Chapter 326.2: Was Taught by Me

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Jun Xin froze, then he immediately laid down flat on the ground like he had just fallen there. "You must have saw wrong."

Tang Doudou approached him, then lifted her leg. Jun Xin hastily rolled to the side and got up.


"How come you can move after I sealed your pressure points?"

Jun Xin's eyes whirled, then he gave a dry cough. "I was the one that taught you how to seal pressure points. There's no reason for the teacher to be sealed by his student, you know?"

Tang Doudou glared at him. "Pei! So you didn't teach me a good method?"

Jun Xin just laughed. Tang Doudou couldn't stay angry at him with how he was acting. "Little brat, hurry up and undo the big evil spirit's seal."

Jun Xin nodded. "Of course, but before I do that, let me check his pulse."

He spoke in a serious manner, so Tang Doudou couldn't help but wonder if he was suspicious of Baili Yu.

But what was he suspicious of?

This was definitely Baili Yu.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up. Could it be that Jun Xin thought Baili Yu was faking amnesia?

The only reason she thought of it so quickly was because she was a little suspicious as well.

So she turned and asked Baili Yu, "Why don't you let him take a look?"

Baili Yu just glanced at her without saying anything.

However, Jun Xin seemed to recall something and quickly ran over to strike a couple spots on Baili Yu's body before rapidly retreating again. When he saw that Tang Doudou seemed confused, he explained, "I acted too fast earlier and accidently sealed his voice."

But Tang Doudou didn't believe him at all. He had clearly sealed Baili Yu's voice on purpose so that he couldn't wake her up.

After Baili Yu's voice was unsealed, he coughed before saying in a low voice. "I don't want him to check."

"If you won't let me check, then I won't unseal your pressure points!" The only thing Jun Xin was relying on was the fact that Baili Yu had lost his memories and his martial arts. Otherwise, in the past, no matter how fearless he was, in front of Baili Yu his tails would always be tucked between his legs.

Baili Yu glanced at him indifferently. His tone was calm to the point it chilled. "I'll remember this."

Jun Xin's heart jumped nervously, but he refused to admit defeat. "So what if you remember? Who's scared of you?"

A large sweatdrop slid down Tang Doudou's forehead. Baili Yu was clearly holding a grudge!

"D-don't be like this..." When she saw that the atmosphere was turning bad, she had no choice but to try and mediate them. "Look, you guys grew up together like siblings. Just discuss things calmly, alright?

"Jun Xin, you should stop making a fuss too over checking his pulse and stuff. We can just wait until we get back for a specialist to check. You've said so yourself that you don't know much about medicine, what would you be able to find?

"Big evil spirit, you shouldn't be so petty either. Jun Xin's here to help us, and I owe him a lot. If it weren't for him, I would already be reporting to the King of Hell, so you shouldn't hold a grudge against him, alright?"

Jun Xin yawned unhappily. "Fine, whatever you say. Humph... This little master doesn't want to deal with so many troublesome things either. I'm going to sleep."

He walked towards the screen.

Tang Doudou felt pretty apologetic as well since Jun Xin seemed to really have gotten angry. However, Baili Yu's pressure points were still sealed!

"Jun Xin." Although she hadn't wanted to call out to him, she still did.

"It'll undo on its own after four hours."

Tang Doudou furrowed her brows and looked towards Baili Yu helplessly. "Then let's wait four hours? I'll carry you to the bed. It'll be more comfortable to lie down."

Baili Yu smiled. "There's no need."

Tang Doudou frowned. "We still need to travel later tonight. Don't push yourself."

"There's no need to wait four hours, it'll only take a little while."



"Then alright, I'll believe you this once."

Behind the screen, Jun Xin's eyes widened when he heard this. It'll only take a while? Was Baili Yu planning to break the seal on his own?

But his martial arts?

He shifted quietly to peek outside only for the scene of Baili Yu and Tang Doudou gazing passionately into each others' eyes to come into view. He hastily drew back and silently rebuked himself for being stupid enough as to torment himself. Why had he agreed to help her look for Baili Yu back then?

He should have just kidnapped her.

That way he wouldn't have to see them flirt all the time.

He closed his eyes, vexed. What was the point of thinking about this? Once this matter was resolved, he'll have Baili Yu help him get back to Wind Cloud Island. Then once he settled the matter involving his parents, he'll start traveling the world and never deal with these messy things again.

She too, he'll bury deep within his heart.

He had to let go sooner or later.

Baili Yu hadn't lied. After a short while, his body relaxed. He lifted his arm and stretched before sitting down on a nearby chair.

Tang Doudou was excited, but then she glanced at Baili Yu weirdly.

"You want to ask me how I was able to undo it, right?" Baili Yu glanced towards the screen. His voice contained mirth as he said, "That's because when he said that he was the one who taught you to seal pressure points, I suddenly remember that I was the one who taught him how to seal pressure points."

Tang Doudou burst out laughing. Her eyes darted towards the screen as well. "If Jun Xin was awake and heard this, he'd definitely puke blood from anger."

Behind the screen, Jun Xin had already closed his eyes. However, when he heard this exchange, his eyes abruptly shot open. He really did feel like puking blood. How had he forgotten this!?

However, after Baili Yu said this, Jun Xin became even more certain in his conjecture. There was definitely something fishy with Baili Yu's claim of amnesia!


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