Chapter 326.1: Was Taught by Me

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The people outside kept causing such a disturbance that Jun Xin couldn't fall asleep. In the end, he angrily kicked aside the screen and stormed towards the door.

Lian er and Jin Yi abruptly stopped arguing when they heard that sound and they looked towards Jun Xin in surprise.

Where did this person come from?

Before they could react, Jun Xin had already kicked both of them down the stairs.

"If you make a disturbance again, I'll kill you!" Jun Xin then pulled Baili Yu inside and slammed the door shut.

He glanced at Baili Yu, annoyed. "Baili Yu, your temper has become way too good."

Baili Yu didn't say anything and just glanced at him before walking to Tang Doudou.

When he saw that Tang Doudou was still dead asleep, he smiled. She was probably seriously tired, to have been able to sleep through all that.

Jun Xin crossed his arms as he leaned against the door. "Back then, you would threaten me with Blood Satan just for breathing too loud while you were resting. But now, you'd just stand there quietly even when people were bickering at your door. Don't you think your temper's a little too good?"

"I don't remember the past anymore, so how would I know?" Baili Yu glanced at Jun Xin. "You're not going to rest?"

"I am!" Jun Xin quietly set the screen upright. Then he remarked, "Something's off. That stinkin' woman usually wakes up from the slightest disturbance, so why didn't she react at all to that noise?"

After saying that, he approached the bed while rubbing his chin. "I'll check her pulse."

He reached out to lift the blanket, but Baili Yu stopped him. "I'll do it."

"Haven't you lost your memories? You still know how to check pulses?" Jun Xin glanced at Baili Yu. In reality, he had been skeptical of Baili Yu's claim that he lost his memories this entire time.

He had seen people that lost their memories before. Those people would often have a huge personality change and wouldn't remember anything. Some would even be driven crazy due to their desires to recover their lost memories. However, not only was Baili Yu unusually calm, many of his usual habits hadn't changed and he still seemed to have an impression of the people he knew before.

When he had first found Baili Yu, Baili Yu hadn't exhibited the slightest shock and had even invited him to sit down and calmly listened to everything he had to say.

After that, he had quickly come to a decision. Truly, aside from the fact that he didn't remember the events of the past, nothing about him had changed.

Or was it that Baili Yu was too intelligent so his symptoms after losing his memories ended up different from that of ordinary people?

Jun Xin crossed his arms as he scanned Baili Yu. Or was it that it wasn't a normal case of amnesia?

Originally, Baili Yu was about to check Tang Doudou's pulse, but Jun Xin's stare made him uncomfortable. "If you want to say something, just say it. Stop sizing me up like that. It's uncomfortable."

Jun Xin burst out laughing. "There's still a little that's different!"

The past Baili Yu would never be bothered by other people's looks.

Baili Yu lifted his brows. "You were probing me?"

"I guess." Jun Xin walked over until he was standing right in front of Baili Yu. "Let me see your hand. I'll check you first."

"I'm not sick, there's no need." Baili Yu decisively rejected it. He didn't like to be touched by anyone other than Tang Doudou. Jun Xin in particular gave him a feeling of danger.

"Aiyah, we have the time anyways, just let me take a look!" Since he had already suggested it, there was no way he was going to give up just like that. "If you won't let me take a look at yours, I'll go look at hers.

"Even if you refuse, I'll still think of a way to do it.

"It's really been years since I've tried to bully you. This really brings back so many memories..." Jun Xin giggled as he slowly approached Baili Yu.

Before Baili Yu had a chance to react, his pressure points had already been sealed and he could no longer move.

Jun Xin hooked a finger under Baili Yu's chin provocatively. "Senior Brother, how does it feel to have your pressure points sealed?"

He had also sealed Baili Yu's voice. Since Baili Yu couldn't talk, he just closed his eyes in surrender.

Jun Xin was delighted to see this and laughed mischievous for a long time. Aiy, karma truly did exist. Baili Yu had bullied him for so many years, but now he finally had a chance to bully him back.

Since he had already sealed Baili Yu's pressure points, if he didn't do a lil' something, that'd really be wasting this great chance.

However, right when this thought occurred to him, he found that he couldn't move either.

"Jun Xin, you crappy little brat! What are you trying to do to my big evil spirit!?" Tang Doudou angrily kicked Jun Xin away before moving over and worriedly asking Baili Yu, "Are you alright?"

"What could I do to him!? This little master isn't interested in men!

"This little master was kindheartedly planning to help figure out why he lost his memories. I only sealed his pressure points because he refused. That way it'd be easier to check his pulse... Aiyah, you're too ruthless with your kicks!" Jun Xin hugged his leg as he rolled from side to side on the ground.

"You're so heartless. How could you do this even though I helped you all the way here!?"

When Tang Doudou heard Jun Xin's explanation, black lines appeared all over her forehead. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was that Jun Xin with approaching Baili Yu with a nefarious grin, so she reflexively attacked him.

But... She looked at Jun Xin who was rolling around on the ground. "How come you can move?"


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