Chapter 318.1: Enemy Encounter

Prodigal Alliance Head


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How could he, a servant, know about something not even his master knew about?

Luckily, Lin Shuxuan wasn't actually expecting an answer from him. His eyes darkened, then he asked, "Have you finished the arrangements for tonight?"

"I went this afternoon to give them instructions, so now they're just waiting for you to head over," said Ah Cai with a laugh.

"En, let's go."


Tang Doudou had gotten very familiar with Hibiscus Garrison's nightlife these past few days. It was extremely lively. It only took her a few moments to reach Wind Cherishing House. When she saw that there were streams of people entering the building, she rubbed her chin in thought. After tidying up her clothes and making sure her mustache was in place, she followed the stream of people in.

She couldn't understand why this male brothel was doing even better than traditional brothels.

Could it be that there were that many people who liked men?

However, she soon found out that she was wrong.

After those people entered the building, they went and sat down in the main hall. The hall was decorated more exquisitely than the last time she had been here. After the guests sat down, some called for boys to accompany them, but many had brought pretty women of their own. They seemed quite familiar with each other since there was a lot of laughter as they conversed.

Tang Doudou glanced upstairs and saw that Qing gongzi was standing in the corridor while watching these guests.

He seemed to have sensed her gaze as he looked over. When he saw that it was her, he greeted her with a slight smile.

Tang Doudou was confused by his polite attitude since she had clearly annoyed him during her last visit. Why was he greeting her like they were familiar old friends?

She couldn't figure out what exactly it was, so after mulling over it a while, she stopped thinking about it and went upstairs.

Two male courtesans immediately walked up to block her way. "Apologies, Sir, we're not taking any guests upstairs today."Tang Doudou glanced at them and saw that one of the courtesans was the one called Lian er. Her expression darkened and she said, "Lian er, it seemed that your Qing gongzi hasn't punished you enough!"

Lian er had felt that this guest seemed familiar from his first glance, so with this prompt, he immediately recalled who this guest was. His handsome little face paled a little and he said timidly, "So it was Sir Tang. Lian er didn't block your way on purpose, so please don't take offense."

Tang Doudou gave a disdainful humph and pushed him aside to head upstairs.

Lian er didn't dare to try and stop her. When the other courtesan saw Lian er's fearful reaction, he didn't dare to block this guest either. Thus, Tang Doudou was able to quickly make it up the stairs and reach Qing gongzi.

"Qing gongzi, I trust you've been well!" Tang Doudou faked a smile as she cupped her fist towards Qing gongzi.

Qing gongzi had shifted his gaze away after that initial glance, so he was actually quite surprised to hear this guest's voice. He hadn't expected for this person to run directly up to him.

He glanced towards the stairs. When he saw Lian er looking towards him fearfully, he shifted his gaze away and looked towards Tang Doudou. "Tang gongzi."

"I don't seem to have told you guys about my name. You..."

"Oh, it was Escort Xue that told me."

"So it was like that." Tang Doudou smiled, then she stared into this eyes as she asked, "Where is he?"As expected, this guest was here for him.

After silently remarking that, Qing gongzi's expression turned regretful. "Escort Xue is indisposed today and won't be able to entertain any guests."

When Tang Doudou heard that, she asked worriedly, "What's wrong with him? Is it serious?"

"It's not serious, it's not anything relating to his health.""Then what is it about?" Tang Doudou naturally intended to get a clear answer. She felt that it was best to make Qing gongzi feel that she was infatuated with Baili Yu so that it would be easier for her to see him.

"So Tang gongzi really doesn't know."

Tang Doudou asked curiously, "Know what?"

Then her words took a shift. "These past few days, I kept getting dragged around by Young Master Lin so I didn't have the chance to come visit. Is he angry with me because of that?"

Qing gongzi hastily shook his head. "How could the boys here dare to be angry with the gracious guests? That's not the case."

"Then what is it? Just tell me already!" Tang Doudou feigned anger.

Qing gongzi pointed downstairs. "Tang gongzi has probably noticed that Wind Cherishing House is full of guests today. They're all here for Escort Xue."Tang Doudou was taken aback. "What do you mean?"

Qing gongzi chuckled and said, "If Sir truly does like Escort Xue, why don't you take a seat downstairs? As long as Sir has enough money..."

He didn't finish his words and just glanced at her meaningfully. The meaning was clear. Fudge, Baili Yu was about to take the stage!

Tang Doudou followed a boy that was serving as the guide and found a good seat. She sat down to wait for her husband to appear on stage...


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