Chapter 330.1: Ill

Prodigal Alliance Head


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The nausea soon passed. Jin Yi walked in front while Baili Yu supported Tang Doudou and followed him. The dark surroundings made Tang Doudou very uncomfortable and the faint acrid smell of rot made her feel like vomiting again.

At first, she thought it was something she ate, but when the feeling didn't go away, she started wondering about it. She was vomiting so much. Could it be that she was pregnant?

But if she was pregnant, shouldn't the morning sickness period already be over?

It had already been four months since she and Baili Yu did that? How could there be no signs or any feeling for four months?

Suddenly, she recalled something important.

Her great aunt didn't seem to have visited during these months that she was rushing here!

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, her forehead filled with cold sweat. It couldn't be, right? She really was pregnant?

The lamp didn't light up the area well enough to see, but Baili Yu could sense Tang Doudou's unease and discomfort from the arm he had wrapped around her. He lifted her up in a princess hold and whispered worriedly, "Are you not feeling well? If you are, you have to tell me, got it?"

Tang Doudou felt very dizzy and weak as she leaned into his arms. She opened her mouth but found that she barely had the strength to even talk. All she wanted was to sleep.

"I want to sleep for a while."

Baili Yu furrowed his brows, then kissed her forehead. "Alright. I'll carry you, so sleep in peace. I'm here."Right after he said that, her breathing started to slow and soon became steady.

What exactly happened? Wasn't she fine just a moment ago?

They still had a lot more to travel. How would she be able to endure that in this state?

Numerous thoughts flashed through Baili Yu's head and caused his usually unperturbed heart to become vexed. If only he hadn't lost his memories!

If he still had his martial arts, who would dare to keep him trapped in this little garrison?

"Baili gongzi." Jin Yi suddenly spoke.

Baili Yu suppressed his frustration and looked towards Jin Yi. "Are we almost out?"

"It's still early. We're not even halfway there," said Jin Yi.

Then why did he call? Baili Yu was confused but he didn't ask.

After a few moments, Jin Yi said, "Alliance Head Li probably won't be able to travel like this. Should I go back and tell Master so that he can come up with another way?"

"Do you know what's wrong with her?" asked Baili Yu.

Jin Yi turned around and looked meaningfully at Tang Doudou. Baili Yu followed his gaze and found that he was looking at Tang Doudou's lower abdomen.

He unhappily lifted his sleeve to cover Tang Doudou's stomach. He was just about to rebuke Jin Yi for being discourteous when a shocking thought flashed through his mind.

Jin Yi's meaning was...

"You're saying that she's pregnant?" Baili Yu's eyes flickered with something in between shock and joy.

When Jin Yi saw that Baili Yu seemed excited, he inwardly remarked that there was no way they could run if she was pregnant. In addition, it's not certain if that child's yours or someone else's.

Jin Yi viewed Tang Doudou's flirtatious behavior with contempt.

Furthermore, if she was truly pregnant, things would be difficult. Gu Xun had once sworn in front of that woman that he would never do anything to a pregnant woman again. If he found out that Tang Doudou was pregnant, he'd definitely call off all the plans.

Jin Yi's gaze flickered. They had spent so many years preparing for this moment. Could it be that they'd have to give up on it just because of this?

He couldn't bring himself to accept it, and Gu Xun would probably puke blood from anger as well.

Hence, he regretted offering to head back as soon as he had said it. He even considered attacking in the passageway and forcing Tang Doudou to hand over the Alliance Head Command Tablet. After that...

Baili Yu sensed his brief moment of murderous intent. He curved his lips. "Why aren't you walking?"

Jin Yi froze. Baili Yu's words contained even more killing intent then his thought had. He was confused, hadn't Baili Yu already lost his martial arts?

"I was just thinking that it probably wouldn't be good for Alliance Head Li to travel in this condition. Why don't we..."

Baili Yu interrupted him. "There's no need. I have my plans, so just continue."

Since he had said this, Jin Yi could only give up on his ideas and continue leading them forward.

When they were almost out, Jin Yi said, "The exit is just ahead. Be careful.""Are the people meeting us also outside?" asked Baili Yu.

Jin Yi nodded. "They should already be waiting. Only our people know about this passageway, so they'll know it's you as soon as you walk out. At that time, you guys can just follow them. For the sake of the plan going smoothly so that you guys can return to Huai City, I hope Baili gongzi will listen to everything they say for the time being. If something unexpected happens, we probably wouldn't be able to handle it."

Baili Yu didn't show any reaction to Jin Yi's words as if he didn't sense any danger.

Could it be because the ignorant knew no fear?

However, something like this probably couldn't be applied to Baili Yu?

Jin Yi retrieved his thoughts. His task was finished, so the rest was none of his business. He should hurry and return so he could report to Master, then wait for further instructions.

He pushed open the stone door blocking the secret passage, then moved aside to allow Baili Yu to walk out.

Baili Yu glanced outside, then walked out without hesitation.


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