Chapter 34: Feel Your Conscience

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 34: Feel Your Conscience

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Eh, from the looks of it, Jun Xin's position here was really not that low ah!

And he's even got total authority. Looks like not only was it not low, he was actually even quite valued.

Tang Doudou bit her finger: “Little brat, can you do it or not ah!”

Getting annoyed being pressed by her, he asked Steward Ding: “Did Bai Feiyun say who he came here to look for?”

“He did, he’s here to look for Alliance Head Li. It seemed like it was regarding the Alliance Head Residence’s matters, it seemed quite urgent. I’m afraid it’s probably some important and pressing matter.” Steward Ding said.

Something important and pressing? Jun Xin looked at Tang Doudou again. Even if Bai Feiyun came, and even if there was a pressing matter on top of it, this Li Xueyi was already lying on the bed and couldn’t end up doing anything.

“Call for a servant to bring Bai Feiyun here, just say that Alliance Head Li is at this side.” He was worried that Steward Ding would take the trip again himself. It didn’t matter if the speed was slow, but if he ran and got in an accident, how was he supposed to explain it to Baili Yu?

So Jun Xin exhorted again: “Remember you have to send for a servant to bring him here. You’re already a bag of old bones, so you can’t move fast. It’d be bad to delay the matter.”

Hearing this, Steward Ding’s face turned dark. Giving a light sigh, he agreed and then slowly and unhurriedly started to head back.

Jun Xin watched him until he got far away. After thinking about it for a moment, he turned around to ask Tang Doudou: “You’ve already lost your memories, will there really be any use looking for you regarding the Alliance Head Residence’s matters?”

So it turns out that he was actually doubting her abilities?It’s not like she really lost her memories, at most she just didn’t know a lot of things. But her IQ was high, ok? Let’s not mention that she was able to beat that old scheming Elder Yu, it’d be a piece of cake for her to crush this brat Jun Xin.

Tang Doudou inwardly roasted him, but her mouth didn’t want to move half an inch. She seriously was tired ah.

She didn’t speak and Jun Xin muttered a little more. Thinking that she had fallen asleep, he went to stand at the entrance to wait for Bai Feiyun to arrive.

Not long later, he saw a snow white garment appear not far away and he glanced at the white gowns that were thrown all over the floor by Tang Doudou. Why is it that everyone from this Alliance Head Residence likes to wear white?

With this bit of distance, Bai Feiyun soon drew near.

And behind him there was even a tail following. If it wasn’t Steward Ding, who else would it be?

Jun Xin saw his elderly movements as he supported himself holding a tree, almost unable to walk any further, and Jun Xin almost was not able to restrain his anger.

Bai Feiyun approached and slightly nodded his head towards Jun Xin as a greeting: “Young Master Jun.”

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From the looks of the two, it looks like they actually knew each other.

Jun Xin moved to the side, opening up the path: “Alliance Head Li is inside the room, you should go in.”

Bai Feiyun also didn’t speak anymore. Sweeping aside the gown in front*, he walked up the steps and directly entered the room.

I’m not sure how to describe it but this movement is often done in historical dramas. I guess it’s like lifting your skirt so you don’t trip but since guys want to be manly, they just sweep it to the side so it lifts a little and quickly ascend the stairs. It’s a short flight of stairs, usually two-three steps.

Tang Doudou originally had her eyes closed to rest but when she heard Bai Feiyun’s voice she immediately opened her eyes and saw that familiar white figure walk towards her.

“Xiao Bai…” Tang Doudou called with deep emotion.

Hearing that tone, Bai Feiyun’s steps slightly paused. His expression was a bit unnatural as he cupped his fist in salute: “Alliance Head.”

“Stop dawdling, come over here and check if I’m gonna die!” Seeing Bai Feiyun, she couldn’t help but feel her nose sting.

Bai Feiyun also could see her abnormality. Collecting his thoughts, he lowered his eyes and turned around, but Jun Xin already knew things would be like this. With a wave of his hand, Jun Xin closed the door then his footsteps gradually grew further away.

“What happened for you to end up like this?”

“Don’t bring it up anymore!” Tang Doudou tried to sit up but Bai Feiyun moved over to press on her shoulders, indicating that she should properly stay lying down.

Extending his large gentle hand, though Bai Feiyun's brows seemed a bit anxious, he concealed it very well as he gently said to Tang Doudou: "Extend your wrist, I'll help you take a look."

Naturally, Tang Doudou obediently extended her hand. The moment Bai Feiyun saw that hand that was bound up like zongzi(dish consisting of rice and filling wrapped in bamboo leaves) and couldn’t help asking astonishedly: “How did your hand get injured as well?”

