Chapter 316.1: The Feeling of Love

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"En, most of the boys have grown up in Wind Cherishing House, but there are some that only came here later." Jin Yi gracefully chewed as he blushed even harder. His eyes contained emotions as he stared at Tang Doudou.

Most of the time, when men said they were only here to chat, he wouldn't believe a single word of it, but when this sir said it, for some reason he felt like it was true.

After all, what normal man would ask about this topic?

This sir probably wasn't here to seek pleasure but to seek trouble.

It was fortunate that Qing gongzi had already told him how to answer if the guest asked this kind of question, otherwise he really would've fallen into this sir's trap.

Due to Jin Yi's blushing face and the emotions whirling in his eyes, Tang Doudou couldn't tell if he was telling the truth and could only drop the topic. She waved her hand and had him leave to tell Qing gongzi to hurry.

Jun Yi obediantly walked outside. The moment he got to the door, his expression changed. He was just about to report to Qing gongzi when he saw Qing gongzi head over with the rest of the boys. When he saw that that person wasn't among them, he loosened a breath in relief.

When Qing gongzi saw that he was standing at the door, he frowned. "Jin Yi, why aren't you attending to the guest?"

"Qing gongzi has misunderstood, it was the sir that had me come out to take a look," replied Jin Yi as he bowed.

Qing gongzi nodded and said to the boys behind him, "Be careful in your manners when heading in. This sir is a big client, so don't offend him!""Understood!"

"Alright, head in."

Tang Doudou heard the uniform cry of 'understood' very clearly. She put down her chopsticks and watched as the good-looking men walked delicately into the room in single file.

Soon, they filled up this not-very-wide room. There were about thirty or so people and they were all either in white, light green, or blue. Some of them had their hair tied up, some of them wore it loose. In brief, there were styles to suit every taste.

Tang Doudou glanced over them one by one. However, after looking at too many good-looking people, it tired out the eyes. As she looked over them, she started feeling like they all looked the same.

She frowned when she discovered that Baili Yu wasn't among them. She glanced over at Qing gongzi that was standing at the side. "That's all of them?"

When she asked this question, Qing gongzi became puzzled. Although it wasn't every single boy in this place, this was all of the boys who had above average to beautiful looks. There was no reason that this uncouth fellow wouldn't take a liking to any of them?

Could it be...

Qing gongzi's gaze sharpened slightly. "Our shop is small, so this is all the boys we have. Could it be that there's not a single one to Sir's liking?"

Tang Doudou knew that he was getting suspicious, so she unhurriedly made a lustful expression. "It's not that there's none to my liking, but it just feels like they're all pretty much the same. It's getting old... I came all the way here from so far away because I was seeking something special. Could it be that you don't have anything more special here?"

"Special?" Qing gongzi was confused.

"Like someone different from the masses!" Tang Doudou shot a 'you know' look at Qing gongzi before picking up the chopsticks and slowly starting to eat as she waited for his reply.

However, Qing gongzi had no idea what he meant by special. He recalled the expressions this guest had since he came into this place. He realized that although she showed desire towards the boys, her eyes didn't contain any interest, thus he came to a bold conclusion, could it be that this crude guy liked ugly ones?

He glanced doubtfully at Tang Doudou. When he saw that the guest was enjoying his food, he tried asking, "By special, do you mean someone a little uglier?"


Tang Doudou slapped the chopsticks on the table and shouted, "What are you saying!?"

Qing gongzi trembled. He had actually felt intimidated by this sound. He glanced at the guest in astonishment, then hastily lowered his head again. This guest was clearly just a vulgar and uncouth guy, so why was he able to emit an imposing aura that was even stronger than that of Master's?

However, he didn't have much time to think about this because Tang Doudou exploded again. "Are you going to do your job or now!? Trust me when I say I can just burn this damned crappy place of yours down! You don't even have anyone special? How could you start run a business that way? In that case, you might as well close now!"

Qing gongzi's face turned pale, then ashen. It seemed this guy really was here to find trouble rather than entertainment!

Since it wasn't a good customer, then there was no need to be polite!

When Qing gongzi's thoughts reached this point, he was just about to say something harsh to the guest when he saw Tang Doudou abruptly stand up with a stunned expression.

Tang Doudou pointed and said, "I want him!"

Could it be that he had guessed wrong? This guest really was here for pleasure?

Qing gongzi was extremely confused, so he looked in the direction the guest was pointing to try and see which boy it was that got this honor. He had to make sure to warn the boy to be careful when serving this guest.

As he looked over, the boys moved out of the way to reveal a boy dressed in white that was standing there uneasily.

"So it was Xiao Liu ah!" When Qing gongzi saw that boy, he loosened a breath in relief. Xiao Liu did count as pretty special since he had a red mole in the shape of a tear drop at the corner of one eye that made him look sweet and delicate. Just as he was about to say something else, Tang Doudou had already got up impatiently to walk over

Qing gongzi thought that he was still angry about the earlier matter and was about to take it out on Xiao Liu, so he hastily followed after him.

However, when Tang Doudou reached Xiao Liu, she pushed him aside. "It's not you, what are you blocking the way for?"


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