Chapter 320.2: I Have Plenty of Money

Prodigal Alliance Head


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As the song came to an end, Qing gongzi appeared in a light pink garment with peach flower embroidery. His outfit complemented his charming features and made him look particularly beautiful. He smiled softly and said, "Qing Cheng must first thank everyone for your longtime support of Wind Cherishing House. Many thanks."

After he finished speaking, he curtsied slightly to express his thanks.

Qing Cheng? What a good name. Tang Doudou watched calmly as Qing Cheng curtsied like a daughter of a rich family. Inwardly, she felt like falling apart. This guy was as handsome as his name in terms of looks and temperament. He could attract countless admirers just standing there on the streets, but he just had to curtsy in such an incongruous way. It was so awkward to watch.

She recalled that Lian er had said that Baili Yu had been personally trained by their boss. Did that mean that Baili Yu would also bow like this when he came out?

Fudge, that would be completely messing up her man! No matter how this ended up, she'd make sure to get back his dignity!

"Next, we'll be inviting out our Escort Xue, Xue Mengyao." Qing Cheng had already finished his unending torrent of an opening remark while Tang Doudou was spaced out.

Xue Mengyao? Which idiot came up with this name? (Xue = snow, Meng = eldest amongst brother, Yao = one of the five legendary emperors)

Tang Doudou silently 'asked after' all eighteen ancestral generations of the person that came up with this name for Baili Yu even as she kept her eyes on the stage. When she had been at his window earlier, he had taken off his coat for her to wear. She hadn't paid attention to it back then so she wasn't sure what color it was, but it was probably crimson red.

No one in the world could compare to him in looks when he was wearing crimson.

He looked pretty good in white as well. When he wasn't smiling, he gave off a very cool and indifferent aura that made everyone keep an instinctive, respectful distance.

However, when he was wearing fiery red expressionlessly with only a hint of a smile in his eyes, it would be as captivating as a hypnotic flame. It was to the point that people would feel the urge to kidnap him back home in order to enjoy the view slowly.

Haaa. Tang Doudou sighed. She had clearly seen it countless times already, so why did she still long to see more?

Why did she forget to tell him not to wear red earlier?

She now regretted it a lot. If Baili Yu showed up in such alluring clothes, he'd probably captivate the entire hall of men!

If those men got over-excited and decided to bet their entire fortunes to obtain Baili Yu, she wouldn't be able to hold her ground with what she currently had!

However, it turned out that perhaps she and Baili Yu pretty good mutual understanding after all, because he slowly walked out from behind the curtains in a white outfit.

His appearance was cool and indifferent as he glanced over at Tang Doudou. He stood there like a jade orchid tree, quietly without speaking a word.

Qing Cheng shot Baili Yu a displeased look, but Baili Yu didn't react at all. Annoyance flashed across Qing Cheng's face, but he still needed to rely on Baili Yu tonight for business, so he could only shelve his anger for now.

"Didn't they say that Escort Xue was an extremely alluring courtesan?"

The moment Baili Yu appeared, the hall became noisy with discussions again.

"He looks so cold, he's practically like an ice cube. I don't see what's so special about him."

"However, he really is so beautiful that he doesn't seem human."

"No matter how beautiful he is, it doesn't matter. Only gentle touchable warmth is real!"

"Tch, you just don't get it. If you can push something this cold down and..."

"Bang!" The conversation was getting more and more vulgar. Tang Doudou couldn't stand it anymore and slapped the table. Lian er started and shrank backward. What was this guest angry about now?

"You're so noisy! It's not like anyone forced you to come here! If you're not willing to stay, then hurry up and scram!"

Her unrestrained shout annoyed a lot of people. The middle-aged man who had been talking the dirtiest stood up angrily. However, instead of shouting at Tang Doudou, he shouted at Qing Cheng. "Qing gongzi, is this how your business treats its guests?"

Qing Cheng didn't know what Tang Longbiao was angry about either and just thought that he was crazy. However, he had heard rumors that Tang Longbiao had been hanging out with Lin Shuxuan a lot, so he assumed that they were both sons from rich families that he couldn't afford to provoke.

However, this Master Wang was also a frequent customer of Wind Cherishing House and couldn't be offended either.

In the end, Qing Cheng was someone with a lot of experience. He soon reacted and walked to Master Wang with a smile. "Master Wang, please don't be angry. This Tang gongzi is a loyal admirer of our Escort Xue. He must be unhappy since there's so much competition today and was trying to get rid of some competition this way  You shouldn't fall for it!"

Then he quickly whispered to Master Wang. "He's the one named Tang Longbiao that Young Master Lin has been inviting out to play every day. Master Wang should think things through."

Master Wang's facial color immediately changed when he heard this.

Qing Cheng didn't stop in front of him for long. He soon moved towards Tang Doudou. "Tang gongzi, Qing Cheng knows that you're unhappy with this arrangement, but these rules are set by the owner. Although I'd like to fulfill you two, I don't have that ability. If gongzi has true feelings towards Escort Xue, Qing Cheng would still give the same advice as before."

Tang Doudou glanced at him. Inwardly, she gave a cold laugh. As expected of the person in charge, he had been able to calm their tempers with just a few words."This master is so poor that all he has left is money, plenty of money. I, Tang Longbiao, insists on taking Escort Xue today!" declared Tang Doudou. She shot a provoking look at Master Wang and gave a disdainful humph before sitting back down.

In truth, she wasn't as crafty as Qing Cheng was making her out to be. All she wanted was to make those vulgar men shut up.

After she sat down, she said, "The spring nights are regretfully short, so Qing gongzi should hurry up!"


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