Chapter 329.2: Goal Achieved

Prodigal Alliance Head


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After Lin Shuxuan finished listening to all of it, he nodded. "Alright, I'll help you arrange that right now."

"Many thanks, Brother Lin!"

"Although you're the martial arts alliance head, to me, you're still that refreshing and straightforward Brother Tang." Lin Shuxuan's gaze was bright as he lowered his head and gradually leaned closer to Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou silently cursed. So it turned out that this silk pants gongzi had approached her with lustful intentions!

She discreetly pushed him away as she exclaimed, "Oh no, I have to hurry and rush back. Brother Lin, I'll be counting on you!"

Lin Shuxuan said, "Alright, then be careful."

Tang Doudou quietly returned to the nearby room. Lian er was still calling, but his voice was very hoarse.

"Lian er! You can stop now." Tang Doudou picked up the clothing on the ground and climbed onto the bed. Then she untied the waist belts wrapped around Lian er's eyes and mouth as she said, "Let's go, it's about time for us to head back."

Lian er's eyes were completely red and swollen like balls. When he saw Tang Doudou, he pressed his lips together and tears started falling like a faucet was turned.

Tang Doudou made a sympathizing expression as she patted his shoulder. "Stop crying. Look, just by crying for a while, you got the chance to leave Wind Cherishing House. That's a really good exchange, isn't it?"

Lian er glanced at her tearfully. "En."

"Alright, alright, put on your clothes and let's leave."

When they got back to Wind Cherishing House, Gu Xun ran over anxiously. "You're finally back! If you didn't return soon, we would've missed the timing!"

Tang Doudou first had Lian er leave, then she pushed open the door to Baili Yu's room. When she saw that he was still sleeping, she walked back outside with a smile and asked, "How much longer until we can head out?"

Gu Xun furrowed his brows. "If you guys are ready, we can leave at any time."

"Alright, I'll go wake Baili Yu up now."

"Then I'll go prepare as well. Once I finish preparing, I'll immediately arrange for someone to send you guys out."

Tang Doudou nodded. After taking a few steps, she paused and said, "Oh, that's right. Boss Gu, I want to buy Lian er. How much would it cost?"

"You want to buy him?"

Gu Xun was confused. Could it be that she really has taken a fancy to Lian er?

Tang Doudou naturally had her own reasons for doing this. The less she explained, the harder it would be for Gu Xun to guess what she was thinking.

"En, I promised Lian er yesterday that I would pay his ransom, so Boss Gu, I'll have to trouble you to bring his contract over!"

Gu Xun hesitated for a moment as if he wanted to advise her against it, but then he thought better of it and just nodded before instructing someone to get Lian er's contract.

Tang Doudou skimmed over the contract. When she saw that the contract stated that Lian er started working here at the age of seven, several of her questions were cleared up.

As she had expected, these courtesans hadn't grown up here as they had claimed.

"Alliance Head Li, the fact that you like Lian er is his fortune. Moreover, it's just a little courtesan. There's no need to be polite with me and talk about money. Just treat it as a gift from me," said Gu Xun with a laugh as he offered her the contract.

Originally, Tang Doudou didn't want to take it and wanted Gu Xun to hand it directly to Lian er, but when she saw that Lian er was eavesdropping downstairs, she changed her mind and took it. "Then Xueyi won't be polite!"

Gu Xun left with a smile to finish the rest of the preparations. Tang Doudou watched him for a while, then turned back to enter the room.

"Have you gotten everything you needed?" Baili Yu was standing in the room. When he saw her come in, he smiled towards her warmly. "Did things go smoothly?"

Tang Doudou nodded. "It went perfectly."

"Jun Xin came back and said to give these things to you."

"What things?"

Baili Yu pointed towards the bed. "They seem to be human skin masks."

"Human skin masks?" Tang Doudou walked towards the bed curiously and saw that there were two human skin masks on the bed. She picked them up with furrowed brows. "Could it be that he wants us to wear these?

"That's not right. With Gu Xun keeping such a tight watch on us, we wouldn't be able to leave even with our faces disguised."

"Let's put them away for now. Since he gave them to us, they'll definitely come into use." Baili Yu helped Tang Doudou come to a decision.

Tang Doudou nodded and placed the masks inside the box.

"This was what you went out to get?" When Baili Yu saw the contents of the box, his expression changed. He had a feeling that these things had something to do with him. They seemed to be things that he had been searching for for a very long time, they were very important.

"En, this is for curing the Hoarfrost Poison in your body. It's just a shame that you've lost your memories, otherwise you'd know how to use them." Tang Doudou sighed, then swiftly put the items away again before heading downstairs with Baili Yu.

Gu Xun was already downstairs waiting. When he saw them, he called Jin Yi over to lead them to the secret passage.

They went with the earlier plan. Gu Xun's subordinates would lead them through the secret passage to meet up with the people outside, then they'd quietly leave.

The subordinate that Gu Xun sent was Jin Yi.

"Alliance Head Li, please come with me." When they got to the secret passageway, Jin Yi walked inside with only a small oil lamp.

Tang Doudou and Baili Yu shared a glance. Just as they stepped inside, Tang Doudou felt a bout of dizziness and her stomach churned, so she leaned against the wall and retched.

"Doudou? What's wrong?" Tang Doudou's abnormal condition gave Baili Yu a fright. He hastily walked over to support her and rub her back.

Tang Doudou didn't know what was going on either. She thought it was probably due to something she ate while she had been out with Lian er, so she waved and said, "I'm fine, let's go."

However, Jin Yi's brows furrowed. Tang Doudou's current condition, why did it seem to be like...


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