Chapter 327.2: Come Up With a Way to Leave

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"Lian er?" Gu Xun looked at Tang Doudou with surprise. "Why is Alliance Head Li looking for Lian er?"

After asking that, he worried that Tang Doudou would misunderstand him, so he explained, "In Wind Cherishing House, Jin Yi is the only one that knows about my plan, so dragging Lian er into it is..."

Tang Doudou shook her head. "Boss Gu, I understand your worries, but I really do need Lian er for this. Don't worry, it's definitely not related to this matter. I just need to ask him some private questions."

This explanation didn't quite match up. Lian er was just a courtesan, what was there about him that could've caught Tang Doudou's eye?

In addition, Lian er was very petty and had a dirty mouth, yet he always liked to act very delicate and sweet. Although the guests liked him, none of the people in this brothel liked him.

Gu Xun had a faint recollection of this courtesan because he had almost driven him out of Wind Cherishing House for being audacious and refusing to follow orders.

He couldn't understand what exactly Tang Doudou liked about Lian er. Jin Yi had also informed him that Tang Doudou had asked for Lian er in the afternoon.

However, because she was asleep, they didn't actually see each other and a strange person had kicked Lian er down the stairs.

That's right, who was that person?

Gu Xun looked around, then his gaze stopped on the screen. Was he in there?

It was probably Jun Xin. There was no one else he knew of that would follow Tang Doudou so closely.

"Boss Gu? What are you looking at?" asked Tang Doudou curiously when she saw that his attention was focused on the screen.

Gu Xun retrieved his gaze. "Ahem, it's nothing."

Tang Doudou smiled and didn't press him.

"Since Alliance Head Li insists on heading out, I won't stop you. Time is tight so I'll go call Lian er up for you right now, and then I'll help you two leave Wind Cherishing House quietly." As Gu Xun got up, he glanced towards the screen again.

Tang Doudou said, "Then I'll be troubling you, Boss Gu."

"No need to be so polite, Alliance Head Li. It's just an exchange. I just hope that Alliance Head Li won't forget what you've promised me." Gu Xun walked past the screen and glanced behind it, but he didn't see anyone there. He furrowed his brows in confusion. He had clearly sensed someone behind the screen earlier, so why was there no one there?

"Don't worry, Boss Gu, as long as I get to Huai City safely, I'll naturally fulfill the promise." It was a different story if there was no way to get back safely.

Gu Xun nodded with a smile, then left.

Tang Doudou watched him leave, then silently sunk into thought for a while. She walked behind the screen and saw that Jun Xin was sprawled out there sleeping.

Wasn't Jun Xin right here?

Why did Gu Xun look as if he hadn't seen him?

"It looks like your guess was wrong." Baili Yu sat up and leaned against the head of the bed.

Tang Doudou nodded, then shook her head. "No, my feeling's definitely right. Gu Xun can't be trusted."

"The stinkin' woman is right for once. It's best not to trust these Bai family siblings. Gu Xun isn't a good person, and Bai Feiyun is no better." Jun Xin walked out from behind the screen. "There's no way you guys will be able to get back by relying on Gu Xun, so I'm going to head out to arrange things. You guys should be careful, especially you. Why are you heading out for no reason?"

"I need to look for Lin Shuxuan," said Tang Doudou in a low voice.

"Lin Shuxuan? Who's that?" Jun Xin didn't know about the things that had happened recently so he didn't know who Lin Shuxuan is.

Tang Doudou said, "He's a rich kid that I met here in Hibiscus Garrison. He has quite some influence here."

"How much influence could someone from a tiny place like this have?" Jun Xin showed his disdain.

"You shouldn't look down on him. He'll come in very useful in helping us leave." Tang Doudou giggled without explaining further.

Jun Xin curled his lips disdainfully. "Alright, then look after yourself, I'm leaving!"

Not long after Jun Xin left, Lian er came upstairs.

"Alliance Head Li." After Lian er walked in, he glanced at Tang Doudou timidly. "Does Alliance Head Li have instructions for Lian er?"

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin and glanced behind her. When Lian er walked in, Baili Yu had lay back down. From the even breathing sounds, it seemed he had fallen asleep.

"Lian er ah! You said that you had grown up in Wind Cherishing House, right?"

Lian er didn't know why she asked this, but he replied in the usual way, "En, most of the courtesans here had grown up in Wind Cherishing House."

"Then what about the courtesans that were here while you guys were still children? Where did they go? Why haven't I seen any of them?" asked Tang Doudou.

Lian er froze. Tang Doudou explained, "I heard someone say that Wind Cherishing House has been here for twenty years already, but you guys look only fourteen at most. So who worked here while you guys were still children? It couldn't be that Wind Cherishing House waited until you guys grew up to start taking customers, right?"

"Oh, Alliance Head Li, why are you asking about this?" Lian er exclaimed in surprise, seeming stunned by Tang Doudou's question.

"I'm just asking casually. Just answer me honestly. If you answer well, this Alliance Head has a big reward for you!"

"Alliance Head Li, you're clearly making things hard for this servant on purpose! I was so little back then, how could I possibly remember?" Lian er pouted unhappily.

Tang Doudou brushed back her head and said apologetically, "It was my neglectance."

Lian er glanced over at Baili Yu out of the corner of his eye. When he saw that Baili Yu was asleep, he slowly moved closer to Tang Doudou and asked sweetly, "Could it be that Alliance Head Li called this servant over only to ask these boring questions?"

Tang Doudou didn't push him away so he fell into her arms. "Alliance Head Li, this night is so quiet and boring. Why not allow Lian er to dance for you?"

"Dance?" Tang Doudou shook her head. "No, I have another task for you, but Lian er, will you be able to bear this responsibility?"

Lian er's brows furrowed slightly. This was the martial arts alliance head, how could a courtesan like him help her with anything?


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