Chapter 317.1: Let's Not Tell Him for the Time Being

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After releasing her flood of emotions, she calmed down and pulled Baili Yu over to sit at the table. Gazing at him, she hesitantly opened her mouth.

How was she supposed to tell him?

Should she directly tell him about his background and identity? Tell him that he was actually the richest person in the world, Baili Yu?

Then tell him everything that had happened?

That would probably take several days of talking, and Qing gongzi was already suspicious of her.

Since she still wasn't clear on Baili Yu's current situation, she couldn't act rashly. Otherwise, it'd be troublesome if she ended up creating more trouble.

The most important issue was that she currently had no way to get in touch with Jun Xin!

With her martial arts level, if she tried to bring away Baili Yu who had lost his martial arts, if anything happened, the outcome would be too terrible to imagine.

In addition, it hadn't been easy for her to find him, so how could she make him suffer with her again?

Baili Yu sat opposite Tang Doudou and took in the changes in her expression. She was happy, then frowning, and her little hand would move around in little whirls as she thought about things. His lips involuntarily curled up. This lady was really adorable.

When Tang Doudou saw him smile, she glared at him in annoyance. She was feeling extremely worried, but he was still smiling?

She rubbed her chin as she peered into his eyes. "Do you trust me?"

Baili Yu didn't hesitate. "I do."

Tang Doudou's anger was immediately swept away. See this? This was her man! Even though he lost his memories, he still trusted her without hesitation!

"En, I'm relieved that you trust me."

Baili Yu nodded. "I'm relieved too."


"I'm relieved to see that you're relieved," he replied.

Tang Doudou sighed as she scratched her head in vexation. "Why can't you remember anything?"

"Remember what?"

"It's nothing, don't worry about it." Tang Doudou didn't plan to tell him much. Before he recovered his memories, it would just confuse him to tell him too much and it might caused Qing gongzi to realize what she was here for.

She dawdled for a while, pretty much just staring at Baili Yu while he stared back at her. Finally, Tang Doudou was defeated. She couldn't take Baili Yu's confused, helpless and curious gaze any longer. It kept tempting her to just kidnap him.

She coughed softly, then stuck her fake mustache and brows back on. "In a bit, when that Qing gongzi asks..."

"I know what to say." Baili Yu continued gazing at her as he said this with a smile.

Tang Doudou asked, surprised, "You know?"

She felt stupid. As expected of intelligent people, they still remained so smart even after losing their memories.

Baili Yu curved his eyes slightly as he extended his jade-like finger to adjust Tang Doudou's tilted mustache. "I'll say that I accompanied you in eating and playing, then we had a quiet private talk. Sir liked my service quite a lot and would be coming again to visit me."

Wow, this was seriously perfect.

When she felt the cold finger next to her lips, she reflexively licked at it. Baili Yu's finger stiffened and he froze.

Then he slowly shifted his gaze down.

Tang Doudou's heart leapt. She hastily stood up and said in a fluster, "I-I, then... I'll leave first."

"Alright!" Baili Yu didn't seemed embarrassed at all and slowly pulled back his hand. He stood up as well. "I'll see you out."

"N-no need." Tang Doudou waved. She was a little flustered right now, so she needed to be by herself to calm down.

Baili Yu didn't insist and just said, "Then be careful."

"Alright." Tang Doudou walked to the door reluctantly while peeking back. When she got to the door, she turned around and said, "Y-you should be careful too."

Baili Yu nodded with a slight smile. Just this simple movement made her feel a lot more at ease.

She pushed open the door and as Qing gongzi looked at her with a strange expression, she paid the bill and left.

After leaving Wind Cherishing House, Tang Doudou gazed at the street and sighed. "It feels like it's been a long time since Jun Xin has popped up. Where exactly did he go?"

If Jun Xin was here, she could've directly taken Baili Yu away instead of going through all this trouble.

"Brother Tang, Brother Tang!" Tang Doudou had been wandering around the street. Just as she was about to head back to the inn, Lin Shuxuan and his group who had been searching for her in the city spotted her in the crowd.

"Brother Lin, what are you doing here?" She had been deep in thought about how to get Baili Yu out so it took her awhile to react and greet Lin Shuxuan.

Lin Shuxuan saw that she seemed out of it and asked, "What did Brother Tang see? Why did you disappear so suddenly? It was quite hard to find you."

Tang Doudou replied, "I thought I saw someone I knew earlier in the crowd. However, when I caught up with that person, it turned out to be the wrong person."

Lin Shuxuan revealed an understanding expression. When he recalled his phantom-like movements when he left, his eyes dimmed slightly. "Is Brother Tang about to head back to the inn?"

Tang Doudou nodded. She currently wasn't in the mood to socialize with Lin Shuxuan. "I'm a little tired."

Upon seeing this, Lin Shuxuan gave a polite smile. "Then Brother Tang should go rest up. I'll look for you tomorrow. Let's go together to the Hibiscus River to view the lotus flowers?"

"This Tang will definitely show up on time, thank you for your gracious invitation."

Lin Shuxuan could tell that he wasn't in the mood to chat, so he bidded him goodbye and left. Before leaving though, he repeatedly exhorted that he definitely had to come tomorrow morning.

Tang Doudou didn't know what he was planning, but she agreed.


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