Chapter 316.2: The Feeling of Love

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It wasn't him?

Everyone was confused again. Xiao Liu had been the only one standing where she pointed though?

That wasn't right?

Everyone soon discovered that there was one more person behind Xiao Liu, but that person was very far away. The snow-white figure was standing in the doorway of a distant room. His black hair was like silken ink and his features were beautiful as that of a celestial.

It was him!

As expected, Tang Doudou immediately walked up and grabbed that person's hand before saying to Qing gongzi, "I'll take him!"

In realiyt, her heart was pounding rapidly. Baili Yu ah, Baili Yu, I've finally found you.

The moment she touched his hand, she felt her entire body go light and hot. She was so moved and nervous she could hardly breathe. At the same time, she also felt very calm. Whenever she was with him, she felt no fear even at the thought of going through a sea of blades.

When she noticed that his hand had no warmth, she became extremely nervous again. When she had met his gaze earlier, she noticed that he had looked at her as if she was a stranger!

When Qing gongzi saw the person that she had grabbed, he was stunned for a moment. It was a long time before he reacted. "This... uh..."

"What? He doesn't belong to you guys?" asked Tang Doudou.

Qing gongzi hastily shook his head. "Escort Xue does belong to Wind Cherishing House, but... but..."

"But what?" Tang Doudou furrowed her brows as if she was about to explode again.

"But Escort Xue only sells talent..." Qing gongzi explained hesitantly.

Tang Doudou had been expecting something completely different. It was a matter of course that her husband only sold talent and not his body! Wait, pei! Baili Yu wouldn't sell anything! He had definitely been forced into this!

As she was thinking this, she angrily pinched Baili Yu's finger. When she heard a muffled groan, she hastily looked over. "Did I hurt you?"

Baili Yu's brows were tightly furrowed and his dark red lips were pressed into a thin line. He didn't say anything and just looked at her with confusion in his bewitching peach-like eyes. His eyes were like a hook that instantly reeled Tang Doudou's soul in. She forcefully suppressed her desire to hug him and said softly, "Let's go inside, I'll take a look for you!"

Then she looked at the men standing in the room and hastily waved her hand to shoo them out. "All of you, leave already. Don't get in the way of this master's enjoyment!"

Qing gongzi still wanted to say something, but Jin Yi pulled him out.

Once everyone left, Tang Doudou reluctantly released Baili Yu's hand and walked to the door to slam it shut.

Following that, she nervously turned around. Gulping, she glanced towards Baili Yu who hadn't said a word this entire time.

Was it because her disguise was too good, so he hadn't recognized her?

Should she wipe off all the things on her face?

But for some reason, she felt that things weren't that simple.

She forced her emotions down and bit her lip as she walked towards Baili Yu.

When Baili Yu heard the sounds of her steps, he slowly turned around.

When their eyes met, Tang Doudou saw that he was still gazing at her as if she was a stranger. Her heart dropped. Baili Yu really had forgotten her!

He had lost his memories!

She had never expected to experience something this melodramatic.

She squeezed the hems of the garments as the urge to cry welled up. She had rushed about for three entire months and faced the wind and rain to find him, but he had forgotten her?

Perhaps it was because he saw the rims of her eyes turn red, because Baili Yu's eyes filled with confusion and he asked softly, "This sir..."

However, as soon as he spoke, Tang Doudou threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly.

"Big evil spirit!" cried Tang Douodu softly. Baili Yu didn't hear her words clearly, but the sound of her sobs were abnormally clear to him. He reflexively placed his hand on her back and started patting her softly.

The familiar scent and warmth caused Tang Doudou's emotions to go out of control and she started crying hard.

Baili Yu didn't ask why she was crying and mulled over why he didn't feel any discomfort towards this person.

Who was this person?

He felt that he knew this person well, but he couldn't recall who this person was.

However, the sound of this person's crying made his heart clutch with pain.

After a long while, Tang Doudou finally stopped crying. She lifted her head a little and saw that his chest was soaked with her tears and snot. She recalled his mysophobia, then scratched her head in embarrassment. "I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose, I was just too moved.""Moved?" Baili Yu parted his lips slightly. He didn't seem to care about his dirtied clothing and just reached out to wipe away Tang Doudou's tears. "Lady, do you know me?"

"Lady?" Tang Doudou's eyes lit up. Could it be that he was just pretending earlier?

Baili Yu smiled slightly and took off the soaked mustaches and brows from her face. Placing them in her palm, he said with a smile, "They got loose."

Only then did Tang Doudou realize that she was the one that ended up exposing herself. She closed her fist tightly around them before glancing up embarrassedly. For some reason, she felt like she could never get enough of his beautiful looks. She asked nervously, "You really don't remember me anymore?"

"Who are you? Do we know each other?" asked Baili Yu.

His radiant, glass-like eyes were filled with confusion. Tang Doudou sighed. He really had lost his memories.

Baili Yu seemed to be still waiting for Tang Doudou's reply and continued peering straight into her eyes.

Although he didn't remember her, he could sense that he had special feelings towards the woman in front of him.

A feeling, one that seemed to be called love.


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