Chapter 320.1: I Have Plenty of Money

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Lian er felt that his looks were in no way inferior to Escort Xue's! The only reason Escort Xue had so many pursuers was because he liked to act noble and aloof. When it came to attending to guests though, who was better at it than him?

In addition, men always liked new things. Perhaps this guest had already gotten tired of Escort Xue and was out here for new entertainment. Escort Xue wasn't very amiable and often would face customers with attitude. What men could stand such attitude for long?

However, he was different. His gentle and delicate personality fitted men's tastes perfectly. Even Qing gongzi had praised him on his ability to charm men. If he was able to get on this guest's good side, he might be able to take the position of being the best courtesan in Wind Cherishing House!

Lian er poured a bowl of wine for Tang Doudou and offered it. "Sir, please try some."

"I don't drink alcohol.'

Lian er then poured a cup of tea. "Then Sir, try this tea?"

"No thanks."

Lian er's smile stiffened. If this guest refused both alcohol and tea, how was he supposed to wait on this guest?

Tang Doudou couldn't be bothered with what Lian er was thinking. She was getting a little impatient since Baili Yu still wasn't showing up. "Why is he still not out?"

When Lian er saw that the guest was impatient to see Escort Xue, he bit his lips unhappily. However, he soon smiled again and knelt down by Tang Doudou's legs to help massage her legs. "Sir, actually, Escort Xue has always been very willful. He'd often make the guests wait for half the day."

Tang Doudou reacted adversely to Lian er's action. He was a courtesan, but shouldn't he still have some dignity? However, he was kneeling so casually in a such a fawning matter in front of everyone. It was unbearably embarrassing and shameful.

She originally wanted to push him away, but since he brought up Baili Yu, she decided to take advantage of this chance to get more information. After thinking for a little while, she asked, "Escort Xue... seems to be different from the rest of you?"

"Of course he's different. We all grew up in Wind Cherishing House, this place is our home. However, although our boss personally trained Escort Xue, he's actually not someone of Wind Cherishing House," said Lian er with a soft smile.

It wasn't hard to hear the envy in his voice though. Tang Doudou didn't continue asking about this in order to avoid arousing Lian er's suspicions.

This was already a good amount of information. It meant that Baili Yu had arrived at this place later and Nangong Yan hadn't been with him. This was probably due to the boss of Wind Cherishing House.

So the question was, who exactly was the boss of this place?

Who had so much influence or power as to cause Liu Zhiyuan apprehension?

As she was thinking, she started hearing music from the stage. It was a soft and suave guqin and reed music. The noisy hall immediately quieted down and looked towards the stage.

The two instruments combined in perfect harmony, but Tang Doudou could tell that it wasn't Baili Yu playing. His music always contained a sense of melancholy and loss that added an irresistible beauty which pulled you in.

Once she realized that it wasn't Baili Yu playing, she lost interest. She picked up the teacup and used the lid to brush aside the loose leaves as she sat there quietly.

When Lian er saw this, he became even more certain that this guest had already lost interest in Escort Xue.

"Sir, do you feel stiff anywhere else? Do you need Lian er to help you massage?"

Tang Doudou glanced at him. "Sit up."

"Huh?" Lian er glanced up at Tang Doudou in confusion. He blinked his big watery eyes as he blushed slightly.

Tang Doudou's brows jumped. He couldn't be thinking that she was telling him to sit on her lap, right?

He wished!

"Sit down next to me. When it comes time to call out prices, make sure to do so in an imposing manner and make your voice ring out! Don't be quiet like a mosquito. If you can't do it, call someone else for me!" Tang Doudou didn't bother to even glance at Lian er. She was thinking that she should've stayed with Xiao Yi instead. Although Xiao Yi also looked weak and delicate, he didn't act so horny.

Lian er looked like a complete bottom. His efforts at acting coquettish were completely wasted on her, this straight woman.

"Sir, don't worry. I-I can do it!"


"I can do it!" Lian er repeated in a louder tone.

"En, it can be a little louder."

"I can do it!" Lian er spoke even louder. After shouting this, he looked nervously at Tang Doudou as if seeking approval from her.

Tang Doudou glanced at him and said with a slight smile, "Although you're a courtesan, before that, aren't you a man? Can't you pull out the dignity of a man?"

The dignity of a man? Lian er was taken aback. He was a male courtesan, how could he have the dignity of a man? Was this guest purposefully trying to make things difficult for him?

When he seemed troubled, Tang Doudou waved her hand. "Forget it, that earlier is good enough!"

"Alright." Lian er smiled again and poured another cup of tea for her. "Guest, would you like more tea?"



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