Chapter 318.2: Enemy Encounter

Prodigal Alliance Head


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If someone asked her how she was feeling, it couldn't be described just with total despair.

She looked around uneasily, then squeezed her deflated pouch. Fudge, she didn't have much money left. Could it be that she'd have to just watch as someone else purchased Baili Yu?

Pei! That was her husband, how could she allow someone else to sully him?

The only person allowed to buy him tonight was her!

She resolved herself. Fudge, if it came to money, who had more than her!? She rubbed the thumb ring that she had tied around her neck as she narrowed her gaze. Even if she had to use up all of her wealth, she still had to buy Baili Yu back!

Then, she felt that this activity was actually a good chance for her. As long as Wind Cherishing House recognized her form of payment, it would be much easier for her to bring Baili Yu out of here.

However, her current issue was how to quickly get some more money.

She glanced around at the people sitting next to her. Based on their clothing, they didn't seem to be very wealthy. Since they had even paid for male escorts, they probably wouldn't be able to bring out much money later.

She felt for the banknotes she had left and her gaze lit up. If no rough and wealthy local tyrant showed up, she might be able to successfully purchase Baili Yu's first night! She might even be able to buy him out of here!

After coming to this conclusion, she sat there patiently and waited for Baili Yu to come out.

Just at this moment, she heard Lian er cry out in surprise. "Aiyah, Young Master Lin, what wind was it that blew you here?"

"You're Lin er right?" Tang Doudou heard Lin Shuxuan's frivolous laughter come from behind her before there was the usual sound of the fan flipping open.

It was already autumn, yet he was still carrying a fan around all day. Wasn't he worried about catching a cold from fanning himself too much?

As Tang Doudou silently criticized him, she started trying to figure out how to avoid him.

From the looks of it, Lin Shuxuan had looked for her today to bring her to this place. If she had known earlier, she would've just gone with him and avoided this extra trouble.

At that time, if she ran out of money, she could've borrowed some from him as well. 

However, for now, she had to avoid him.

Tang Doudou glanced towards Lin Shuxuan who was being led in by Lian er. When she saw that he was looking over in this direction, she hastily said to the courtesan that was accompanying her, "Could it be that you guys don't even have a private room? This hall is way too loud! It's so annoying. I might just burn this damned place..."

That courtesan had just been celebrating the fact that he got a good guest who didn't tease or try to feel him up when he heard these words. His face immediately paled and he said, "Sir, please don't get angry. If I have in any way..."

Tang Doudou slapped the table. "Just open a room for me! I want a private room!"

"Understood, understood..." The courtesan ran off in a panic and soon came back with an ingratiating smile. "Sir, you truly are lucky. We just happen to have one more private room left. Xiao Yi will lead you there right now."

Tang Doudou lifted her chin and gave a haughty 'en.'

Xiao Yi smiled. "Sir, this way please."Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that they were running into familiar people again. She kept an eye on Lin Shuxuan, who was fortunately engrossed in talking, as she followed Xiao Yi up the stairs and entered the so-called private room.

In reality, it was just a little booth made by partitioning screens that had a semi-transparent gauze curtain in front. It was simple, but not bad aesthetically. 

Tang Doudou sat down, then dismissed Xiao Yi so that he would stop getting in the way of her brain waves.

Wind Cherishing House was seriously hateful as well to make them wait this long.

She took a sip of the tea, then crossed her legs as she looked towards the booth next to her. When she saw that there was no movement on that side, she quietly got onto the chair to peek over the partitioning screen. There was no one there. She couldn't help but wonder if Qing gongzi was messing with her. Was this really a private room?

And when she walked upstairs, he wasn't there anymore.

Tang Doudou then giggled. This was perfect timing!

She got down from the chair and left the booth to find the room where guqin music was coming from. After walking a while, she heard Baili Yu's familiar voice.

It was here!

Tang Doudou's face lit up with joy. Then she licked her finger and poked a hole on the paper window to peek in.

Baili Yu was still dressed in white and his silky black hair cascaded over his shoulders as he stroked the guqin with his slender fingers. "I know, you can head out now."

He was talking to the courtesan standing in front of him.

The courtesan still wanted to say something, but when he recalled how highly Qing gongzi seemed to think of Baili Yu, he swallowed back his words and just said, "Understood."

Baili Yu didn't even lift his eyes to look at the courtesan, so the courtesan could only quietly withdraw.

Once he left, Tang Doudou reached out to knock on the window. Suddenly, her instincts screamed at her and she quickly dodged to the side.

A stern light refracting off a blade struck right in front of her. Had she been a breath slower, she probably would've already been dead!

She didn't try to look for the attacker. She could tell from this ruthless and decisive attack that it had been Liu Zhiyuan.

Tang Doudou was surprised to encounter him so quickly, but it was also within her predictions. The reason why Liu Zhiyuan hadn't appeared last time was probably because he hadn't been certain of her identity.

Liu Zhiyuan still hadn't shown himself. Since he was skilled at keeping himself hidden, Tang Doudou didn't dare to be careless and kept looking around on alert.

If she didn't want to die an early death, she shouldn't try to fight Liu Zhiyuan head-on with force. She wasn't even close to a match for him, so she had to use other means.

However, she was confused as to why Liu Zhiyuan sent Baili Yu here after he lost his memories? Could it be that he was doing this in revenge?

But, based on how twisted he was, wasn't choosing this method of revenge going too easy on Baili Yu?

After Liu Zhiyuan made that attack, he didn't make any other moves.

Tang Doudou knew that he was definitely still around so she didn't dare to move. She was worried that if she moved, Liu Zhiyuan would notice something. She had only managed to dodge his first strike due to luck. If he attacked again, there was no guarantee that she would be as lucky.


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