Chapter 33: Came Knocking on the Door

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 33: Came Knocking on the Door

In a faraway part of the garden Jun Xin was still helping Tang Doudou patch up her wound, not having the slightest idea that Tang Doudou had already sold him out earlier. If it weren’t for the fact that Tang Doudou convinced Meng Yu to push all the responsibility onto Jun Xin through giving countless assurances, how would Meng Yu possibly let it go just like that?

He treated the wound while starting a fire in the stove to help warm up Tang Doudou. But that clothing had a lot of layers and was completely drenched. Roasting while wearing those layers simply didn’t have even the slightest effect. He wanted to take them off, but he was also scared that Li Xueyi was a woman.

After several rounds of silent debate, at some point the movements of his hands had stopped.

Forget it, he’ll just call a maid over after all!

After weighing the pros and cons, Jun Xin finally decided on a plan. He added fuel and made the fire as large as possible, then added several more layers of blankets on Tang Doudou’s body. Finally, he wrapped up the wound and immediately headed off to Moon Viewing Courtyard.

In reality, Baili Yu was there so he really didn’t want to go. But he was helpless, right now the only place with servant girls is Moon Viewing Courtyard.

On the way there, he saw the food box that was still where it was earlier in front of the Moon Viewing Courtyard. After thinking about it a little, he picked it up and walked into the courtyard.

“Meng Yu? Qing He? Qing Yun?”

Where did everyone go? Jun Xin was a bit surprised. Just a while ago there were still people, why did they suddenly all leave?

Crap. Based on Baili Yu’s temperament, if he left, then he probably won't leave a single person in the garden. But how can he leave just like that? Didn’t he say he still had some matters to take care of?

Unable to think of an answer and also worried about Tang Doudou, Jun Xin could only turn back.

He had placed that food box on the table in the kitchen. When he left, he also forgot to bring it.

Meng Ru was originally leaving, but who knew that when she was about to leave, she forgot to take the food box so she turned back. By chance, she just happened to miss Jun Xin. When she got to the kitchen, she saw the food box placed on the table, without even looking she directly took it and left.

On another note, Tang Doudou woke up again. But this time, she was woken up by the heat.

Her entire body was covered with sweat, it was unbearable.

“Oh my f-ing god which retard was it that wrapped xiao ye(me) in this many blankets?!” Tang Doudou pushed at the thick blankets crushing her body, almost infuriated to laugh*. Her drenched clothes weren’t even taken off. Being covered like this, even if she wasn’t sick she would still be covered to the point that she got sick. No need to wonder, to do this kinda stupid thing, other than that idiot Jun Xin there’s no one else.

The common expression is infuriate to death. I’m guessing at this point she’s avoiding the word death because she’s actually pretty close to dying? Or maybe she just finds it ridiculous to the point that she laughs.

Regarding this, Tang Doudou was also extremely speechless. Pushing the blankets off her body, she discovered that her legs were still a little weak.

But she couldn’t pay attention to this now. If she didn’t take off her clothes she’d really catch a cold.

Her head was fuzzy and heavy and her eyes were blurred, not completely open. She started peeling off her drenched clothes one by one through feeling and threw them all onto the ground.

Little did she know, as she was stripping over here, on the other side outside the window was actually someone that was watching attentively.

The sunlight outside the window was dim as it filtered through the tree branches, falling on Baili Yu’s red clothes making them appear like flames. His seductive yao-like peach blossom eyes did not show the slightest emotion and just very calmly watched Tang Doudou take off her clothes one by one, revealing her pure and a little round shoulders.

Only then did his eyes slightly narrow. That fiery red fox on the shoulder.

His expression relaxed slightly.

He is Li Xueyi.

But how come, after the fifth time the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance flared up, other than losing his memories and martial arts, he seemed completely unharmed?

That poison was also completely still inside his body, as if it wanted to become an integral whole with him.

Tang Doudou singlemindedly wanted to take off her clothes then squeeze into her blankets to warm up, how could she have know that there would still be someone peeping outside the window? Only when she had stripped down to her underpants did her hand finally pause on its surface. How come she seemed to have felt a gaze just now?

