Chapter 327.1: Come Up With a Way to Leave

Prodigal Alliance Head


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As night was falling, Gu Xun finally returned. The first thing he did after getting back to Wind Cherishing House was to knock on Tang Doudou's door.

"Boss Gu, you're finally back." Tang Doudou opened the door and welcomed Gu Xun in enthusiastically.

Although Gu Xun was surprised at her attitude, he still followed her into the room. When he saw her sneakily close the door, he finally couldn't restrain his curiosity anymore. "Alliance Head Li, this is?"

"Ahem, there's a little something that I need your help with." Tang Doudou glanced at Baili Yu who was lying on the bed, then sneakily whispered something in Gu Xun's ear.

The more Gu Xun heard, the more his brows furrowed. "How is that possible?"

"Hey, would I lie to you? If you don't believe me, you can go see for yourself!"

Gu Xun hastily said, "No, no need. I'm certain that Alliance Head Li wouldn't lie to me."

"That's good." Tang Doudou then sat down. "Boss Gu, how are the preparations for our departure going?"

When this subject was brought up, Gu Xun's expression relaxed quite a bit. His tone contained a bit of joy as he said, "The situation isn't as severe as we had predicted. The Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce had attracted a lot of attention so there's not as much people paying attention to you. In addition, though there are a lot of people that hold grudges against you, there are not a lot that really dare to do anything to you. After all, they're still afraid of Cloud City, that huge monster!"

People definitely wouldn't dare to attack in broad daylight, but the same couldn't be said for hidden attacks.

That was what Tang Doudou was thinking, but on the surface, she expressed relief. "That's good news."

Gu Xun glanced at her, then changed the topic. "My sources tell me that there are three main groups that have come to Hibiscus Garrison to block you. One of them is your old enemy, Elder Yu."

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. That old guy really was like a lingering spirit, he just wouldn't give up. Even at such an age, he still insisted on sticking his nose into these things.

"Another is the recently established Flowing Clouds Palace," continued Gu Xun.

Flowing Clouds Palace? Tang Doudou snuck a glance at Gu Xun. When she saw that there was no change in his expression, she asked with a slight smile, "Flowing Clouds Palace? But I don't recall having offended them."

"The head of Flowing Cloud Palace, Fu Yunliu, has been gaining a lot of influence lately, so it's not strange that he had set his sights on the position of alliance head," replied Gu Xun with a laugh.

Tang Doudou was thrown off by his manner. Could it be that her guess had been wrong?

There was no relationship between Gu Xun and Flowing Clouds Palace?

"Who else is there?" She had expected for Elder Yu to be involved, but hadn't expected for Flowing Clouds Palace to be involved. Who was the third party?

"I don't know much about the last group either. All I know is that they have always been mysterious and their whereabouts have always been strange. However, they are very similar to the group of people that had held Baili Yu captive. They're dressed in black robes and have their faces covered."

Haaa, the Seven Great Saint Tribes?

Tang Doudou glanced towards the screen. Hadn't Jun Xin said that the Seven Great Saint Tribes had fallen into chaos? Why did they still have the time to come bother her?

"Other than those people, are there anymore?'

Gu Xun nodded. "There are also people traveling by themselves, but I don't know the details about them. However, the swordsman that has been keeping an eye on Wind Cherishing House this entire time is among them."

"That swordsman is Nangong Yan's servant." Of these people, Liu Zhiyuan would probably be the most troublesome. Tang Doudou considered this information for a few moment, then asked, "Boss Gu, when can we set off?"

"Probably once the sun sets. At that time, you guys should leave through the secret passage below Wind Cherishing House. Once you exit the passage, there will be someone to meet you. I've already arranged for everything. As long as no unexpected incidents occur, you guys will be able to return to Huai City quietly."

The chances that no unexpected incidents would occur were very low. The Seven Great Saint Tribes had too many tricks up their sleeves. They might even be waiting at the exit of the passage already.

Gu Xun didn't even know about the Seven Great Saint Tribes, so he had no hopes of being able to deal with them.

In the end, it seemed she'd have to rely on herself. Tang Doudou asked, "I have to visit the inn I stayed in before. Does Boss Gu have any ways to help me do so?"

Gu Xun was confused. "Did Alliance Head Li leave something important there? I can send someone to get it for you?"

Tang Doudou said with a smile, "That item is very important to me, so I had hid it carefully. Your subordinates probably wouldn't be able to find it, so it's best if I head back to get it myself."

Gu Xun looked troubled and said hesitantly, "It's not that I want to keep you in here, but it's seriously too dangerous. If you run into anything, it may delay the departure."

"It's fine, as long as no one recognizes me when I leave Wind Cherishing House, I have a way to get back safely."

Gu Xun still hesitated. He wasn't willing to let her take this risk, but he couldn't find any reason to stop her, so he finally agreed to help her.

Tang Doudou said with a smile, "Then I'll thank Boss Gu in advance. Could Boss Gu help call Lian er here for me?"


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