He remarked that it was strange silently. Even though it was an excuse that Baili Yu said he brought him here so he could rest and recuperate from his injuries, but no matter what he was still unlikely to go so far as to mistreat him. So where did all these injuries come from?

Tang Doudou saw the puzzlement between his brows get even deeper and the two good-looking slanted brows were almost scrunched entirely together, so she said: “Ahem, it was all from my carelessness. Help me check if I caught a cold first, if I did then prescribe some cold expelling medicine. As for this injury on my hand, help me rebandage it later. That Jun Xin simply doesn’t know how to bandage injuries at all and just randomly bundled it up. I don’t know if might end up inflamed…”

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She spoke longwindedly, but Bai Feiyun didn’t reply. The movements of his hands hadn’t stopped this entire time as he first checked her pulse to confirm her condition, then he carefully started taking apart that gauze that was wound on loop by loop.

“You fell in the water in this kind of weather so it’s impossible not to catch cold. In a bit, after I help you re-treat your injury, I’ll find someone to boil the medicine for you. Drink it according to the prescription and you’ll get better very soon. You don’t have to be too worried.”

Bai Feiyun took apart the gauze as he consoled Tang Doudou in a low voice.

Hearing this, Tang Doudou was a bit surprised and asked: “Didn’t you come here to bring me back?”

Bai Feiyun’s hand movements slightly pause, but in a blink started busying again: “For the time being if you can stay away, then it’d be best to stay away.”

“Could it be that Elder Yu and that group of people still won’t give up? Could it be they’re still planning something?” Other than this she also couldn’t think of any other possible reason.

Bai Feiyun replied: “Last night they weren’t able to achieve their goal so for a while they won’t make any other moves. Not letting you go back is because of other reasons.”

“What reasons?”

Bai Feiyun took off that last loop of gauze. Looking at that terrible wound his brows bunched together again: “This injury of yours was also soaked in water?”

There was actually a lot of resentment towards her in his tone, as if he was blaming her and asking why didn’t she properly protect her injury.

“It was all an accident. I never expected that so many things would happen either.” Tang Doudou could only say it like so.

Only then did Bai Feiyun’s expression ease a little as he continued replying to Tang Doudou’s question: “It’s regarding the Cloud Sun City’s matters. That household was obstructed by someone I sent last night so they couldn’t appear in the martial arts convention, but unexpectedly they appeared outside the Alliance Head Residence today at dawn, causing a noisy disturbance and demanding that they be given a clear explanation.”

“And you said it wasn’t Elder Yu and the rest?” Tang Doudou pouted. Seeing Bai Feiyun space out looking at the injury on her palm she couldn’t help but worriedly ask: “Is it really serious?”T/N

“If it wasn’t soaked in water it would have been much easier to deal with.”

Isn’t this just waste of words? It’s already been soaked in water so couldn’t he say something more practical?

Bai Feiyun spoke again: “When I headed out today I didn’t expect that you would be injured so I didn’t bring my medicine box. In a bit I’ll give you a pill and alleviate the symptoms of your condition for now. When I return I’ll get the medicine and have someone bring it over.”

At some unknown time while he was speaking, an additional familiar MYLIKES had appeared in his hands. Just as he was about to hand it to Tang Doudou, he stopped his movement and said: “Remember you must drink it with water, don’t dry swallow it again.”

Cough, that can’t be blamed on her. It’s all because of those brainless television show leading the poor students astray ah!

“Dry swallowing makes inhibits the effect of the medicine because it’s hard for it to spread. Don’t you often feel your legs weak as if they lack strength these days? That’s caused by the Tendons Softening Powder.” Bai Feiyun continued.

She has seriously been enlightened, he’s a godly doctor ah! Tang Doudou’s watery eyes shone as she hurriedly nodded and asked: “Is there any way to make it so my legs won’t be weak?”

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She had been really puzzled as to why her legs kept going soft these days, she never thought it was actually the Tendons Softening Powder haunting her.

She never suspected the Tendons Softening Powder because she had taken Bai Feiyun’s medicine earlier. Due to that, she thought she was already fine and just threw this incident to the back of her mind. But looking at it now, these residual effects were probably because she dry swallowed the medicine so it couldn’t completely take effect.

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Bai Feiyun said: “Even if there was there’d be no need for it. In a few more hours the effects of Tendons Softening Powder will be gone and you’ll return to normal. For the time being, you should stay in bed and properly rest.”

That was true, so Tang Doudou immediately agreed. Then, recalling the reason for him coming she asked: “You said I shouldn’t go back for the time being, then why did you come to look for me?”

“I need to borrow the Alliance Head Command Tablet to use.” Bai Feiyun was very direct.

Tang Doudou didn’t dally either: “I don’t have the Alliance Head Command Tablet.”