Abruptly turning her head, that same split second, a red shadow flashed past outside the window and the two perfectly missed each other. When Tang Doudou’s eyes fixated outside the window, there was already nothing under the tree.

There’s no one? How weird.

Even though she saw that there was no one there, Tang Doudou still walked over with large steps and closed the window.

Just as she turned around muttering curses, Jun Xin charged in.

Four eyes met and a tremendously loud shriek erupted inside the room.


The one shouting in alarm wasn’t Tang Doudou. She covered the flatness in front of her chest and her little beanbeans with particular calm and watched as Jun Xin screamed nonstop with a face full of terror as he looked at her. She was extremely speechless.

Right now everyone’s identity was male, at most she would be a bit embarrassed but she didn’t feel that uncomfortable. After all, she still had a layer.

Jun Xin screamed for a while before finally stopping on his own. Very humiliated and angry, he said: “Why aren’t you wearing clothes?!”

“It’s all drenched. If I don’t take it off should I just wait to catch a cold?” Tang Doudou rolled her eyes, “Just now, was it you that wrapped me in so many blankets?”

“If it wasn’t me then who else would take care of you ah!” Jun Xin looked at her exposed skin and still felt a bit uncomfortable. His face flushed, then flushed again.

He really is a man ah! Jun Xin’s heart was a bit heavy. That chest was flat and level, on the lower abdomen there were distinct healthy contours, thoroughly smashing his earlier conjectures.

Tang Doudou rubbed her head, currently having a terrible headache. She didn’t continue to argue with him and squeezed into the blankets, finally a bit warmer.

Seeing that Jun Xin was still dumbly standing there, she asked again: ‘What are you still here for?”

“It was my fault that you fell into the water and for not pulling you up in time, I also hold some responsibility for your current condition right now. Baili Yu has taken all the servant girls and left, if I leave as well there’d be no one to take care of you. If something suddenly happened to you, your Alliance Head Residence’s people will directly tear me apart to vent their anger.” Jun Xin gloomily spoke. In reality, what he was kept thinking about was still Tang Doudou’s culinary skills. Not to mention, he didn’t have much to do in the first place and he felt that Tang Doudou was quite interesting so staying with him a bit longer was fine.

Please do not host elsewhere but Volare and Yumeabyss

Tang Doudou closed her eyes. If he wanted to stay then just stay, she has to properly rest.

Today she made spicy strips but in the end couldn’t gift them, causing her to be especially regretful. She also didn’t know when she would be able to make Baili Yu happy and have him cure her poison.

Thinking of Baili Yu, she suddenly recalled what Jun Xin had just said. ‘Baili Yu has taken all the servant girls and left’, what did that mean?

“You said Baili Yu and the rest all left?”

Jun Xin nodded, saying: “Yeah, they all left. But before they left they didn’t bring you along so they’ll definitely be back.”

Tang Doudou said: “Then when will that roughly be?”

“I’m not sure about that, but I think it probably won’t be too long.”

Fudge, then when in the world can her poison be cured ah!

Tang Doudou covered her eyes, her head was hurting worse and worse. She had most likely already caught a cold. This is seriously the pits. How long has it been since she had transmigrated here? Yet she had already gathered up a pile of unfortunate events, it’s seriously such a sad story.

“That’s right, Jun Xin, could you help with something?”

With her current situation, if she didn’t look for a doctor and she really caught a heavy cold, in this backward technology and medical expertise ancient era, it was extremely probable that she could die.

And there was also the injury on her hand, even though Jun Xin had wrapped it up, it was still scorching hot and painful. Probably it got inflamed after being moistened by water. Adding on the cold, it was undoubtedly adding hail to snow.

“Say it.” Jun Xin was silent for a while before finally speaking.

She saw that he seemed to be a bit unhappy but Tang Doudou couldn’t pay attention to that much, “Help me look for a doctor.”

“Doctor?” Jun Xin knitted his brows, “What do you need a doctor for?”

WTF, if you’re looking for a doctor would it be actually for the sake of discussing the meaning of life? Of course it was to get a health checkup! This dumb little brat is seriously no longer curable!

In her heart she cursed Jun Xin for a tangent but on the surface she still very patiently explained: “Receiving a chill in the middle of winter will probably cause a person to catch cold. Go find a doctor to prescribe some cold expelling medicine in order to prevent this illness from being dragged out and getting worse. The great youth is still here, I don’t want to be cut off in my prime just like this.”

