Chapter 313.2: Exceptionally Good Lady

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"Uncle Tao." Although Lin Shuxuan spoke respectfully, he didn't actually show any trace of respect. It looked as if he didn't want to bother with this Uncle Tao at all.

However, the other young men behind him started greeting Uncle Tao politely. Through their words, Tang Doudou found out that this guy was actually the country magistrate of Hibiscus Garrison.

However, the grand county magistrate was actually so polite towards this young man. Tang Doudou rubbed her chin thoughtfully, and her motion attracted County Magistrate Tao's attention. "Nephew Lin, this is?"

"Oh, look at this memory of mine, I almost forgot to introduce you. Uncle Tao, this is Tang Longbiao, Brother Tang. We hit off at first sight."

After he said that, he turned around and said to Tang Doudou, "Brother Tang, this is the county magistrate of Hibiscus Garrison, Tao daren. "

"This junior greets Tao daren," said Tang Doudou in a manner that was neither overbearing or servile as she cupped her fist.

When County Magistrate saw the way she cupped her fist, he came to the conclusion that she was just a barbaric man of the Jianghu and must have used some sort of scheme to get close to Young Master Lin.

Once his thoughts reached this point, scorn appeared in his eyes and he didn't even bother to return Tang Doudou's greeting and just turned to Lin Shuxuan. "Nephew Lin has walked far, you must be tired? Let's go, come sit here and taste the new tea I just got."

There was no way Lin Shuxuan could miss the scorn County Magistrate Tao had towards Tang Doudou. Displeasure appeared on his face and he rejected County Magistrate Tao's invitation. "Many thanks for Uncle Tao's kind invitation, but I'd prefer to stay with Brother Tang. Young men tend to have a lot to talk about, so I hope Uncle Tao won't mind."

County Magistrate Tao hadn't thought that Lin Shuxuan would reject him in front of everyone just for the sake of a Jianghu man. His expression turned a bit unsightly, but when he saw that no one around seemed to have noticed, he forced a smile and said, "Since that's the case, I won't disturb you young ones. But, my family's girl..."

"Don't worry Uncle Tao, I'll definitely pay a visit once I have time and visit my little sister Yurong while I'm at it." How could Lin Shuxuan possibly miss County Magistrate Tao's intentions? If it weren't for that fact that his daughter, Tao Yurong, had pretty good looks, why would he call this county magistrate uncle?

"Those with dog eyes can't help but look down on others." Lin Shuxuan sneered at County Magistrate's back, then looked towards Tang Doudou apologetically. "Brother Tang, this county magistrate is just ignorant. I hope you won't take offense!"

"Brother Lin is joking. Just because he's ignorant doesn't mean that I should be petty as well." Tang Doudou's sparkling eyes filled with a profound smile as she emitted a casual but powerful aura. She glanced around, then picked a comfortable looking seat and sat down. Her relaxed and self-assured manner made Lin Shuxuan even more certain that she wasn't an ordinary person.

An ordinary person wouldn't have such an aura.

In addition, when he looked closely, he noticed that though Tang Longbiao had thick eyebrows, his eyes were unusually beautiful. Actually, it should be said that his entire appearance was very handsome and beautiful. It was just that his two mustache strips added a coarse gruffness to his appearance and the moles on his face messed with that image of beauty. Then there was the fact that though his figure was large, his movements were as smooth as if he was gliding. Once one looked closely, one would be captivated.

Tang Doudou was aware that Lin Shuxuan was sizing her up, but she paid no attention to it and just lifted the cup of tea to take a light sip before placing it back down.

The movement was fluid as water. If the person hadn't lived in such a comfortable and relaxed way for a long time, they wouldn't be able to exude such grace.

The more Lin Shuxuan thought about it, the more depressed he felt. Not even he could affect such graceful bearings. Who exactly was Tang Longbiao? And why did he come to Hibiscus Garrison? Could it really have been to investigate that matter?

These thoughts all took place in just the span of a few moments. He soon reached Tang Doudou and sat down near her. As he opened his fan, he asked, "Does Brother Tang know the origin of this Hibiscus?"

Everything Tang Doudou had done earlier was for the sake of impressing Lin Shuxuan so that he would take the initiative to offer information.

"Oh? Lady Hibiscus isn't someone of Hibiscus Garrison?"

Lin Shuxuan smiled mysteriously, then leaned over to whisper, "Hibiscus is only a title, it's not actually pointing to a specific lady."

Tang Doudou nodded in understanding. "So it was like that. Then why are these ladies taking on the title 'Hibiscus?' Could it that there's some story behind this?"

Lin Shuxuan smiled as he fanned himself slowly. "There is a story. It's said that about twenty years ago, a beautiful woman with looks stunning enough to overturn a city came to live in this Hibiscus Garrison. When people asked her for her name, she just said with a smile, I had cut off ties with my past, so from now on, just call me Hibiscus."

"She was definitely a woman with stories."

"I don't know if she had stories in the past, but I know that ever since she came, Hibiscus Garrison became exceptionally beautiful."


"En. It's said that not only was she beautiful, she knew a lot and would teach the residents for free."

There actually existed this kind of woman? A woman that possessed beauty and talent, and was also that kind?

Tang Doudou became interested and asked, "She sounds wonderful. She definitely had a lot of admirers, didn't she?"

"Hehe, that's only natural, but those are all small things. The thing most worthy of mention is that she was very skilled in medicine!"

Tang Doudou was even more stunned. "Beautiful, talented, kind, and is skilled in medicine? Tsk tsk, if this kind of woman was in the Imperial City, she'd probably be pursued by the entire country."

Li Shuxuan's eyes lit up. "Brother Tang is very familiar with the Imperial City?"

Tang Doudou's heart dropped. Crap, she had been too engrossed in this news and ended up making a slip.

However, she remained unperturbed on the surface. "My ancestors had once moved out of the Imperial City, so I often hear my elders talk about the Imperial City and their customs. However, it isn't enough to be described as familiar."


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