brother Tang, don't you guys agree?" Lin Shuxuan laughed, then flipped open his fan.

The other young men nodded in agreement.

Tang Doudou pressed one hand on the windowsill and jumped out gracefully. Lin Shuxuan's group exclaimed praise at this sight.

Lin Shuxuan's eyes lit up. "So Brother Tang was actually a martial arts expert!"

Tang Doudou cupped her fist with a smile. "Brother Lin is joking. I only learned a little bit from my master, how could I count as a martial arts expert?"

"Aiy, Brother Tang, it has actually been my dream since childhood to learn martial arts, but sadly... Haa..." Lin Shuxuan sighed and shook his head.

One of the other young men said, "Aiyah, Young Master Lin, you have so many people protecting you whenever you head out, so why put yourself through the torture of learning things like that?"

"Tsk, what do you know?" Lin Shuxuan shot a disdainful look at that person before saying with a laugh, "Brother Tang, come this way. An encounter is fate, so let us drink until we are drunk!"

The two were just about to walk forward when someone said, "Young Master Lin, we, we..."

"Say it already!" Lin Shuxuan was annoyed.

"Hehe, could it be that Young Master Lin has already forgotten about Lady Hibiscus?" That person laughed vulgarly.

Lin Shuxuan shot him a look and frowned. "Speak more decently. Don't make a fool of yourself in front of Brother Tang!"

That person hastily said with an apologetic smile, "Yes, yes. Young Master Lin's chastising is correct."

Lin Shuxuan nodded with satisfaction and snapped his fan closed as he asked Tang Doudou, "Brother Tang, so you came to Hibiscus Garrison this time..."

Tang Doudou laughed heartily and shot a wink towards the group. "Of course it was for... Hehe..."

Lin Shuxuan, who had just scolded the other guy for not acting decent, immediately nodded understandingly with a vulgar smile. He tapped his fan on Tang Doudou's chest. "I never would have thought, so Brother Tang was also a kindred spirit ah!"

"Haa, sweet, fair, and graceful beauties, noblemen truly... wishes to collect ah!" (The correct ending of this phrase is noblemen truly desire.)

Another burst of vulgar laughter rang out on the street.

After getting to the matchmaking event area with these people, Tang Doudou looked around and found that it was truly a sea of people.

She hadn't expected for a matchmaking even in a small town like this to be so popular.

"Ah Cai, where's the private room? Where's the private room I had you prepare ahead of time? It couldn't be that you want this young master to sit with this crowd of country bumpkins?" Lin Shuxuan, that picky rich kid, looked around and immediately became displeased.

Ah Cai hastily replied, "Young Master, don't get angry, the private room is right over there. Ah Cai will lead you there right away."

"Quit dawdling, otherwise this young master will fire you!" Lin Shuxuan shook his fan. When his gaze shifted over to Tang Doudou, he smiled warmly again. "Brother Tang, this way please."

Tang Doudou nodded and started walking forward with vigorous steps.

Lin Shuxuan's eyes whirled, then he glanced meaningfully at the men following him. One immediately said, "Young Master Lin, this Tang Longbiao doesn't seem like a normal person. There's no nearby large family that has the surname Tang either, so could it be that he came from the Imperial City?"

"Send someone to his inn to ask around about him. All of you, be careful and don't mess up in front of him. If he really is here for Hibiscus, that's fine, but if he isn't..."

Tang Doudou, who was walking in front, smiled slightly when she heard what they said. It seemed like this small Hibiscus Garrison actually contained a lot of secrets!

The so-called private room was just a stage that had about two dozen chairs separated by tables.

"Oh, isn't this Nephew Lin? You had the time to visit Hibiscus Garrison today?" The moment Lin Shuxuan's group walked over, a fat man that looked around fifty walked over to greet them. This stage wasn't for just anyone to sit on, so this man's status in Hibiscus Garrison probably wasn't low. However, despite his seniority, he was facing Lin Shuxuan with an ingratiating smile, so it caused Tang Doudou to become curious about Lin Shuxuan's identity.


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