When Jun Xin thought about it he also came to this conclusion, but he still had something he didn’t understand, “What does catch cold mean?”

Suddenly, someone shouted from outside the door, “Young Master Jun, Young Master Jun!”

Jun Xin’s expression was surprised. Didn’t Baili Yu take everyone and left? How could there still be someone here to look for him? Could it be that something happened? Thinking of that, he immediately went out.

When he saw the person that came, he was surprised once again, “Steward Ding, what are you doing here?”

“Master said he was going to stay in Huai City for a while, so he had me, this old bag of bones, come over to help sort out some of the trifling matters in the residence.” Steward Ding was well over sixty. His shining white beard was grown very long and when he spoke it would twitch and shake, looking quite amusing.

“So it’s like that.” What was Baili Yu planning again? Jun Xin’s expression showed that he completely didn’t understand what that person was doing, but since he couldn’t understand, he just won’t think about it. He had always been this way. Instead, he just asked Steward Ding, “Then why were you looking for me? You’re already so up in years, isn’t it tiring to run so far? Why didn’t you send a servant to run over?”

“Bai Feiyun of White Wind Manor was outside, asking to see Master, but Master had left just a few moments earlier. This old servant was worried that there was a pressing matter so could only come and look for you, Young Master Jun.” Steward Ding wiped the sweat on his forehead, even his breath while speaking was gasping and uneven.

This Steward Ding was the only subordinate under Baili Yu that didn’t know martial arts, but he held Baili Yu’s deep trust. In Baili Yu’s former residence, all the daily matters were arranged and taken care of by him.

Steward Ding was very important to Baili Yu, and to Jun Xin, Steward Ding was also someone that watched him(JX) grow up.

In regards to his tendency to like doing things personally the older he got, Jun Xin was also very helpless. But when he heard that it was Bai Feiyun that came knocking, he subconsciously turned to look towards the Tang Doudou inside the room.

Tang Doudou heard everything that went on outside loud and clear. Seeing Jun Xin look towards her, she immediately said: “Let Bai Feiyun come in, he’s a doctor!”

Naturally, she wasn’t just having Bai Feiyun come in for the sake of looking at her condition. She had a lot of questions that she needed to clear up with Bai Feiyun.

Just like the way she feels the need to be on guard against Baili Yu, she actually felt trust for Bai Feiyun from the bottom of her heart, it was just that she was a little resentful due to some of the things he did in the past. But they had only been apart a night and he already came to look for her, and came with such good timing too. So Tang Doudou immediately threw those resentments to the back of her mind. Xiao Bai ah, Xiao Bai, now that you’ve come this time you should properly explain. Otherwise, she, Tang Doudou, will really have both her eyes painted black and be incapable of telling north from south.

Jun Xin hesitated. If Bai Feiyun was just an ordinary doctor it would have been fine, he would have just allowed the person in without any objection. But he simply had to have a complicated identity and had an adversary relationship with Baili Yu.

Seeing him hesitate, Tang Doudou just asked disdainfully: “Jun Xin, are you scared?”

Jun Xin immediately glared with wide eyes and angrily said: “What would I be scared of?”

“Of course it’s Baili Yu ah. Otherwise is there a need to be this hesitant about just letting a person in? If you really are scared, that’s also fine. Just send me out and let Bai Feiyun bring me back to the Alliance Head Residence. Baili Yu sure did put it nicely, saying he’d let me come here to recuperate, yet now it caused me to not even have a single area on my body that is still healthy. Seriously makes people want to ask what the heck happened ah.”

“Who’s scared of him! Li Xueyi, can you shut up? Isn’t it just calling someone to take a look at your injury? What are you saying so much rubbish for.” What Jun Xin disliked the most was when people say that he’s afraid of Baili Yu. Even if he really was afraid of that guy, he still didn’t want other people to say it.

“Young Master Jun, just now when Master left he said the matters in the garden will all be up to Young Master, you, to handle. It’s best if you give a decision so that this old servant can go back to give that Bai Feiyun a proper reply.”

Jun Xin turned to stone, did Baili Yu go crazy?


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