Bai Feiyun was taken aback but in an instant understood. Looking at that revealed pale injury with an abnormal red color, his brows creased: “The injury is a bit troublesome.”

“How did you know I had the Alliance Head Command Tablet? Earlier I said I didn’t find it.”

Tang Doudou watched as Bai Feiyun turned her hand back and forth to examine the injury and hissed in pain: “Can it still be treated?”

“The treatment for this injury can’t be delayed any longer, I’ll go back to the Alliance Head Residence and bring the medicine box over, then discuss matters with you. You take the pill and rest for now!” Bai Feiyun very decisively stood up: “The Alliance Head Command Tablet was sent over by Baili Yu but from the looks of it, he didn’t give you the real Alliance Head Command Tablet.”

This little white is sure smart enough ah!

Tang Doudou smack her lips in appreciation. Earlier, the Alliance Head Command Tablet that Baili Yu gifted to her in that small box was indeed fake; the real one had always been in Baili Yu’s hands. After entering the carriage, Tang Doudou immediately found out about this. This is also the reason she was extremely guarded against Baili Yu. This damned bastard, to even say that he was gifting her the Alliance Head Command Tablet out of the kindness of his heart but he actually made a fake one to deceive her. If back then she was truly taken over by deep gratefulness and accepted that box rather than getting a brain twitch(brain stopped working) and returning it to him, afraid that by now she would have already been exposed by Elder Yu for having a fake Alliance Head Command Tablet and swiftly kicked down from the great Alliance Head seat. She might have even been charged with the crime of masquerading as the Alliance Head and Li Xueyi, then dealt with with a single swoosh of a blade.

Just thinking of this made her entire body emit cold sweat.

So close, luckily she, Tang Doudou, saw through it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even know how she died.

Baili Yu is very dangerous, Tang Doudou once again added a heavy stroke(of a brush) in her heart.

Seeing that Tang Doudou didn’t speak, Bai Feiyun knew that his conjecture was probably as close as eight and nine were to ten: “You’re staying here so you must be very careful. You must keep in mind the things that you should and should not say and remember by all means never to offend Baili Yu.”

Knowing that everything he said was for her sake, Tang Doudou cutely nodded her head and said: “You should head back first to grab your medicine box. If there’s anything else we can talk about it later.”

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Yet now Bai Feiyun exposed a troubled expression: “I’m just afraid the next time I head over it won’t be that easy to see you.”

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Just then it was because this injury urgently needed treatment, but now thinking about it carefully, to be able to come in to see Li Xueyi was only because Baili Yu wasn’t in the garden right now. When Baili Yu came back, he definitely won’t let him see Li Xueyi.

And the reason for that was simple, his identity was way too sensitive.

“Why’s that?”

“It’s a bit complicated. Once you get better I’ll explain to you in detail. Since you’re not in possession of the Alliance Head Command Tablet, I’ll just have to think of some other idea. In a bit you should have Jun Xin find a doctor to help you deal with this injury. Once things are dealt with properly I’ll come again to bring you back.” Bai Feiyun muttered to himself irresolutely for a while before finally saying this slowly.

Tang Doudou became unhappy.

Would other people’s skill in treating her injury be as good as his, Bai Feiyun’s?

Even if you used your toe’s brain to think it would still be impossible ah! Fudge, adding on the fact that Jun Xin was that unreliable, he might end up finding her some quack doctor…

“Out of the question!” Without needing to think Tang Doudou rejected Bai Feiyun’s plans in one shot. Seeing the latter look puzzled, she explained with a meaningful and heartfelt tone: “Xiao Bai ah, look, my days here are seriously not good at all. Look at how long I’ve been here and my whole body’s already covered with injuries, and that was still when I was fine. Now I’m already like this, if they wanted to do anything to me, I won’t even have the ability to resist ah! It couldn’t be that you have to heart to just watch as I get harmed to death by others?”

Bai Feiyun didn’t think that much and opened his mouth, just about to try persuading her.

When the door was kicked open with a ‘bang’. Jun Xin angrily rushed in: “Li Xueyi, can you even feel your conscience* saying this?”

Aka how can you say that without guilt?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by MrPriest, Proofread by Ocelot

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Author: Didn’t come late right? Lately it’s been really busy ah~~~~~~~~~~~

Chiyomira agrees~~~~~ insanely busy ah~~~~~

T/N: At this point I wondered if Bai Feiyun noticed her fake layer of skin? Then it occurred to me, what’s she gonna do when the wound heals since the fake layer of skin now has a tear from the knife wound?? I skimmed ahead, but I don’t remember what happened regarding that. The author may have forgotten to take that into consideration…. Well, we’ll see~

MP: I was wondering the same. Would it become a fake scar? Or perhaps that skin is miraculous enough to heal itself?


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